January 2015

> Editorial
The CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (CTEC) team wishes you a prosperous and Happy New Year full of great achievements and success! May 2015 bring us more opportunities to work together.

2014 was a productive year: new piezo and magnetic powerful actuators (APA1500L, APA2000L, PPA80L-E, MICA500L...) along with electronics (a new range of high power switching amplifiers SA75x) were released, showing our great capacity of innovation in an even more demanding world, especially with regard to high-power compact & dynamic actuation solutions.
As regards Precision, significant progress has been achieved on the control of motion in the nanometer world, both via ROSETTA MIDAS scanning mechanisms and new experiments with PPA40M-SG nano stabilisation.

Ranging from its involvement in new R&D projects (Emerge,...) to its participation in great international fairs (Actuator 2014, Photonics West, ESMATS...) including a successful Distributors Days event organized in november, CTEC keeps on spreading its expertise in 
Compact, Dynamic and Precise solutions.

Thank you for trusting us! 

The CTEC Team

> Successful CTEC Distributors Days
From November 5th to 7th 2014, CTEC organized its third international distributors’ meeting in Meylan, France. 12 partners coming from all over the world (UK, Spain, Finland, Belgium, India, Israel, Japan...) attended these intensive & fruitful days of work and exchange about CTEC products and technologies. Their feedback was very positive.The program was mainly dedicated to CTEC’s products and success stories, facilities tour, marketing and strategy.

We are aware that an efficient distribution network is an undeniable opportunity to develop our business and we do thank all of our partners for their participation! 

> ROSETTA/Midas: alive & kicking after 10 years of space journey 
The MIDAS instrument uses an APA-based and PPA-based XYZ piezo electric stage from CTEC in the scanning mechanism of its on-board Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). The function of this mechanism is to ensure the nano-resolution scanning motion of the AFM under a severe environment. Although operated under static conditions, the ability of CTEC actuators to withstand large vibrations thanks to their pre-stress allowed the mechanism to pass launching vibrations. After 10 years the CTEC mechanism is still working fine!

More information is available following the links below:

CTEC technologies and products initially developed for European space missions have been transferred to other applications such as optronics, bio medical, anti vibration etc. Watch EURONEWS subject on this transfer of technologies.

> Magnetic actuators to infinite lifetime 
Whereas usual actuators lifetime is limited by friction and wear, CTEC has designed a frictionless guidance for the new MICA family. Our experience in mechanical systems design gives us the capability to test and ensure the given lifetime of our products. The new MICA500L has so been tested 3 month long and shows still full performances after 100 million cycles.

To know more please refer to the sheet on the Lifetime of CTEC magnetic actuators

> A 20-year heritage in Aerospace and Defence
CTEC actuators, sensors and electronics for Air, Space & Defence (ASD) can be found in optic instruments, embedded cameras, telescopes,… inside airplanes, helicopters, missiles, unmanned micro aerial vehicles (MAV), satellites, spacecraft, … to address the following mechatronic functions & applications: compact and dynamic actuation, precise positioning, sensing and detection. CTEC has been involved for 20 years in numerous space missions and aircraft/defence applications and has reached the required standards and recurrent production for several customized products.

These customized solutions are especially designed to withstand severe environment (vibrations, shocks, vacuum, humidity, wide thermal range including cryogenic) in partnership with customers. They have to be extremely reliable. Following this approach, more than 5 000 piezoelectric or magnetic actuators from CTEC have been delivered and are successfully used in operations in ASD fields.

CTEC Aerospace and defence heritage underlines the firmly established reputation of the company! 

Nanopositioning stability with Strain Gages sensors: yes we can!
Many applications require long-term position stability, which relates to the notion of absolute precision over time. Until now, the long-term stability of strain gages (SG) for position measurement was questionable. Thanks to its extensive know-how of strain gages integration and new instrumentation equipment (incl interferometers), CTEC has managed to achieve nanometric position stability of closed-loop piezo-mechanisms with integrated strain gages sensors. This technology opens a wide range of new possibilities for industrial, aeronautical, or space applications. This technology is especially applicable to piezo-mechanisms in push-pull configuration.

On a PPA40M-SG-based Push-Pull mechanism, after 2 weeks of testing, the position of the mechanism exhibits no drift: the stability approximates 1nm/week!   
This work has been funded by Thales Alenia Space and the French Space Agency (CNES).                                    

Test setup with PPA-based mechanism 

Follow up on innovation projects 

CTEC is involved in numerous Collaborative R&D Projects:
AEROPZT: High temperature piezoelectric materials for actuators in aero engine controls
Within the CleanSky / AEROPZT project  and in partnership with Noliac, Plant Integrity and Politecnico Di Torino, CTEC is involved with the development of piezoelectric actuator technology for use from ambient to high temperature (>200°) applications.In order to meet the requirements of the project, CTEC is in the process of developing a number of actuator systems, including both APA and PPA based units.

A new APA2000L has been developed, extending the APA L family: they are being tested with different piezo ceramic types; Some of these APA2000L offer over 2mm of stroke, which is a new record ! 

