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Cat Food...
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The "Cat Cafe"

Now this is a cool concept: Cat Cafes. The Japanese are usually
at the leading edge of new ideas, and this one is no exception.

Tokyo is a crowded city and having pets is mostly not allowed,
so cat lovers have to get their feline fix at one of 3 (so far)
cat cafes, where they can relax with some tea and a cat.

For about $7 an hour, after a long day at work, patrons can
enjoy petting, watching kitties play, or taking pictures of
the 14 cats at Calico's.

Read the whole story here:


If you can't get the story, let me know. I saved it!


Well, I'm going to be interviewed again! A pet expert is writing a
book and asked me to contribute something about cats. Her name is
Tracy Lenderink and she specializes in dogs and horses.

I'm honored that I've been asked to participate. I'll be interviewed
twice, first on June 3, and again on June 10. I'll send out a
notice in a few days so you'll know how to listen in. Just watch
your email for a message from me with call in details. You will
have the option to phone in, or to log in to a web site for a
"web cast."

You also might want to register for the entire interview series
to hear what the others have to say. She has an impressive
lineup of experts in various areas of pet care.
You can do that now, if you like, at this web site:


If you're interested in doing the Purina 30-day challenge,
here is their web site:


You can register your pets, and they will send you a coupon
for a free bag of food. You can't be in a hurry, though; it
takes 6 to 8 weeks to get it.


ShelterCare Pet Insurance Program to be Expanded!

North America's #1 Pet Insurance Program for Adopted
Dogs and Cats is offering 4 new enhancements to their
pet care policies.

www.sheltercare.com or 1-866-630-7387 (to get the insurance)

http://www.pethealthinc.com/pr_15_may_08.htm (for the story)

WEB SITES to explore


50 things to help the planet...
(Not directly related to cats, but hey, we just had Earth Day
here in the U.S., so here are some good ideas that could
benefit us all... including cats, especially if you follow
No. 45.)




The file name says it all:

I could hardly stop laughing... it's so cute!
If you can't see video on your computer, this is about two
cats running on someone's treadmill. It's hilarious! Worth
a trip to your public library if they have faster computers.


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