February 2015

The Second International Workshop on Ascomycete Systematics
CBS Symposium Week 2015
April 22-24 2015

Venue: Trippenhuis, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Amsterdam
(Kloveniersburgwal 29, 1011 JV Amsterdam) on April 22 and 23 2015.
Artis zoo Amsterdam on April 24 2015.

The programme includes presentations by Meredith Blackwell, John Taylor, Amy Rossman, Joey Spatafora, François Lutzoni, David Hawksworth, David Hibbett and many other distinguished speakers.
Registration: € 350,-

In April 2013 the CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre launched its new (12 month) fungal calendar series, focusing on the beauty of fungal biodiversity.

The next calendar is scheduled for April 2015, and will be handed out at the Second International Workshop on Ascomycete Systematics (22-24 April) in Amsterdam. To this end we invite all those making photographs or micrographs to submit their most beautiful fungal illustrations. Photographs of fungi cultivated in the laboratory, or observed in nature will be considered. Illustrations should be identified by the species name. Images should be in landscape layout, at least 300 dpi (3600 x 2400 px) and in full colour.

If the image is selected, the mycologist who took the actual photograph and submitted it for publication will receive 3 copies of the calendar, and a choice of any CBS publication. All submissions will subsequently also be added to MycoBank.

The publication of the 2016 calendar is scheduled for April 2015 and the submissions for the 2016 calendar are welcome until February 27, 2015.

Show us your fungi!

Submissions can either be sent to p.crous@cbs.knaw.nl or r.samson@cbs.knaw.nl

For larger files we recommend using www.wetransfer.com

Oratie prof.dr.ir. Ronald de Vries

Schimmels als sleutel tot een ‘biobased’ economie

SYMPOSIUM Plant Biomass Utilization by Fungi
February 27 2015 9.00 - 13.00

Venue: Academiegebouw, Domplein 29, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Jan Dijksterhuis has cooperated with the program Het Klokhuis on a special broadcast on Fungi.

The program will be broadcast on February 25, 2015 from 18:25 to 18:40 on Dutch television, channel 3.

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Genomics of Neglected Pathogens
CBS Symposium Week 2015
April 20-21 2015

Venue: CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre, Utrecht, Uppsalalaan 8, The Netherlands.

Registration is compulsory. No fee will be charged for this workshop, and local facilities will be free of charge. With no-show, a fee of € 100,- will be charged.

Yeasts Taxonomy Workshop
CBS Symposium Week 2015
April 20-21 2015

Venue: CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre, Utrecht, Uppsalalaan 8, The Netherlands.

logo klokhuisThe CBS Fungal Biodiversity Course, which was held at CBS on 2-13 February 2015, again proved to be a resounding success. This year the course, which throughout the years has proven to be highly popular, had 21 participants from 10 countries attending. Participants were trained in the basics of fungal taxonomy and identification.  Lectures were given by various experts on different groups of Fungi, as well as oomycetes. Participants also had time to examine and identify  a range of living cultures cultivated on different growth substrates.

We look forward to continued interaction and collaboration with all participants in future.

On February 5 2015, the foundation Food Micro organized an Event on Food Diagnostics in Hotel de Biltsche Hoek, De Bilt, the Netherlands. Over 120 people working in industry, trade and education participated (mainly from the Netherlands and Belgium). The event included a symposium part with presentations on a wide range of topics and a fair on the field of diagnostics and analytical methods. A presentation was given by Dr Jos Houbraken on the classical isolation techniques of fungi and yeast from food. The CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre was present with a booth, which attracted many people. There were many questions from the participants and new potential collaborations were initiated. More information: www.foodmicro.nl (in Dutch).