Hi Cat Lover,

It's not time for the next Kitty Times yet, but I
want to get this info to you now. If I wait even a
few days, this link will be gone, and I think it's
very important that you listen to this ASAP.

If you were not on this call last night, listen now:

Here is the link:


It's about an hour long, and the replay link is
active until Sunday.

Better yet, download it. It's only 11 megabytes.
The link goes away on July 13. So if you don't have
time to listen to it today or tomorrow, at least
go get it and listen to it when you do have time.

However, listen to it soon. Your pet's life
could depend on it. This information is critical,
and will surprise you.

If you think the petfood recall last year was bad,
listen to Ann Martin's research on the commercial
pet food industry as it is right now.

The webinar is about dogs, but this information
is for cats, too. Please do this...


If you do not get the time or opportunity
to listen or download (and then listen to) this
important recording, you can learn all you need
to know by buying Ann Martin's book, "Food Pets
Die For." (No, I do not get a commission.)