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Famous First Cat, Socks Clinton, dies at 20...
My book.. updated! Free if you already own it...
Cat shows up on Ellen DeGeneres show!
Cat rescued from highway overpass pillar...
Animal shelters that are surviving in this economy...
Other News: be careful when wildlife comes into your house...


Socks, the famous First Cat who lived in the White House with
the Clintons, died yesterday, when he had to be euthanized after
suffering from throat cancer, diagnosed in November. He was
20, and had been in the care of Pres. Clinton's personal
secretary, Betty Currie, after the Clintons left the White House.
Here is the news story:



I just updated my book, How to Make Your Cat Adore You,
and it's available now, here:


I first wrote it 4 years ago, and honestly, I've had a lot more
experience with cats by now, and there is so much more to
share, too!

Anyone who has already bought that book should have received
the new (2009) version by now, as all updates and upgrades
are complimentary. So, if you were supposed to be on that
list and haven't gotten it yet, please let me know! I want to be
sure you have the latest version.


Well, this is pretty funny: A strange cat walked onto the stage
at the Ellen DeGeneres show the other day, and she has made
kind of a big deal out of it... which I think is great, since dogs
usually get all the attention.

Go to her website, and I think there's even a video on there:


But don't worry if you can't run the vid. There is plenty written
about it there, too.


This poor kitty got stuck on top of a concrete pillar under a
highway bridge in Houston during construction, but workers
managed to help her get down:



Fortunately, not all animal shelters are closing because of the lousy
economy. This one has figured out how to keep going:


Are you Twittering yet? If not, check this out and see what it's
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I like it better than MySpace, Facebook, or all those other "social"
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(I have a Facebook page, but I don't know how to use it correctly.
Apologies to everyone who has tried to "Friend" me. I'll figure it out!)

Also, don't worry about getting overwhelmed at Twitter.
While some folks seem to be online all the time and seem to be
posting stuff all the time, I don't say much. Guess I'm too busy taking
care of 50 cats and 3 dogs. I don't get to sit down much. It's one of
those sites where you can be as active, or not, as you like.


There is a cute email going around, and maybe you've
seen this one, too. It shows a dog resting on the sofa, along with
a fawn, who presumably wandered in through the doggie door.

While it's definitely an "Awwwww" moment, it's also a serious
situation that requires some clear-headed action. Here is some
advice sent in by a reader. Thank you, Al, for writing this up for us:

"Please, if you are confronted by wildlife in an unusual location,
do the following:

1. Keep calm
2. If an animal has inadvertently wandered inside, carefully
try to clear an exit path for it, propping open a door
3. Close off other rooms as necessary and try to encourage
the animal to leave through the open door
4. Do not use food as a lure - they will think of your house
as a feeding station and return
5. If it's a dangerous animal such as a bear cub, GET OUT
OF THE HOUSE AND CALL 911. Seriously, NEVER try to
touch a wild animal!
(Ed. Note: this includes wild cats, such as mountain lions,
or even strays that may not be tame. Never assume a sweet
looking kitty is tame if you don't know it.)
6. If the animal appears to be sick or injured, do the same
thing (Call for help.)
7. After the animal is out of the house, vacuum and clean
any area the animal may have visited - you do not want Fido
or Fluffy to pick up any stray ticks or other critters."

By Al Sinden

WEB SITES to explore
(Still updating this page, but it's coming along.)

(A compilation of 7-tips chapters on different subjects)

(How to move when you have pets)

(Because every cat deserves to be comfortable!)

(Information about getting pet insurance)

(Self explanatory... a book on how to massage a cat!)

(How to make a collapsible travel dish for your pet.)

A SMILE FOR YOU (Plus some more trivia)

http://www.wimp.com/wakingup/ (Speaking of Awwwwww....)

Cheetahs have been clocked at 70 miles per hour, but did you know
your sweet indoor cat can actually top out at 31 mph, if they have
enough room?

All but two continents have big cats... like tigers and lions. There
are no cats on Antarctica, and only a mythical big cat is said to
exist in Australia. Known as the Queensland lion, it has supposedly
been spotted but has never been documented. It also is reputed
to have a pouch. (Any readers from down under who can enlighten
the rest of us on this? I've never heard this one before.)

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