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March 2023  IN THIS ISSUE:
4 Amazingly simple A's to ANCHOR your message so it will be remembered and repeated!

Speaking is an opportunity to be forgotten or remembered. I assume that we all opt for the latter. As a presenter/speaker, you have an important message to share so you can better others' lives. If you wish others to act on your message, it is imperative that it's memorable. There are 4 anchors we can use in order for our messages to be anchored in our audiences' minds. 
      Pic taken during my opening keynote: "Somewhere OVER the Rainbow"
 on Feb.16, 2019 at Keiser University in Fort Myers, Florida!
An Activity to Anchor my message is being used with the audience.

***(If they DO it, they are more likely to remember the point than if we simply TELL them the point!)***

Quotation of the month:
 "What is loose is lost, what is tight stays in sight!"
- Craig Valentine
4 A's to ANCHOR your message so it will be memorable!
  • Anecdote: is a story. A personal story, which has taught you a life lesson, is the most common anchor but not the only one. Stories make points stick because if they remember a well told story, they'll likely remember the point.
  • Analogy: is the use of comparison. Compare something a general audience knows to something they may not know. It clarifies the point succinctly and precisely. If a picture says 1000 words, then an analogy says 1000 pictures. (ie comparing the experience of change to an experience of a hurricane to some people). Peter Legge, author, speaker compares one's life journey to a runway at an airport, where the tarmac WILL run out; consequently, we need to value and make the best of our time on the tarmac! Maybe the use of the word 'crabs' to represent negative people and so on.
  • Acronym: is a new word created by using the first letter of a word to help people remember a successful formula or process. Some speakers use acronyms in their roadmap as in: "You will be reach cohesiveness within your group by discovering the importance of TEAM" (see below)
Do you remember a teacher using the acronym H.O.M.E.S. to help you remember the names of the 5 Great Lakes? Can you name them?Smile
Are you familiar with the LOL that is used online to represent Laugh Out Loud?
What about a speaker helping people aspire to greater heights? They may suggest that the audience invest in a T.E.A.M  formula, an acronym for the qualities necessary to reach their potential...Tenacity, Enthusiasm, Attitude, Mentoring Isn't it easier for people to remember an acronym rather than hear a number of steps to a process?

  • Activity: In a 45-60 minute keynote, having 1/2 activities gives an audience a kinesthetic experience since they are actively involved as they are learning by doing. An activity is a very appropriate way to drive home a point, as long as the activity is brief, relevantadds value to your speech....and fun too!

    Mixing anchors in the content of a longer speech provides variety, holds your audience's interest, and helps them remember your point or message.

    Before and after anchors, use reflective, open-ended questions (who, what, when, where, why questions) giving the audience quiet times to ponder and be introspective. Remember: "Wisdom comes from reflection." Patricia Fripp

Next time you speak, ensure your speech is tight by tying your points to anchors so they will be remembered, repeated and acted upon!
Until then, successful speeches to you !
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