Hello, and welcome to spring … or maybe not quite yet! 

The weather has certainly kept us on our toes of late, and there’s another cold snap – and more snow! – promised for the weekend, so our article about the weather and animals is very timely. Remember that wildlife, in particular, will very much welcome our help during harsh weather. 

We’ve an interesting crossover this month between animals and automobiles, which our company, Veloce, is probably best known for, with Land Rover’s marking of the Chinese Year of the Dog: see inside for details of the new packs the automaker has released to improve the comfort of our canine friends when travelling. 

We’ve just had advance copies of our latest publication – Canine aggression: rehabilitating an aggressive dog with kindness and compassion – which will be in the shops/available online very soon. It’s the inspiring story of Calgacus, a Bull Mastiff, and tells how, with dedication and the help of TTouch, clicker training, and other disciplines, he discovered the joy of knowing his own kind. 

Have a good month – and keep yourself and your animals warm!
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Lily is here …
She’s a one in a million dog!
You would never know to look at her, but Lily the Golden Retriever is not like other dogs. Of course, we all say that about our pets, but in Lily’s case, it’s true. Lily was born with a very rare genetic disorder – so rare, it affects just one in a million dogs.
Congenital Cricopharyngeal Asynchrony is a condition that affects the timing of the muscles used for swallowing, and it’s so rare, that few vets have heard of it. The condition meant that Lily was born unable to swallow properly. 

Unsurprisingly, a condition such as this isn’t something that’s easy for a dog, or their owner to deal with. But ‘deal with it’ is precisely what Lily’s owner, Laura Hamilton, did. When Lily was ten weeks old, Laura was advised that it was best if Lily was euthanised, as she would likely spend the rest of her life attached to a feeding tube. 

Through the first weeks of ownership, and with careful observation, Laura found that Lily could better swallow her meals if they were mixed with water. Aside from her medical problems, Lily was a happy and fun-loving dog, so there was no way that Laura was about to have Lily put down: if she could manage Lily’s condition effectively, she most certainly would.

And so she did. Lily will be four years old in May, and is the picture of health, who has now even become a Pets as Therapy dog – just like her mother, Pilot. Lily still has issues swallowing from time-to-time, and Laura has to be particularly careful that Lily doesn’t pick up something to try and eat it, as this could prove fatal.

Lily’s story is remarkable on many levels, but it’s Laura’s determination to ensure that Lily thrives and enjoys life to the full, despite her condition, and the incredible difference that this has made to Lily’s life prospects, that shines from this book. 

It was this incredible difference that inspired the writing of this book, in the hope that it shows that even the most life-threatening conditions don’t have to be an obstacle to a happy, productive life. We think it will be as much of an inspiration to other dog owners, as Lily herself is to those who meet her during therapy.
Since writing the book, Laura has been very busy with promotion, spreading the positive word of Lily’s experiences. If you’ve not already seen it, click here to watch Laura’s interview with That’s Solent TV on YouTube.
From a puppy who would never have made it to adulthood unaided, Lily has grown into a beautiful, healthy, therapy dog, who has helped over 120 people. Lily really is one in a million!
We think you are, too, Laura.
Lily: one in a million ... a miracle of survival
Laura Hamilton

The moving and powerful story of Lily: a dog who was born unable to survive unaided. But her owner’s intensive, creative management of her rare disability has given her a life worth living, and may inspire others not to give up on animals with other life-threatening conditions. As a therapy dog, Lily greatly enriches the lives of others.

• From the moment Lily was born, clearly, something was seriously wrong
• Hanging onto life by her little nails, Lily was losing her grip
• A typical Golden Retriever, Lily loves food. But eating it is the problem
• Lily’s story brings hope to owners of animals with difficult conditions
• Whoever heard of a dog who can't eat; can't even lap water?
•  Every feed, we take on ‘The Triple S Challenge’: Single, Silent Swallows
• "Lily certainly ticks the 'Unusual' box," is the opinion of her veterinary specialist
• Solids are a problem for Lily. Unbelievably, liquids are an even bigger problem!
• The Pets As Therapy assessment was very demanding - but Lily passed with flying colours! 
• Lily enriches the lives of others
Price £7.99 SKU HH5147 Format Paperback • 22.5x15.2cm • 72 pages • 38 pictures ISBN 978-1-787111-47-9 UPC 6-36847-01147-5
Guo nian hao!
Happy New Year of the Dog
It may be a little late to wish you a ‘Happy New Year,’ but this is no ordinary New Year: last month saw the start of the Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival. The Chinese New Year is one of many ‘lunisolar’ calendars in Asia, but is arguably the best known.
This year, we welcome the Year of the Dog, the first day of which fell on Friday 16th February, and which saw the start of two weeks of traditional celebrations. One of the largest and most important events on the Chinese calendar, you may be surprised to hear that around 700,000 people in London alone celebrated the start of the Chinese New Year, making it the largest gathering outside of Asia. 

So, what can we expect from the Year of the Dog? And why are all the years associated with animals? Well, fellow H&H Wrangler, Sian, posted some interesting details on our blog – head there and find out all about the Jade Emperor, and what 2018 could hold in store for all you Water Rabbits, Fire Pigs, and Earth Monkeys!

