UN Agenda 21/ Wild Lands Project: The 10,000 LB Guerilla Driving Codex & How We CAN Monkeywrench It!!
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Do you realize that Eugenicist John Holdren, (Obama's Science Czar) advocates Forced Abortions and Forced Sterilizations?
Do you understand that the reason he is Obama's Science Czar is to help the Rockefeller Directed Council on Foreign Relations to implement a highly detailed plan that threatens to snuff out 90% of us and to microchip the survivors?
Do you know what the 10,000 pound guerilla in the room is thats driving the UN Codex Genocide Agenda? Did you know that the UN has published a 40 Chapter document intended to control the world, to serve as a blueprint for destroying the sovereignty of all nations and to force all of us under the thumb of a communist world government where all unalienable rights conferred on us by our Creator are to be stolen from us?
Did you Realize that as I type this we've got 3 bills in congress that threaten to directly impose this genocidal New World Order population control/societal control measure on us all, did you know it threatens to force you off your land, and out of your home and into UN Agenda 21 Approved Housing Gulags that are already being built for us in some UN Agenda 21 Test Sites called "Smart Growth Zones" such as Santa Cruz, California?
Did you realize that only a FEW THINGS are stopping the New World Order from imposing these evil dictates on us, and the biggest one right now is the DIRE NEED to oppose Amnesty for illegal aliens which the DREAM ACT is threatening and that REID might attempt to bring it to a vote in the Senate THIS WEEK? (WHAT TO DO:
I Just posted THE FOLLOWING  CRUCIAL ALERT on the RESIST NET WEBSITE...... Please study it carefully and forward it widely to friends, family, neighbors, anyone you can think of regardless of "party affiliation" because this is NOT a partisan situation!! Our SHEAR SURVIVAL in the face of NWO directed GENOCIDE IS AT STAKE!!
ALL of us MUST wake up to the TRAITORS to the Constitution in BOTH Parties who seek to SELL US INTO UN BONDAGE..... ALL of us MUST get into the battle this fall and get behind the numerous courageous underdogs who are striving to defend the Constitution by driving out any of the Collectivist, Globalist Traitors such as Harry Reid who seek to impose AGENDA 21 GENOCIDE on us all:

  AMNESTY WILL LEAD TO "WHACK 'EM & STACK 'EM HOUSING UNITS, the NAU Dictatorship & Agenda 21 Genocide
Friends- If we could help more of our neighbors connect the dots and begin to grasp what is really at stake if we fail to stop Amnesty, a LOT more people would rebel against the Obamination, his CFR string pullers, and the 80 some odd commies in Con-gress who are selling us out while seeking to destroy America via deficit spending, and via not enforcing our borders.

We must awaken a LOT more people to what is REALLY driving all of this, to the 10,000 Pound Guerilla in the Room: UN Agenda 21, the population control/societal control agenda that came out of the Earth Summit in Rio in '92. Agenda 21 is a 40 Chapter document on how to control the world, based entirely on socialist control mechanisms that are ALREADY IN PLAY inside America as I will demonstrate.

Agenda 21 is the UN's 1992 Declaration on the Environment & Development and "sustainable development" has become the popular expression synonymous with it. WE ALL NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE IMPLICATIONS OF THIS BECAUSE THIS MORE THAN ANYTHING THREATENS TO DESTROY LITERALLY ALL OF OUR FREEDOMS!

George Bush signed us onto this collectivist monstrosity stating "It is the sacred principals enshrined in the UN Charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance", then his commie buddy Clinton signed an Executive Order establishing the President's Council for sustainable development. There was NEVER ANY CONGRESSIONAL REVIEW.

We must ALL help our neighbors, REGARDLESS of their political party affiliation to grasp the GRIM REALITY of this SCAM: Show people these videos:
1. UN AGENDA 21 FOR DUMMIES http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzEEgtOFFlM
2. THE WILDLANDS PROJECT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVTGK1uYqJo
3. Examine http://www.freedomadvocates.org/ where you will learn exactly how Agenda 21 is being foisted off on us RIGHT NOW all over the country! Learn about ICLEI

ICLEI is a foreign organization on a mission to transform local governments. Each ICLEI mandate, policy and agenda is based on the
principle that the collective good is more important than individual
rights; this in direct opposition to the principles set forth in the
Declaration of Independence.

