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December 2011
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Welcome and thanks for being a part of this Worldwide Community!
Happy Holidays to our Worldwide Community of every race, creed and unique Life Path on six continents of Mother Earth!
YOU are EACH my precious holiday gifts for whom I am grateful every day of my life.
Let's make these holidays and the new year our most prosperous, healthiest ones YET!
In This Issue...
1) Your Community Update
- BOGO IS BACK until 12-24-11
2) Self-Healing Article: Clear Fears of SUCCESS blocking your manifestations... or anything!
3) Surrogate Healing Snippets for Kids & Critters: NEW video live demo of clearing pets' fears of a new home, vet office visit, etc. Works on children's fears, too!
Your Community Update
ARE YOU ONE DECISION away from a reality of health, wealth, peace, divine work or loving companionship?

What single decisions have you made that changed your life for the better?  Two of my life-changing decisions include:

- Seeking help to get over my dad's death and job stress, which led to learning about energy work and a new career

- Clearing fears to end toxic relationships in my business life and personal life

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Q: I feel SO CLOSE to successfully creating what I want but it hasn't come yet no matter what I do. Got ideas?

A: Whatever we desire is already in our energy system, hence our yearning to create it into reality.
The blocks are often a FEAR of what will happen when DO GET what we want, i.e., a fear of the consequences of SUCCESS.
Perhaps during this holiday season, we adults should be more like kids sitting on Santa's lap, fearlessly exclaiming our wish list? Kids aren't afraid the when their dreams come true there will be consequences attached.
How did we get so scared and how do we clear these fears?
 Complimentary BASIC Emotional Release
for Kids and Critters
What is surrogate healing? Applying Emotional Release methods to yourself to help another. It works because we are all energetically connected.
Q: My children and pets get overstimulated due to all the holiday visitors and activities. We're thinking of adopting a new dog, too. What surrogate work can help calm this added excitement for them? 

A:  This NEW short 3.42 minute video demonstrates on a live guinea pig how to apply FREED to release pet fears, whether they are new to your home, afraid of the vet's office or just anxious for any reason.
The same method can be used on your children. If they won't sit still, apply the surrogate clearing to YOU with the intention to calm THEM. It's easy and takes only a minute.
Thank you Emma the guinea pig, star of this video!
Get the Emotional Release for Animals ebook with SIX bonuses for INSTANT DOWNLOAD after PayPal transaction completes.
I know that you're all in different financial situations, and clearing your emotions via private sessions may not be in your budget.  That's why various levels of my help are ALWAYS AVAILABLE to YOU.
Many kinds of proven self-healing and surrogate healing tools for people and pets can be yours and immediately downloaded
Learn to clear the emotional issues causing weight issues and exercise resistance:
Get your complimentary FREED audio to clear your fears about daunting world events and natural disasters at
please contact me. Let's schedule your n.o c.o.s.t. get -acquainted consult to determine if we're a good client-practitioner fit. 
Wishing you prosperity, peace, love, and successful healing results!
Colleen Flanagan, EFTCert-I & FREED Founder
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
"The Expert to Call When You're Overwhelmed by It ALL!"
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