Thursday, May 3, 2007

Huntsville Town Hotline

In this Hotline:

Update To May 1st Huntsville Happenings

On May 1st, I reported about an individual who had knocked on a neighbors door later in the evening attempting to either sell something, solicit a donation or just "scope the place out."

Well, within 6 hours of the email being forwarded to Sergeant Hadley of the Weber County Sheriffs office, Sergeant Hadley had found one of the out of state solicitors at a home on 6800 East. He was led to their supervisor, then asked to see a business license. When they could not produce one, he strongly advised them to leave the Valley - not just Huntsville, but the Valley.

I have since heard several other stories about the group and even found that one of the solicitors stole a cell phone from inside the home of a resident on 600 South. The cell phone was ultimately returned and the perpetrator was booked into Weber County Jail.

I even heard tale of a resident chasing one of the solicitors down 200 South in front of the Town Hall.

This is a strong case for an organized neighborhood watch program and illustrates how effective a little communication can be.

Neighborhood Watch Discussion

That is the perfect introduction to the Neighborhood Watch discussion that will be held:

May 17, 2007 (Thursday)

7:00 PM

Huntsville Town Hall

Sergeant Hadley will lead the presentation and discussion. We also hope to have some input and assistance from a retired Las Vegas Police Officer who was instrumental in forming a Neighborhood Watch and calling tree in Cedar City. My apologies in advance for "soliciting" this individuals assistance and input prior to formally asking him.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.

Request for Bids on Huntsville Town Road Projects

The Town of Huntsville, Utah is requesting quotes for a 2 and 3 inch asphalt overlays, asphalt pulverization, stabilizing fabric, 3 inch asphalt patching, and various other items along a three block segment at the center business district in Town.

For more details and to download a bid package, see our web site:

Feel free to forward to any contractors or interested parties.

That’s all for now, have a great week.


Richard L. Sorensen

Huntsville Town Council Smile