Land Rover's YOTD 
Give your canine friend a more comfortable ride
Anyone who knows Hubble & Hattie also knows that we love to see automotive marques going the extra mile for animals (after all, Hubble & Hattie is an imprint of Veloce). To coincide with Chinese New Year, Land Rover has released some packs to improve canine carrying comfort.
Land Rover is a marque many in the UK – and worldwide – have a huge fondness for. The marque is part-and-parcel of many peoples' everyday lives, and has a huge role in our nation's history, both sociall and industrial. This year sees a very special anniversary for the company, as it celebrates an amazing 70 years since the Mk1 Landy started production.
Land Rover is also a marque that’s indelibly associated with dogs, whether it's be a pampered urban pooch in a Range Rover Sport, or a mud-spattered farm dog in the back of a battered Mk1.
In a move that combines its love of capable cars, derring-do dogs, and superb quality, Land Rover marked this year’s Year of the Dog with the release of a range of pet-friendly accessories for Landy-owning dog carers. 
Aiming to make Landys the choice of dog owners everywhere, and the perfect vehicle for you and your canine friends, Land Rover has created comprehensive ‘Pet Packs’ for a range of models, that help protect boots from wet paws and mud.
Waterproof protection comes from a rubber mat and liner tray, and a full-height partition can be installed, helping to contain muddy paws. The range features the unique Barbour tartan, and comes with everything you need for a country walk with style … just love that bowl!
Head over to Land Rover’s website to see its Pet Packs and accessories … then load-up and head for the hills … or the coffee shop …
Bring Your Dog To Work Day 2018
Save the date!
At Hubble & Hattie, pretty much every day is a BYDTW day. We’re a dog-friendly company, of course (and not only dogs), and are well used to having an assortment of pooches present.

Not everyone has an office so pet friendly, but BYDTW day aims to make as many companies, business, charities, organisations – every office – aware of the benefits of having our pals with us whilst we work. This year’s day has now been announced:
Friday 22nd June
Last year’s BYDTW was a huge success, raising money for charities, and catching the imaginations of high profile celebrities. Police forces, fire brigades, hotel chains – including some big household names – all pledged their support, and got involved, with events up and down the country.
Whilst we could tell you all about BYDTWD, you’re best hearing all about it from HOWND®, the founders and organisers …
First, and if you’re not familiar with BYDTWD, you should read this
If you want to find out about the charities that benefit, and the amazing work they do, you should read this
Finally, and if you’re a little uncertain about why you should bring your dog to work, you can find out how hugely beneficial it can be for employees and employers alike, here
There are many ways to get involved: you can donate to a charity as a business, as an individual (and get your dog’s photo added to its Dog with a Job Hall of Fame!), and there’s always PLENTY you can do on social media with the hashtag #BringYourDogToWorkDay … after all, the internet is made of such things!
HOWND® has helpfully created some handy items to help you spread the word, and make your BYDTWD a success, including an info pack, a printable flyer, and even Human Resources guidelines to ensure everyone is happy.
Beasts, Pests, and Emma
Comfort in the cold for our wildlife
Pretty much the entire UK has recently experienced some pretty extreme and hard to handle weather. First, we had the 'Beast from the East,' bringing biting -10ºC winds and snow all the way from Siberia. Then, just to hammer home the point, we were subjected to Storm Emma, with storm-force winds, metres-deep drifts, and sheet ice all par for the course. And, as if that wasn't enough, another spell of cold and wet, nicknamed the 'Pest from the West,' is due to arrive shortly …
The massive disruption wrought by the combination of weather patterns is still being addressed, and it's fair to say that pretty much the entire UK was affected, directly or indirectly: the strain on emergency, health, and community services was immense.

Whilst we've had much to deal with, spare a thought for our wildlife and animal friends. Wildlife is often in a precarious state, thanks to environment and habitat loss, development, or climate change, none of which is showing much sign of decreasing.

So, what can we do to help our wildlife weather the storm? Over on our blog, we take a look at some simple things we can do to give wildlife, and our own animal companions, a helping hand during the cold weather. You don't have to be living in the middle of the forest, either: urban wildlife may not be subject to the same stresses and strains of their wild-living relatives, but they, too, will benefit from a little extra winter care – whether they be birds, fish, or badgers and foxes!

Extra food is, of course, vital at this time of year, as extra calories are burnt to keep warm. But water is also vital, and frozen waterways and ponds mean that finding water can be hard going, so ensuring that ice-free, clean water is available is essential. For some handy advice on ways to help wildlife, and your own pets, head over to the Hubble & Hattie blog …
The latest from our blog …
Cold comfort
The UK and Europe have recently experienced some pretty extreme weather. With the 'Beast from the East' followed immediately by Storm Emma, storm-force winds, metres-deep drifts, and sheet ice, we see how you can help pets and wildlife through the harsh winter.
Hunting with dogs: the facts
Thanks to the Hunting Act 2004, the use of dogs to hunt wild animals has been prohibited in England and Wales. But were you aware that there are a number of different forms of hunting still practiced? Whilst all forms are technically legal, there is one form that is questionable ...
King of the Corvids
When you think of a raven, the first thing that may spring to mind is the fact they are synonymous with the Tower of London. But there is far more to them than being part of an iconic tourist attraction. In today's blog, we take a closer look at these great corvids.
Year of the Dog!
Our 2018 New Year's celebrations may seem like a long time ago now, but Chinese New Year starts today, with a 15-day-long celebration for those in China to mark the occasion. Here, at H&H HQ, we have even more reason to celebrate, as it's the Year of the Dog!
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Ollie and Nina and …
The latest daft doggy doings … 

Watch this space, and also check out the dippy doggies and their daft doings on facebook …


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