NADKC Western Region
April 2017
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  • Message from the Director
    by Frank O'Leary
  • Western Region Raffle
  • Three NADKC Judges Disciplined by JGHV
  • Derby 101...
    What to expect on D-day 
    by Jeff Martin
  • Member Profile
    by Steve Marts 
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Message from the Director
by Frank O’Leary
The NAKDC Annual Meeting will take place next week in St. Louis, MO.  I will be unable to attend as we have a wedding, of a family friend to attend, that conflicts.  Randall Cherry, WR Board Member and NADKC Secretary, will represent the Western Region.
Below in this publication is the information about the ’17 WR Raffle.  We encourage all WR members to help with selling the tickets and supporting the WR.  WR Board members will be contacting each of you to encourage your assistance in selling the raffle tickets.
April 29th and 30th will be our first test of the season.  The information for the event is available by “clicking here”.  This event is a Derby and a lot more.  The two days will start Saturday morning with a Derby, followed by the Zuchtschau.  After the Zuchtschau we will have a Clay Pigeon Shooting Horse Race.  For those of you unfamiliar with the terminology we will start by having each contestant shoot at five clay pigeons.  Whatever the top number broken, all those who have that number continue to the next round.... Continue Reading . . .      
Western Region Annual Raffle
The Western Region Board of Directors is proud to announce the 2017 Western Region Annual Raffle.  Again this year there is not one but TWO GREAT  PRIZES and TWO LUCKY WINNERS.  The first ticket holder drawn will have their choice of an Upland Bird Hunt for 4 persons or a Beretta Over/Under Shotgun.  The second person drawn will receive the other prize.
Hunt Oregon, LLC, has graciously donated an upland bird hunt for four people, for three days, and four nights. All meals are included and there is a hosted open bar.  Transportation to and from the Pasco, WA Airport and bird processing is included.  The total value of the package is $12,000.00.  The hunt will take place on the famous Cunningham Sheep Company ranch.  One of the largest family owned ranched in Oregon, these properties have only been open to family and friends until now.
A Beretta Over/Under 686 Silver Pigeon 20/28 gauge Two Barrel Set will be the other prize awarded.  This is a great gun and the two barrel set makes it special.  The retail value of this set is $3,500.00.
The raffle will be limited to one-hundred and twenty-five tickets at $100.00 each.  The first ticket holder drawn will have their choice of an Upland Bird Hunt for 4 persons or the Beretta Over/Under Shotgun.  The second person.....
Judges Disciplined
After months of review the JGHV has rendered its decision on the three NADKC judges, Richard Runge, Julie Griswold, and Jens Stahl, serving as judges at the August 29th, 2015 AZP test conducted at Kansasville (Richard Bong Recreational Area). 
In the three page decision, forwarded to the complainant, by Christoph Heimes, Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee for the JGHV, regarding the matter concerning the three judges, the Chairman stated that:
“In the above matter concerning the violations of § 2 (2) of the JGHV Disciplinary Regulations, the Chairman of Disciplinary Panel 1 has decided as follows; and the decision is seconded by the Legal Counsel of JGHV:
DERBY 101 ….
What to expect on D day
by Jeff Martin
Most first time Derby Leaders are at a loss about what to expect.  Therefore, they are not sure how to prepare.  The purpose of this article is to outline what to expect and take the stress out of this first German testing experience. 
I currently live outside of Independence, Oregon with my wife (Erin) and 2 daughters, 3 and 5.  I work in human resources benefits outsourcing, specifically in the field of pensions.  I am not a native to the pacific northwest but a transplant from Illinois.
A copy of the Derby and Solms test requirements, commonly called “the grey book” are available to be printed from the NADKC website under “new member registration”.  As an entrant it’s important to understand what will be tested at both tests so that you can train accordingly.  Training and success at these tests is paramount to the German testing system and it’s the goal of the western region board to offer regular training days to help new DK owners get the best from their dogs.
The simplified overall agenda of the derby is to meet at the designated meeting point where the 3 judges and organisers will be introduced, then the entrants and spectators are welcomed.  The entrants then handover the dog’s rabies certificate and official Ahnentafel (DKV pedigree/registration) as all future test results are recorded on this paper.  This is like the dogs passport throughout its entire life. Don’t forget to bring these two important papers as it’s a mandatory requirement to participate on the day.  The dogs tattoo and/or microchip are verified to ensure the correct dog is present.  The dog’s eyes, teeth and testicles are also checked for correctness at the same time.
The group then drive to the field to begin testing which is usually done in catalogue order.  The senior judge will likely give instruction on how he/she will conduct the test and about being punctual for the test to flow smoothly.  
The first run in the field is to let the young dog settle down, burn off some excess exuberance and to empty out if this wasn’t done earlier in the day before driving to the meeting place.....  
Member Profile
by Steve Marts
My name is Steve Marts my wife Karen and I live in Billings, Montana.  I support my bird hunting passion as an Environmental Engineer.  We are the proud parents of two grown children.
I appreciated the DK breeding program to ensure healthy, well-mannered, hunting companions.  When looking for puppy, I was introduced to DKs by Jaime Adkins and his dog Katrina von Kings Crossing.  Katrina was the best dog I had seen, deliberate hunter and calm demeanor.  I appreciated that DKs were bred for the common man, not the elite, the home, and not the hired kennel.  I appreciated that DKs were bred not only for hunting birds but tracking furred game, a skill useful when seeking a wounded deer or elk.  I am the proud owner of “Gunnar”, registered name Aramis Roche Jaune that I purchased from Jaime Adkins.
Gunnar and GSP Grits with Sharp Tail Grouse
T startted bird hunting as adult 20 years ago hunting with untrained pet Labrador Retriever.  Loved watching the dog work and progressed to training a lab puppy to hunt.  Riley, now 12 years old, was outstanding as a flusher in his day and has retired to mostly goose hunting.  Through my hunting with Riley, friends learned of my passion for bird hunting and I was given for free two well-trained GSPs.  In this case “free to a good home”, was defined by number of hunting days the dog will experience. 
Montana Game Department has a program.....
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