New encapsulated piezo actuator PPA80L-E offer the same electromechanical performance as the standard PPA80L, but Encapsulation (E option) performs the thermal management. Thank to this, the actuator can operate at 200Hz full stroke without over-heating. This actuator can be used with the new switching amplifier SA75X to offer a complete high-power high-frequency actuation solution, as required in Vibration Testing or Vibration Assisted Machining!   
EMERGE: self-powered, fine-tunable knee mechatronic implant 
CTEC is pleased to be part of the consortium of the new project “EMERGE”. This new medical collaborative project, led by the French laboratory LaTIM aims to develop a new generation of knee prosthesis with the capability to compensate the natural variations of the articulation. The development of such an implant, including energy management, sensors, actuators and control is a technological breakthrough that requires multidisciplinary partners. CTEC will bring its knowhow and experience in mechatronic and demanding actuation solutions.The partners are LaTIM, LIRMM, CTEC, Tural, ATF Implant.
PPSMPAB: High power supply for helicopter piezo flaps
The Eu FP7 Clean Sky PPSMPAB (Piezo Power Supply Module for Piezo Actuator Bench) project aimed at developing a Piezo Power Supply (PPS) offering the highest required power (9kVA) with a high efficiency, for driving piezo actuators, accounting for helicopter applications such as active flaps.
CTEC (coordinator, SME) and UJF-G2ELAB (partner, lab from Grenoble Joseph Fourier University) formed a consortium using their shared experience on piezoelectric actuators and high efficiency high power supplies to meet the GRC requested by the PPSMPAB project. The topic manager was Eurocopter.
As an heritage of this R&D works, CTEC has launched the new high power SA75D Switching Amplifier, offering 170Volt 20Amps continuous power. 
NEPIA:  fast & reliable piezo motors
The NEPIA Eurostar’s project is coming to its end showing interesting perspectives in terms of speed and lifetime improvement of linear piezo motors (LSPA, LSPS family). For 2 years, Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) and Technische Universität Darmstadt, Institut für Elektromechanische Konstruktionen (TUD-EMK) have been associated with CTEC in order to identify and implement improvements on LSPA Stepping Piezo Actuators. A dedicated test bench has been designed and presented at Actuator 2014 conference, showing promising perspectives in control signals for getting high speed (>40mm/s). Moreover, specific friction materials combinations have been highlighted and are still subject to lifetime testing in CTEC facilities. 

> Products recently released
As an innovative company, CTEC is proud to announce the release of the following piezo and magnetic products:
> Modular ultrasonic transducer: MUST
CTEC used its knowledge and expertise on ultrasound (US) transducer technology to develop a new kind of tubular transducer, called the Modular UltraSonic Transducer (MUST, patent pending). By optimizing the design of the conventional US Langevin transducer, CTEC is now able to offer stackable (up to 5 meters) and more efficient transducers. MUST offers an excellent ultrasound generation uniformity and can be used in various field of application such as sonochemistry, ultrasonic cleaning, homogenization, extraction, etc.

> New piezo actuators:
 APA500L-CRFP, APA1500L, APA2000L
New Amplified Piezo Actuators extend the APA products range with lightweight versions (CRFP option induces a 30% mass reduction), with the largest stroke ever reached (1.5mm for APA1500L and 2mm for APA2000L) and can be fitted with the ECS position sensor option. 

> New piezo motors: 
The LSPA30uXS and LSPS35XS are new fast inertial linear piezo motors for long strokes (>5mm) designed for severe environments (large temperatures range, vibrations and shocks…). Recent speed improvements have been also implemented in the LSPA30uXS Developer kit.  

> New range of switching amplifiers for piezos: 
The SA75A, SA75B, SA75D are new Switching Amplifiers for piezo actuators offering the highest average output current (20A) available on the market. It is especially suited for high loads, heavy duty or embedded applications.

> New magnetic actuator:
The MICAs are new high to medium force (500N to 20N), medium stroke (10 to 5mm) actuators offering motion control similar to Voice Coils, but in a much more compact size and with lower self-heating.  

2015 Training Catalogue
CTEC provides comprehensive training courses dedicated to engineers and technicians who wish to discover, improve or renew their knowledge in mechatronic products, systems and technologies. 

Keep in mind the following sessions:
Magnetism for Mechatronics - June 1 to 3
Linear magnetic actuators - June 4 and 5
Active materials and actuators - September 15 to 17
Electronic and control for piezomechanisms in mechatronics  - October 6

Download our new 2015 Training Catalogue

Should you be interested in attending one session feel free to contact our training department at or by phone +33 (4) 56 58 04 14 (asking for Ms Sandrine HUGI).

> Forthcoming events
- Photonics West (Usa) / San Francisco USA / Februrary 10 to 12 - booth # 6066 - North Hall D
- ESA Mechanism Final Presentation Days / The Netherlands / March 12 & 13
- SPIE Defense Security and Sensing / Baltimore USA / April 20 to 24 / booth  # 854
- SMART Smart Structures & Materials / Ponta Delgada Azores / June 3 to 5
- Laser world of photonics / Munchen / June 22 to 25
- ESMATS / Bilbao Spain / September 23
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