NEWS & ADVENTURES of a Philosophical Folk Songstress                                                 ~ October 2012
Hello Friends,
The skies have suddenly turned towards winter this week and I am smiling with thoughts of pumpkin pie, mists on the mountains and fires in the woodstove.
A friendly reminder I play Valley Singout at Livermore ArtWalk this weekend, an unexpectedly lovely affair with art & music for the whole family.
Coming up next month: VOTE VOTE VOTE! The deadline to register in California is Oct 22nd. It's not too late to Rock the Vote! I admit I'm not up on all the issues at stake everywhere, but I know in California there are some radically important decisions to be made regarding funding education and labeling GMO's, among other things (and um, not to mention a presidential seat to be filled). Make it to the polls folks and exercise your rights!
Many thanks again to all who joined us in Pescadero for our second show post-baby. We arranged to have someone else hold him, but he preffered to join us onstage. See the photos below...
Happy pumpkin carving to you, and don't forget to vote! Until next time,
with peace, love & music,
~ Amanda

U P C O M I N G  S H O W S :

Saturday October 13th @ 2-2:30pm
Panama Red | 2115 1st St., Livermore, CA
A little afternoon warm-up for the plaza performance at Livermore's 11th annual ArtWalk.

Saturday October 13th @ 4:15-5pm
ArtWalk Livemore 2012 | 2400 1st St., Livemore, CA
Performing at the Bankhead Plaza for this beautiful community event. Downtown Livemore becomes a fabulous Arts Disctrict. Inspiration for the whole family.

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~ Amanda West & Pete Solomon with the newest band member ~
photos courtesy of Anitra Balzer

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