Dear MACRO members,

It's time to welcome all of you to another year of teaching, welcome all new members of MACRO, and to once again remind you of everything MACRO has to offer:

Musician's Workshop 2017! Mark your calendars for June 16-17, 2017! The workshop will provide opportunities to present and features a mini-workshop on teaching techniques for music theory and composition, including techniques for both the new instructor, and also those who want to explore new ideas and techniques for their classroom. Long time MACRO members, please encourage your new colleagues to attend. It's not too early to start thinking about topics and potential presentations for the event! Contact Jamie Henke at any time via email
Come join us for a fun-filled collaborative learning experience like no other!

I am very pleased to welcome a very special new member of MACRO. Luis Viquez was a student recipient of our 2014 Robert Fountain Memorial award in 2014. He studied at Truman State with MACRO board member Professor Warren Gooch. This year he officially joins MACRO as a new Assistant Professor of Music at the University of South Dakota as the Director of Orchestra and Clarinet teacher. He will also be teaching freshman theory, and is hoping to attend our workshop in June. Congratulations and welcome to Luis!

Check out our latest Truman State University/MACRO Composers competition. Contest guidelines for this year's competition are posted on our web site. Previous winners have really enjoyed this competition so apply now!

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Please keep in touch, and I send my best wishes for a great year to all of you!

Jamie Henke, MACRO Chair