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Pupil Premium - Getting funding for those pupils who need it


We you may be aware we are trying very hard to get help from the Food and Drink Federation’s members to resolve the on-going issue of providing ingredients.  To help support that, we need you to make a strong case for using Pupil Premium or other funding for those pupils that cannot afford to buy ingredients for their learning.  Budgets are tight in schools, so you need to be able to support your claim effectively.
In 2007, the government was due to set up specific funding for this, the government changed and this did not become a reality and so we have lobbied the current government. And their response to a question in the House of Commons that we raised was ‘We expect schools to find ways to enable all pupils to participate in food preparation and nutrition lessons regardless of their socio-economic background’.(Nick Gibb  Minister). Thus they allow schools to make their own decisions on the use of funds such as pupil premium.
Pupil premium 2015-16 was about £935/pupil.  You can find out exactly how much your school is allocated here
We estimate that to run a good scheme of work (20 cooking sessions) the per pupil cost would be:
o   Year 7 £1.50 per lesson  = £30/pupil/year
o   Year 8 £2.00 per lesson = £40/pupil/year
o   Year 9 £2.50 per lesson = £50/pupil/year
So for example, if you are an inner London school with 50% of pupils eligible for PP, and have 500 pupils in years 7,8,9, you would be asking for £30,000, out of a possible budget of £230,000.  If you are an average school with 15% PP, you would need £9,000., out of a possible budget of £70,000.  IT is important to have a cost for your scheme of work ingredients, and to know the total budget that the school has and what it could be spent on. Your ingredients costs may be less if you don’t have 20 cooking sessions, and you could suggest ways to reduce this cost by buying in bulk, seeking funding from local sources etc.
We advise that you put a case in writing and discuss this with your Senior Leadership and School Governing Body.  Here are some steps to guide you through the process – there is a folder of information and help (video powerpoint and relevant info) that can be found here on
1.       There should be a school policy in place that defines how the ingredients will be provided, and meaning of ‘voluntary contributions’ ,  and how those that cannot afford to contribute or bring ingredients are going to be provided for.
2.       The 1996 Education Act makes it clear that you cannot charge for national curriculum lessons, and 2006 Ofsted Food report calls this ‘social exclusion’.
“… in many schools, some pupils often do little cooking because they cannot afford, or will not bring to school, ingredients for practical cookery. This is a form of social exclusion linked to the unique method of funding food teaching, whereby parents have to pay for or supply the food cooked by their children in food lessons in schools and then taken home.” (OFSTED)

3.       The new Ofsted framework has a focus on wellbeing and health, and the Ofsted checklist asks:  ‘ How do you make learning about healthy eating(including nutrition advice and practical cooking) possible for all students?’ A key piece of evidence they are looking for is listed as ‘the use of pupil premium or budgets to provide ingredients for those pupils unable to bring from home.’

4.       Collect your information-  How much budget you will need for your scheme of work? Keep a record of how many pupils are effected every week and use pupil surveys to ask them how difficult they find it to bring ingredients.  Show what would improve with a small amount of funding: attainment, behaviour, motivation, lesson management etc.
5.       Decide the system that means that students can be provided for without stigmatisation
6.       Remind your leaders and governors that
a.       Food is placed in a unique position which may be holding back learning for those who need it most.  ‘At What Cost’ – a report from the Children’s Society shows the impact of this.
b.      Due to historic tradition when post war pupils brought ingredients to make a family meal, pupils are still required to bring in what is needed for their lessons in some schools. This makes it a unique subject as all other lessons have the equipment and materials provided (Except PE kit and personal musical instruments).
All you are asking the school is for sufficient funding to help those pupils below the poverty line to participate in your food lessons and learn to cook healthy, nutritious meals and dishes.

Support for GCSE food science from IFST and CREST
We are also working alongside key organisations and industry partners to support the new GCSE. We all want to make it the most exciting GCSE we have taught.
You may like to read an article that we wrote to keep the industry up to date with the new curriculum and how they might help us. Why don't you book a food STEM ambassador to visit your school to encourage careers and options choices. And check out the CREST awards which are great to use with your Year 9 students to get them ready for GCSE
A quick Survey from Springboard UK
We are also helping Springboard to update their Futurechef programme and they are keen to hear from teachers about how they can develop their activities to meet your needs. Please take a couple of minutes to complete their survey. You may also be keen to book a Chef Ambassador, a visit to a hotel or restaurant and chef demo. If you would like an Ambassador to visit you please complete the form here or contact Kerry Mabbley Head of Ambassadors at

Food Teachers Professional Portfolio

Food Teacher Professional Portfolio (FTPP) will enable food teachers, at all stages of their careers, to audit, plan, organise and record their professional development.
The programme has launched with two excellent on-line webinars, and an event for trainee teachers at the University of East London, but it is not too late to join!
Our course brochure attached maps all of Food Teachers Centre events against the professional framework, so that you can audit and choose relevant courses

Sunday On-Line Support

Visit us in the closed facebook group Sundays at 7-8pm whilst experts answer your questions. Remember this is AMA - ask me anything (about the topic of course!).  Look out for the logo above and follow the discussion thread.

