Hello Cat Lover,

Sad news today... I had to have one of my
best cats at the shelter put down. He had
cancer. If you want to see him, here is a
web page I made for him:


Henri was a great cat, but he was diagnosed
3 months ago with a form of cancer that occurs
quite often from vaccination reactions.

(Note the position of Henri's sore... near his
right shoulder. This is a very common "injection

I learned a lot about this condition from
Dr. Andrew Jones, on his teleseminar last week
and on his web site.

I hope you got to attend his important classes
about pet care, and how you can take care of
your "kids" at home. He revealed a lot of secrets
of the profession that can help you save money and
time, and even save your pet in some cases.

For example, he gave away his ebook on CPR for pets,
a procedure you hope you never have to use, but
it sure is good to know if you do. Especially if
the emergency happens when the vet clinic is not open.

You can still get his Veterinary Secrets Revealed
home study course at the introductory price (297).
Just go here: http://tinyurl.com/y98rup

But I don't know how many he has left or how long
he will keep it at that price.
If you're even thinking of getting it, don't wait
too long.


Have you ever noticed how many celebrities pose in
magazines holding their..... DOG?

What about cats? Not many, I'm afraid.

I just read about a survey that was done in Ohio
where it was found that cat surrenders and intakes
at shelters have increased almost 20% in the last
ten years, but the number of dogs being sheltered
has decreased by about 16% in the same time period.

It also was noted that more cats are euthanized than

Are they less important? Less respected? What?
Why this big discrepancy?

This might be a good time to write letters to the
editors of the publications you read, asking them
what's up.

Not that they can do anything about it, but just
getting the word out to their readers may help
the public realize that cats make great pets, too.

Frankly, and personally, I think they are BETTER
pets. Or am I just prejudiced?
Dogs are great, too, but cats don't need to be
walked or let out to "take care of business,"
and, they don't need to be bathed unless they have
gotten into something. Even then, they are pretty good
at cleaning themselves up! (Just be sure it isn't
something toxic.)
And my favorite reason: cats purr...


A great place to shop if you use natural products:
(Recommended by Dr. Andrew Jones)
[Can you tell I'm impressed with this guy?]


Fat cat gets stuck in doggie door. Now, THIS is
pretty darn funny.


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