NEWS & ADVENTURES of a Philosophical Folk Songstress Musician Mama                    ~ September 2013
Dearest Friends,
In This Letter:
This is my favorite quote these days: "Bliss is the exalted state of experience where one can hold equal parts sorrow and ecstasy. Rather than suppressing or avoiding feelings we might find uncomfortable, we can expand our capacity to be able to feel all of the emotions and sensations available to us in human existence." (~
I think the fall is all about this, as we come to the time of the equinox, when the days and nights are equal in length, it is an opportunity to find that place of balance, to hold joy AND sorrow, the mourning and the celebration. Life is so expansive, there is so much to be felt. I love the idea that THAT is bliss.
The fall is a potent time for me. This was the time of year when I was hit by a car when I was 15, an experience which ignited my deeper songwriting and informed so much of who I am. It is also the time of year when I was married (three years ago!) Last weekend Pete & I had the opportunity to play at a wedding, and re-write some of the words to the song "Before I Came Along" which we wrote for our own wedding. Watching the new couple dance and whisper to each other as we sang that song, as their song, brought me an incredible feeling of connectedness and love. It is for such moments that I make music.
It seems so much has happened since the last newsletter!
We had a most wonderful time on our mini Onesie Tour Part 2, playing four shows in two days. At KCBX radio in San Luis Obispo we were once again the first people to bring a baby to the on-air interview & performance (they told us the same thing when we played on KPIG radio back in February). We're not trying to be pioneers, is this just an odd thing to do? We managed to leave our baby carrier in Arroyo Grande and did not realize this until five minutes before we were supposed to perform in Paso Robles later that afternoon! Although he couldn't carry him on his back as usual, Pete luckily still managed to keep Solas content on stage in his stroller by passing him harmonicas, guitar tuners and thumb pianos through our set. Profound thanks to Wayne and Jacque for expediting the return of our most essential baby carrier a few days later!
Solas & I spent labor day weekend at the Northern California Women's Herbal Symposium where I had the honor of singing around the Saturday evening bonfire. Solas loved all the dirt and rocks and blackberries, and I filled up on the wisdom, love & energy of a community of powerful women. I returned deeply inspired.
And then our family made our annual retreat to Tassajara to spend time in another wonderful community, one dedicated to living with awareness, intention and compassion. A week without phones, internet and electricity does the spirit a world of good and was a wonderful re-balancing into the beginning of fall.

In these next few months, with fall closing in and winter around the corner, we will be staying closer to home, teaching, re-working, maybe even a little songwriting! We have a few shows too: this weekend we celebrate the Santa Cruz Mountains Harvest Festival, then ArtWalk in Livermore, and more music in Pescadero at the end of October.
I hope you may open yourself, feel the fullness, and find some bliss ... 
Thank you as always for sharing the journey,
in  music & love,
 ~ Amanda

U P C O M I N G    E V E N T S :

Saturday September 28th @ 12:15pm
Santa Cruz Mountains Harvest Festival | Downtown Boulder Creek, CA
A full day of music, food, artists and the celebration of sustainable living. Learn more:
Saturday October 12th @ 3:30pm
Livemore Artwalk | Bankhead Theater, Livemore, CA
The 12th annual festival, bringing art to the streets of downtown Livemore. Family fun for all!

Sunday October 27th @ 12pm
Pescadero Country Store | Pescadero, CA
The last show of the season! ~ Bring your family for a sweet Sunday afternoon picnic on the lawn, and pick up your pumpkin on the way.
Sunday November 10th @ 7pm
Treasure's Roadhouse | Corralitos, CA
More details, TBA
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