Sun Mar 13th

.       How to get the best out of your technician

Kath Callaghan and Barbara Rathmill

Sun Mar 20th

         Links with your feeder primary schools

Suzanne Gray and Jenny Elms 

Sun Mar 27th

til April 10th

-      Easter break


Sun 17th April

         Ofsted Outstanding – the new framework

Fiona Balding and Louise Davies

Sun 24th April

         Raising the profile of food in your school

Barbara Monks and Jenny Elms

Sun 1st May

Getting more budget for food teaching


Julie Messenger

Sun 8th May

         Revision techniques for GCSE

Fiona Balding

Sun 15th May

     Teaching food safety in an engaging way

Barbara Rathmill and Barbara Monks

Sun 22nd May

    Non- specialists teaching in your department

Suzanne Gray

If you miss it, search for the discussion thread on Mondays, or the Q&A records uplaoed in the files.
Face to face events
Food is Special
Mon 11th July Milton Keynes

A unique face to face for food teachers, school caterers and senior leaders in Special Schools.  The day aims to provide fresh thinking and solutions for food provision and food education in schools for pupils with special educational needs.


  • Developing curriculum and adapting food teaching in special schools,
  • Creating a whole school food culture and transforming food in your school
  • Eating well – practical and nutritional guidelines for children with special educational needs
  • Sharing inspiring examples of best practice and case studies in classroom practice and school food 

Inspiring Learning (Food and Textiles)

Friday 17th June (London) 

Food Teachers Centre and Textiles Skills Academy have joined forces to hold a joint event, with a very exciting mix of speakers and workshops.  At ‘Inspiring Learning’, you can mix and match or go simply to all food or all textiles sessions. We promise you’ll leave updated about the latest curriculum and with great ideas to take back to the classroom.


 Food Teachers Centre  (Louise Davies) and Textiles Skills Academy (Dawn Foxall)

 OFSTED - Diane Choulerton, HMI National Lead for D&T at Ofsted

Department for Education Jennifer Allan and Alex Smith from DfE GCSE and A Level Reform Qualifications Division

 Exam Boards presenting

  • Steve Healy (AQA),
  • Jonny Edge (OCR),
  • Allison Candy (WJEC/Eduqas)
  • Caroline Gallagher, Andy Small and Pauline Bland (NCFE: VCERTS)
  • Jacinta Appleby BTEC

Food Workshops – repeated throughout the day*

·         GCSE and other new level 1/2/3 qualifications

·         GCSE workshop -Nutrition and Food Choice

·         GCSE workshop -Sustainability and Food Provenance 

·         GCSE workshop-  Food Science

Textiles Workshops – repeated throughout the day*

·         Exam board briefing on new D&T GCSE and A level and other level 1/2/3 qualifications

·         Inspiring Textiles in the Classroom

·         Textiles New Technologies including Wearable Electronics and Smart fabrics

·         Innovative Use of CADCAM in textiles projects

Bookings open now Only £185+VAT 

70 working days until the new GCSE starts - spend one day with us!
Regional courses:
GCSE Schemes of work made easy
  • Review and clarify vital GCSE requirements from all boards
  • Learn about essential FREE new teaching resources
  • Explore exciting new ideas for teaching the content
  • Work together to help plan your scheme of work for 2016-18, faciltated by leadiing experts, moderators, authors and experienced teachers
  • Many have a free twilight masterclass and networking social to finish off a great day!
  • Only £165 (+VAT)
With Anita Tull

An experienced teacher and prolific author who has taught food, nutrition and cooking skills to children, teenagers and adults in a range of different schools and colleges for the past four decades. She has written a number of food and nutrition student textbooks, including Food and Nutrition (OUP), OCR Food and Nutrition for GCSE (Hodder) and the new AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition textbook and accompanying resources (Illuminate Publishing). She has recently been awarded a PhD by the Centre for Food Policy, City University, London for a thesis entitled ‘Why teach (young) people how to cook? A critical analysis of education and policy in transition’.
Kingsway Westminster College, Victoria,  London
Tuesday 17th May
(Presenters Anita Tull and Louise Davies) 
Nottingham University,
Sarah Bonnington Campus Leicestershire
Monday 20th June
(Presenter Anita Tull and Louise Davies) 
Thursday 30th June
(Presenter Anita Tull and Fiona Balding)
iPro Stadium  Derby
Plus free event 4-6.30pm
Date to be confirmed
June /July
Bookings open soon
With Helen Buckland

Helen Buckland was a Food and Nutrition teacher in a secondary school in Devon for many years. She has worked as an examiner for GCSE Home Economics: Food and Nutrition for one of the major examination boards for several years.Helen has recently co-written a text book and associated materials for the new GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition, which has been developed to replace the existing GCSE specifications in Catering, Food Technology and Home Economics Food and Nutrition