Learn about how Santa Cruz CA is being used as an Agenda 21 TEST CITY. Learn about the brainwashing techniques collectivists have been using in the schools there to brainwash kids into thinking of themselves as "planetary citizens" and learn how they have been conditioning their minds to REJECT the idea of individual rights.

Learn about the "WHACK 'EM AND STACK 'EM" housing units being built in Santa Cruz for the purpose of our population being forced into these government GULAGS, they've built 3000 of these 14 story Agenda 21 friendly housing units and the intention via legislation currently pending in Congress is to force people off the land and into cities where the intention is to CORAL US like CATTLE in these UNITS where we are to be CHIPPED & INVENTORIED and where jobs will be assigned by the state and where our children (we might be allowed to have one, maybe two) but they will be "cared for" by the state.

CAP & TRADE is part of this whole Agenda 21 Scam, so is the UN's Codex Alimentarius maneuver via which the elite intend to ban our access to high potency vitamins and to the most effective dietary supplements. They don't want us living past age 65, all the entitlement programs are bankrupt and the ruling elite intend to kill off 90% of us via Agenda 21.

We must certainly oppose Amnesty, also Obama"care" but thats just the tip of the ICEBURG!! We must ALSO oppose S.1619 The Livable Communities Act, HR 3534 the CLEAR Act, and HR 5101 The Wildlife Corridor Conservation Act. All are intended to implement Agenda 21 and the Wild Lands Project. Via This Agenda, Nature has been elevated ABOVE MAN, and ALL of us are being targetted by the ruling elite for EXTERMINATION See Info:

HR 5101 Wildlife Corridor Conservation Act http://www.freedomadvocates.org/articles/wildlands_project/wildlife...

HR 3534 the CLEAR ACT: http://www.resistnet.com/group/healthfreedomanticodexantitcc/forum/...   (Note: The CLEAR Act also "ratifies" the LOST Treaty (Law of the Sea) another sovereignty destroying measure intended to impose UN Dictatorial Rule over us. This bill "ratifies" that Treaty in a "Soft Law" way that ropes us more into it. HR 3534 has passed the House, but we don't have a target to shoot at in the Senate, so Reid could attach it as a rider to any "must pass" legislation, so we must educate our Senators against it!!! The CLEAR ACT appropriates billions of dollars for Federal land aquisitions that they will use to FORCE US OFF OUR LAND AND INTO CITIES where they'll force us into the "whack 'em and stack 'em" GULAGS.

S.1619 the Livable Communities Act, sponsored by Senator Dodd as his last act in Congress to control the people before leaving office threatens to impose an unaffordable GREEN AGENDA on homeowners intended to FORCE US out of our "unsustainable" homes and into the WHACK 'EM and STACK 'EM gulags. Think this is a JOKE? Check it out: http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=200637

Will someone please help me get this info to the attention of big radio show hosts such as Michael Savage? If enough of us try to reach him with it he'll discuss it on the air! See http://talk-radio.20m.com/michael_savage.html http://www.michaelsavage.wnd.com/  We need to get more people spreading the WORD about this because the ONLY CHANCE we have of stopping this genocide agenda is to DRIVE OUT the 80 some odd communists in Congress this fall by urging EVERYONE into the BATTLE!!

We must put up yard signs, volunteer to help constitutionalists who are up against much better funded entrenched incumbents. We must rally to the side of people like Christine O Donnell, Rand Paul and all the rest, and we must reach out to our liberal neighbors who have been brainwashed to the point where they're actively participating in their own destruction WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT!!

This is NO JOKE!! Its a lot WORSE than most of you realize! I just did two radio shows about this and you can hear the archived shows--- 1. I was on Joyce Riley's "The Power Hour" My part starts 5 minutes into the 3rd hour.http://jlmartin.no-ip.org/~jlmartin/mp3/tph/20100915_09_PH_3-3.mp3

2. I was on Erskine Overnight yesterday September 18th, the archive isn't posted yet, but it will be at http://www.erskineonradio.com/archives/archives.html 

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