Urgent action request - We need your help once again...

In wake of Parliament win, please sign new letter to Canada:

U.S. war resisters celebrate House of Commons vote to let them stay in Canada, June 3, 2008.

Below: James Burmeister action alert; Ft. Knox press conference Saturday

With your help, we mailed over 10,000 of the original letters to Canadian officials in support of a political resolution that would allow U.S. war resisters to stay in Canada.

On June 3rd, our efforts were rewarded when the Canadian Parliament passed an historic motion to officially welcome war resisters!

It now appears, however, that the Conservative minority government may disregard the democratic decision of the House of Commons, the demonstrated opinion of the Canadian citizenry, the view of the United Nations, and millions of Americans. War resister Corey Glass is still scheduled to be deported July 10th.

We need your help once again. Please sign a new letter to “Please act immediately to implement the resolution to allow U.S. war resisters to stay in Canada… and cease deportation proceedings against Corey Glass.”



James Burmeister alert; Ft. Knox action Saturday

jamesJames Burmeister was serving in Baghdad, Iraq when his humvee was caught in an IED explosion and he was hit in the face with shrapnel. Suffering from the physical wounds, as well as emotional ones resulting from his injury and working with the military "bait and kill" teams, James went to Canada and was AWOL until earlier this year when he decided to turn himself in.

At this point, his fate is undecided. Because of his PTSD, James and his family are requesting that the Army gives him an "Other Than Honorable Discharge" in lieu of a special court martial which could send James to a military prison for up to a year. You can help!

1. Please contact the Post Commander General Campbell to request a speedy discharge for James. Contact the Fort Knox Public Affairs Office at 502-624-7451 or knox.pao@conus.army.mil and demand better treatment for our soldiers. Ask that they discharge PFC James Burmeister now so that he can get the help that he needs.

2. Attend a Press Conference at Fort Knox, KY on Saturday, June 21, at 11am at N Wilson Rd & Knox Blvd, Radcliff, KY 40160 (map with directions). This was originally scheduled for Thursday, June 19, but was postponed to Saturday. Please call Anita at 859 948-4274 if you can attend.

3. Write James and give him words of support and encouragement.
PFC James Burmeister; HHC - Building 298, Gold Vault Road; Fort Knox KY 40121

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