Demand Army drop charges and accept Lt. Watada's resignation now!
imagesNext step following mistrial victory: Demand that the Army respect the constitutional prohibition on double jeopardy by not attempting to court martial him again. Also: "How Lt. Watada and GI resistance movement beat the Army"

We (heart) "Augie"
U.S. Army Spc. Agustin Aguayo is a Iraq War vet facing court martial in Germany on March 6 for refusing to return to Iraq. Send him a Valentine's Day support greeting!

Mark Wilkerson refused to redeploy, sentencing Feb. 22
"There comes a time in a person's life when they must do the right moral decision for themselves, doubtless of how popular," he told the media in Crawford, Texas last August. (link only)

Ivan Brobeck, Iraq vet and war resister, released from brig!
Marine L/Cpl Ivan Brobeck was released from the Marine Corps brig at Quantico, Virginia on Feb. 5, three months after returning to the United States from Canada with a letter to President Bush asking him to "Bring the Troops Home Now!" (link only)

Action alert: Demand Army drop all charges and accept Lt. Watada's resignation now!

Supporters of Lt. Watada rally in San Francisco during anti-war march 1/27/07. Photo: Jeff Paterson
Next step after mistrial victory

Courage to Resist.
February 14, 2007

The military was hoping to court martial Lt Watada on February 5 and send him to prison as an example. Instead, the military judge forced a mistrial, partially out of fear of Lt Watada putting the war on trial. Your letters and phone calls today may make significant difference.

The constitutional prohibition on double jeopardy (meaning they can only try someone once) makes a second court martial unlikely, according to Lt. Watada's attorney Eric Sietz and many other legal experts.

However, the Army claims they will attempt to court martial Lt Watada again. The next step is to pressure Fort Lewis Commanding General James Dubik, who has the power to drop all charges and let Lt. Watada out of the Army, to do so. Lt. Watada has now completed his initial service agreement. A letter writing and phone calling campaign will complement the efforts of Lt. Watada's legal efforts.

Write a letter:

When writing, please consider a handwritten letter on stationary (if available) posted via express or priority mail for additional impact and timely delivery. Lt. Gen. Dubik has the authority to decide what the Army will do next about Lt Watada's case. Use your own words and add your own reasons, but please include this suggested message:

Lt. Gen. James M. Dubik,

I urge you to drop all charges against Lt. Watada and to respect the constitutional prohibition on double jeopardy by not attempting to court martial him again. I also urge you to allow Lt. Watada to resign; he has now completed his initial service agreement with the Army.

Sincerely, ____________________

Commanding General
Fort Lewis and I Corps
Lt. Gen. James M. Dubik
Bldg 2025 Stop 1
Fort Lewis WA 98433

Make a phone call:

Lt. Gen. Dubik can be reached via his aide at 253-967-0022, and/or through the Ft. Lewis switchboard at 253-967-1110. We are aware that these numbers often refer caller they recognize as "Lt. Watada supporters" to the Fort Lewis Public Affairs Office at 206-967-7166. Please, in your own words, include the suggested letter message above.

Do not delay and take action today.

augie love

Show your love today for imprisoned war resister Agustin Aguayo and his family by sending a Valentine's Day donation or letter of support today! Agustin Aguayo, Iraq War veteran and conscientious objector, faces seven years in prison. His court martial is scheduled for March 6 on a U.S. military base in Germany.

Ways to support Agustin:

  1. Donate to Agustin's legal defense.
  2. Forward this e-mail to friends and networks with a personal message asking them to support Agustin.
  3. Host a house party to raise awareness of Agustin's case, and that of other war resisters. You can show a film, have a discussion, write letters of support, and ask for donations. (Video of Helga Aguayo speaking to supporters)
  4. Ask your group or organization to organize a fundraiser in support of Agustin, or just pass the hat at your next meeting. (In Southern California, check Helga's calendar for events and availability)
  5. Hold a vigil or demonstration in support of Agustin Aguayo on or before his scheduled March 6 court martial.
  6. Download the "Free Agustin Aguayo" leaflet, print, copy and distribute.
  7. Send letters of support directly to Agustin or send a free postcard to him.

"It makes a huge difference to have the support letters and gives him resolve and strength," Helga Aguayo assures us.

Helga Aguayo hugs her husband Agustin "Augie" Aguayo, Ft. Irwin CA 9/26/07. Photo: Jeff Paterson

Send letters of support directly to Augie at:

    SPC Agustín Aguayo
    Unit 29723 Box LL
    APO, AE 09028-3810

Let us know how you or group is planning in support of Agustin Aguayo. Send to

For additional information about Agustin's case visit:

To make a financial contribution to Augie's defense fund visit: