Leith Hill Action Group – Newsletter 30 (4th January 2015)  

Stop the Leith Hill oil drilling!

Dear Supporters

The Pan Handle Application has arrived – time to write and object!

In our last two newsletters, we asked you to write to the Planning Inspectorate about the upcoming Public Inquiry.  You responded admirably, so thank you!

As we have told you before, however, there is also another application currently in the system.  This is what we have previously called the Pan Handle Application – the application to drill horizontally from the vertical drilling site at Bury Hill wood (the one you have already raised an objection about) to the actual site of the prospect itself.

All sides agree that the Pan Handle application is inherently related to the original application.  As such, the same objections that apply to the vertical drilling also apply to the horizontal Pan Handle drilling.

Many of you will now have received a letter from Surrey County Council about this Pan Handle application, likely dated about 11 December 2014.  The map of the application site shows a very long and thin 8.5 Hectare site area – now you can see why we call it the Pan Handle!

I know it is quite confusing, but please bear in mind that although it is closely tied to the same thing we have been fighting for the past 6 years, this Pan Handle application is technically a brand new application for drilling.

As such, Surrey County Council are asking for comments from the public regarding this new application.  So we are asking you to write and object

The Pan Handle application will be considered at a meeting of the Planning & Regulatory Committee of Surrey County Council, we believe some time in March or April.  Many members of this committee are different from those who heard the original application in July 2012 and are coming fresh to this application.  This makes it particularly important for you to write and let them know your objections.

The important points to raise in a letter are effectively the same ones as for the original application, but a slightly different emphasis might be appropriate.  The points might include the following:

Objections to the original application that are not directly applicable to this secondary application but still relevant overall because this secondary application is meaningless except in the context of the primary application are:

We know from engagement at all levels of the political spectrum that your letters play a massive part in ensuring that this kind of inappropriate development gets stopped, so please do write.    

As an additional request: it would be helpful for you to personalise your response, so that letters are not perceived as being automatically generated by LHAG.

When writing to object, please quote the reference:


And remember to include your name and address, especially when e-mailing.

You can send a letter, fax or email or even phone to register your objection.  You must do so by 29th January 2015.  The details are:

In writing
Alan Stones
Planning Development Team Manager
Planning & Development Group
Surrey County Council
County Hall
Kingston upon Thames

By email

By fax
020 8541 9399

By phone
020 8541 9897 (Planning Development Techical Support Team)
020 8541 7534 (Planning Case Officer)

Thanks to you all for your continued support – we can only fight this together.

Patrick Nolan

The Leith Hill Action Group