Manchester Midland Hotel
Plus free event 4-6.30pm
Friday 6th May
(Presenter Helen Buckland and Barbara Rathmill 
Heaton Manor School, Newcastle
Friday 27th May
(Presenter Helen Buckland and Fiona Balding) 
With Jacqui Keepin (Drew)

Jacqui’s skills span both industry and education, and is most valued in her role as Principal moderator. She initially trained and working as a chef, Jacqui has 23 years experience of teaching at all levels (KS3, GCSE and A level) and is currently Head of Technology at Parkstone Grammar School in Dorset. She teaches GCSE Food Technology and the CIEH Food Safety Level 2 Certificate there.  She is currently Principal Examiner for GCSE Design and Technology: Food Technology and have been for the past 7 years this involves writing the GCSE paper,  setting the controlled assessment tasks and leading the moderation process.   She has also been a moderator and assistant examiner for GCSE Catering.   In 2015 she was involved in the writing of sample assessment materials for the new specification GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition.   An author and co-writer ‘Food Preparation and Nutrition’ (Hodder Education) due to be released in April 2016.

Holyrood Academy Chard Somerset
Monday 20th June
(Presenter Jacqui Keepin and Simon Gray) 
University of West of England Bristol
Monday 4th July
(Presenter Jacqui Keepin, Simon Gray/Louise Davies)

Free Twilight Masterclass and networking 4-6.30pm

Followed by FREE Twilight sponsored by Springboard Future chef. A wonderful opportunity to experience the industry and benefit from a range of activities such as a skills masterclass, with a professional chef demonstration, drinks demonstrations, and a restaurant or hotel tour, all concluding with refreshments and networking over a glass of wine.(Join anytime 4.00- 6.30pm)

Manchester Midland Hotel
Plus free event 4-6.30pm
Friday 6th May
(Presenter Helen Buckland) 
iPro Stadium  Derby
Plus free event 4-6.30pm
Date to be confirmed

Outstanding Food Lessons

Presenters: Fiona Balding and Louise T Davies

Develop skills and strategies to deliver outstanding food lessons.

·        Are you Ofsted Ready? -The new Ofsted requirements for food as a Whole School Policy.

·        Setting high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge

·        Promoting strategies to show pupil progression

·        Planning well-structured Lessons

·        Observation tips

·        Differentiation

·        Questioning skills

·        Effective behaviour management

·         Assessment

Victoria, Central London

Thursday 5th May

Bookings open

Tyne and Wear, NE

Thursday 23rd June

Bookings open

Easton, Notts

Friday 8th July

Bookings open

East of England

Autumn term

Bookings open soon

South West

Autumn term

Bookings open soon

North West

Autumn term

Bookings open soon

East Midlands

Autumn term

Bookings open soon

Training for non-specialist food teachers

Didn’t train to teach food? Come from another subject? With Suzanne Gray          From ONLY £125/day (+VAT)

London Summer School

University of East London, Stratford

Day 1 Thursday 23rd June

Day 2 Friday 24th June

Day 3 Tuesday 12th July

Day 4 Weds 13th July

Bookings open

Bookings open

Bookings open

Bookings open

Saturday GCSE Practical skills and masterclasses

This day is divided into two interlocking practical meat and fish workshop sessions to enable you to compare and provide differentiated tasks for your students with Simon Gray and Scott Bradley

Only £140 (+VAT)


Saturday 19th March

Bookings open


Saturday 16th April

Bookings open


Saturday 21st May

Bookings open


Monday 20th June

Bookings open

Technician Regional events

For FOOD TECHNICIANS and TEACHING ASSISTANTS to gain best practice, top tips and great ideas with Kath Callaghan and Barbara Rathmill

Only £120 (+VAT)


Thursday 17th March

Bookings open


Friday 29th April

Bookings open


Tuesday 19th April

Bookings open


Friday 22nd April

Bookings open


Weds 27th April

Bookings open


Tuesday 10th May

Bookings open

Milton Keynes

Tuesday 14th June

Bookings open

Brigg, North Lincolnshire

Weds 15th June

Bookings open

East London

Weds 15th June

Bookings open


Monday 4th July

Bookings open


GCSE Food and  Science


Get set for the new GCSE non exam assessment tasks with Simon Gray and Joe Mann

 Only £140 (+VAT)


Tuesday 22nd March

Bookings open

Chelmsford, Essex

Tuesday 12th April

Bookings open

East Sussex

Tuesday 19th April

Bookings open


Tuesday 7th June

Bookings open


Tuesday 14th June

Bookings open


Tuesday 21st June

Bookings open

Molecular Madness
A whole day practical session on Innovative and Contemporary Food Preparation with Scott Bradley and Simon Gray

High Wycombe, Bucks

Saturday 18th June

Bookings open

Investigate Food 2
Barbara Monks will take you through the food science activities and Julie Messenger will cover curriculum planning and links that build through KS3 to KS4 for successful teaching of the new specification.  


Weds 22nd June 2016

Bookings open


Thurs 23rd June 2016

Bookings open


Weds 29th June 2016

Bookings open


Tues 5th July 2016

Bookings open
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