Quotes of the week
" Live out of your imagination, not your history. "
Stephen Covey

"Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well."
Jim Rohn
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Before you choose a template website... 

Make sure that it gives you: 
The ability to add as many pages as you want.
The ability to change any pre-loaded articles.
The ability to add "capture forms" and offer special reports.

The ability to make changes/additions without assistance from the service provider.
Unlimited space in all pre-set areas.

A blog function - or the ability to attach a Wordpress blog.

AND ... Make sure YOU will have ownership of your own domain name and that you are listed as the contact.

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You can't succeed without self-promotion
So don't just sit there. Market yourself! 
A couple of weeks ago an agent wrote to ask to be removed from this list. The reason: Too often it focuses on agent websites, and he doesn't have a website.

Of course I unsubscribed him, and at the same time felt concerned for his chances of success in our Internet-based world.

Real estate self-promotion can and must take many forms – both online and off - and an agent website is the cornerstone of that effort.

The first step is creation of a website that shows your visitors why you are the agent to choose in your community.

It should include content that demonstrates your knowledge and expertise, your concern for your clients, the excellence of the service you provide, and your enthusiasm for your community - plus an agent bio that lets those visitors connect with you.

Then, once you have the website, you must do a variety of things to drive traffic to that website.

Here are just a few of the many ways you can reach out and invite people back to your website:
  • Send a monthly or quarterly newsletter to past clients and your sphere of influence - inviting them to your site for more information.
  • Send out the "Who are You" letters to expand your sphere of influence. (The letters are free, right here.)
  • Blog – on your own site, and on Active Rain
  • Post links to your Active Rain posts or individual website pages to your groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Comment on other people's blogs – especially blogs that offer a link back to your own site.
  • Prospect – Choose a niche group or geographic area, and start mailing. Use my pre-written letters or some you write yourself. But reach out!
  • Write articles for EzineArticles.com and similar sites.
  • Networking  - At actual networking events, and at casual events where you'll meet new people. Keep cards in your pocket and your "10-word speech" on the tip of your tongue.
  • Always include your web address in your email signature.
And... if you find yourself with "nothing to do" for a day or a few days, pick a task from this list of 14 things to do to boost your business - then do it.
About that website...

Some agents hesitate because they believe it costs thousands of dollars to own your own website.

It doesn't need to cost so much!

You don't need bells and whistles - you need a site that conveys good information and allows visitors to search your MLS. Many agents are now using inexpensive Wordpress or template sites.

See the sidebar for notes on what to look for in a template site...

Here's to a fun and profitable November!
P.S. Be ready for 2013 with a "Better Bio" and/or updated web pages...
I'm ready to write whatever you need to make 2013 your busiest, most profitable year ever. So get in touch!
Copy by Marte, Priest River, Idaho