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February 2017 - In This Issue
6 ways of inspiring audiences to buy into your message and take action by not simply hearing your stories but by re-living them with you!  Don't talk and tell but show and share them bringing your audiences into your scenes!

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       Love these palm trees!!!!
 I'm so very thrilled and excited to have been asked to return to Florida in May as District 84's Spring Conference keynote speaker and the next day their mainstage workshop presenter.

Love these toastmaster  opportunities going to different districts meeting like-minded enthusiastic students of speaking  enjoying a weekend of learning and laughter!

“The two words ‘information’ and ‘communication’ are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things.
Information is giving out; communication is getting through.”
Do you  only inform or truly communicate to inspire change when you tell a story?
Stop Informing, Start Inspiring!
People are moved to action in 2 ways: intellectually and emotionally. Giving out information appeals only to the intellect and tends to keep audiences on the outside looking in. True communication, integrates both intellectual and emotional, brings the audiences into your stories and ultimately, gets your message through to them!
Since we speak to create positive change in others' thoughts, feelings, and actions, you\ll accomplish this by using stories which have the power to incorporate both these components.
Let's examine a few ways to create change in others, using 6 “I” concepts within your stories.
Whether you are telling a story to sell an idea, product or service, it's necessary for you to captivate you audience at the start and keep them with you until you finish speaking.

  • Invite the audience into your stories, don’t force them in. i.e. Rather than saying: “Four years ago, I…”  or  "When I was a child I.."
You can say: “I wish you had been present with us to…” or “If you were there with me, you would have…”  or “What a great time you too would have had if you…” ( notice the use of "you, not "i")

  • Involve all the audience’s senses. Bring them into your story scenes by describing the sights, sounds and smells (they won’t just hear about the scene, but re-live it with you).
  • Activate the audience’s imagination. Give only hints of characters’ physical descriptions; it doesn’t matter how audience see the characters as long as they can see them in their own way .i.e. “The older sophisticated professor type man came into…” How do YOU see this person?
  • Inject life into your stories. Lessen narration; make characters come alive by using dialogue, which is the heart of a story.
  • Arouse interest and intrigue in the audience’s minds. Build tension and suspense by escalating the conflict, and by instilling questions that they’re anxiously waiting to be answered.
  • Inspire them to take action to better their lives by recalling and emphasizing the story character’s emotional change after the climax (or cure or resolution of a conflict) and let the audience not only see the change but feel it, so they will be influenced to do the same.

To re-cap, involve your audience both intellectually and emotionally, deeply connect with them and inspire them towards the intended change.
I invite you to join me next month, when we examine another speaking skill
Until then, successful speaking to you!Cool

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