Dear Neighbors,
As our Councilperson, I will work hard to make Hoboken a safer place to walk, bike and drive.

I know firsthand how important this is to all of us and our families. My kids are in 6th and 8th grade, and they both walk to school, sports practices, etc. so pedestrian safety is a daily concern for me. I personally walk all over Hoboken, walk with my dog, ride my bike and citi bikes, and tried the e-scooters when we had the pilot scooter program, so I know the challenges. We also own a car and I know how driving around Hoboken can pose its challenges too. I want our mobility experiences - in whatever form - to be safe for everyone.

The Vision Zero program has made our streets and sidewalks safer. I will continue to back those efforts while on the City Council. But there is more we can and must do. I support taking the following additional steps.
  • Update traffic studies for our ward's key areas. Most of the studies pertaining to our ward are outdated since much has changed with all the new development. Studies analytically identify traffic patterns, risks, and the feasibility of new traffic safety measures.  For example, does a light make sense at the intersection at Washington Street and 15th Street or is there a better solution to make all the crossings along 15th Street safer? I also hear concerns from residents about the safety of the intersections of 13th Street and cross streets in our ward. We need updated data to make informed decisions. Traffic studies can also help with identifying areas for targeted enforcement efforts as well. As the 2nd Ward Councilperson I will initiate the process to get the studies done and see through the solutions.       
  • Employ a code enforcement officer for our ward to address violations. This is a position that is different from a police officer, but can issue tickets for infractions like running stop signs and motorized bikes on the sidewalks.·      
  • Address the safety hazard of motorized bikes riding on sidewalks through a combination of: consistent enforcement and working with businesses to provide education to delivery persons. I have already started having conversations on how we improve this with our Public Safety Director.
  • Improve our bike infrastructure. Check on my thoughts on this topic as explained to Bike Hoboken.
  • Explore innovative solutions using the latest technology--ones that either help with enforcement or make crossings safer. 
Through these initiatives we can make the 2nd Ward and all of Hoboken a safer place to walk, bike and drive.
Marla Decker
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