Dear friends and neighbors:
Friday the 13th Lunchtime Interview Today! 
If you are looking for some entertainment to go along with your lunch today, tune into Facebook where I will be interviewed in a live stream by John Heinis from Hudson County View at noon.  You can click below for the live stream (I don’t think you need an FB account to access as it is a public page). 
Alternatively, you can go to the website later and can watch it after the fact.
This is actually only the second time I have had an official interview – the first was with him during my campaign in the fall of 2015.  There are no prepared questions and he will not let in on what he will ask, but I have an idea that he will cover such topics as Union Dry Dock and local politics.  And of course favorite scary movies like Friday the 13th (just kidding…).  Wish me luck! 
Speaking of UDD, Mark Your Calendars! 
Friday, April 20th at 6pm – Rally to Protect our Waterfront, Maxwell Place Waterfront Park.  Please come out and join Mayor Bhalla, Hoboken Residents for a Better Waterfront, Fund for Better Waterfront and the Hoboken community to show your opposition to NY Waterway’s plan to use the Union Dry Dock site for ferry refueling, maintenance and storage.  Ask Governor Murphy and NJ Transit to put the environment first and find a more appropriate location for the NYWW facility.  Bring your children, pets, bikes, scooters, etc to show the Governor how the Hoboken waterfront is used by so many in our region. 
We are looking for individuals or families to volunteer to help make and bring signs.  Sample messages might be:
  • Support the Environment, Stop NY Waterway
  • Protect the Environment - No Fuel, No Maintenance on our Waterfront
  • People Over Profits
  • Hoboken Waterfront Under Siege
  • Decades of Progress Under Attack
Please contact Yadhira Checo at if you will be bringing signs. The Governor needs to hear our voices - we need a major turnout to show our state officials how important the waterfront is to our community.  What else can you do? Like, follow and share posts on social media from HobokenRPW (twitter and FB) and ABetterWaterfront (twitter and FB)
And to those who are not supportive of fighting this battle for our waterfront.  As I have said before, I am not supportive of any outcome that would involve NYWW shutting down.  Please note that just because they say that will happen, does not mean that it will.  There are a lot of forces at play, and a lot of agencies and officials across the state involved.  We are confident that the City of Bayonne would welcome all or part of their facilities and tht the State supports this as well.  And Hoboken has also offered that NJ Transit should consider Hoboken’s Lackawana terminal for all or part of the business.  Both locations offering existing transportation / industrial existing uses.  This is about all of the stakeholders getting together and using all tools available to come up with the best solution for all stakeholders.  For Hoboken and protecting our waterfront for the best and highest use for Hoboken, it’s the public’s voice demanding that this be considered in the discussions.    
Back to the Waterfront on Saturday the 21st for Hoboken’s Spring Fling! 
Next Saturday is Hoboken’s Annual Spring Fling – Community Clean Up.  There are many teams organizing that day around our community to help clean up Hoboken.  Hoboken RPW are organizing a group for the north end of our waterfront.  I will also be in attendance and I hope you can also join us as well!  Please RSVP to the FB event on HobokenRPW’s page or email or me to let us know if you can make it (and they know how many gloves and materials to get!). 
Please feel free to email me or call me at 201/208-1674 if you have any questions of comments or want to discuss any of this.  If not before, hope to see you next weekend!
Hoboken City Council, 2nd Ward
Engage. Inform. Advocate.
“More Voices are Better”