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The Dr. Alfonsina Q. Davies
Epilepsy Foundation                April  2015 
IN MEMORIAM: 1958-2011

A Life of Courage and Service......
An Unfinished Life,
Since our Nina Passed away, we have received a number of communications about Nina from those that are close friends, and others that we just met. This Newsletter  has two of them.  Take the time to read these remarkable comments.   
A few months ago, I was asked by a representative of VOXOX, Inc., to talk to a possible investor in the company.  I agreed to do so and spoke at length with a lady in Washington State whom I have never met.  During our conversation she wanted to know why we had invested in this company. 
I explained to her that it was with the sole purpose of helping the cause of epilepsy, the terrible and misunderstood disease that had taken my daughter's life.
We talked for several minutes and suddenly she said: "I feel Nina's presence right here".  Her statement sent chills through my body and I have no doubt that the lady was telling the truth. The lady invested $50,000 in the company.
Nina has been guiding our actions since the day she left us.  Miracles keep happening because of her and her innnate goodness.  Even folks who never met her in life after they learn about her story wish they had met her in person.  Nadia Q. Davies
Second Anecdote:
Dear Nadia,
I talk about Nina with friends and I tell them what a very kind person she was and all she did on behalf of children with special needs. 
The day she passed away I was on the computer and you wrote to me.  I answered you that her soul was there with you that she had not left. 
That night was very dark and intense, but full of stars.  I was getting ready to go to bed, my husband was already asleep when I noticed a large bouquet of orange flowers suspended in space.  At first I understood nothing, I figured it was my imagination. But no, I looked over again and it was still there.  I waited five minutes and the bouquet was still there. 
I then understood that it was Nina who had come to thank me for having spoken to you. The day of her funeral I realized even more how lovable she was.  In spite of having a doctorate she taught special children. I listened to the testimony of all those children she helped so much.  I then understood the why of that beautiful and special gift that she had sent to me the day she died. The flowers and the message that God exists, that he loves us, that there is a heaven. She thanked me for talking to you, her mom! (Name withheld)
This note (translated freely from the Spanish) was sent to me by a good friend from the House of Spain who knew Nina and loved her) I received it a month ago, just in time for her memorial letter.

Anecdotes about an amazing person!
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