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 This week's stories show that chaos reigns in the GOP as an anti abortion bill was killed by Speaker Steele, as conservative GOP candidates lined up against RINO incumbents, and as the last remaining GOP convention is overwhelmed by conservative Ron Paul activists. 
Lust For Power Overrides
Christian Values
Representative Ownbey has all the indications of a true RINO Republican legislator. As with any politician, there are a few blemishes on his record, but some of them can easily be explained, others cannot. For all the liberal values he indicates in his votes and in the legislation he introduces to the House of Representatives for consideration, it is easy to figure out why he will not sign HB 1004. He has sold out to the lust for power, the good graces of the Speaker of the House and the bidding of the State Chamber of Commerce.
Mr. Ownbey is a very religious individual.. We need more religious individuals in the halls of the state house these days. It is also these beliefs that have earned him a lifetime rating of a C from the NRA on gun rights issues even though he is a member of the NRA. I must ask you though, has anyone ever seen a politician get a C from the NRA particularly a member? He did vote “no”  on HB 3354, the concealed and unconcealed weapons guidelines legislation in 2010.
But it just might be these very same religious beliefs that have clouded his judgment and have seen him align himself with Speaker Steele over the subject of HB 1004. You see Speaker Steele also claims to be a religious man. The difference is Speaker Steele believes in income redistribution and Social Justice and Representative Ownbey apparently believes in charity through action towards his fellow man. He did make two mission trips to Zimbabwe with his wife and actually lived with African families.
As a legislator Mr. Ownbey has proven to be very effective at getting bills passed, thanks to carrying the water for House leadership and the State Chamber. In 2011 he submitted 8 bills for consideration by the House. Of those, 1 died in Conference Committee, 5 became law and 2 were vetoed by the Governor.
The one that died in Conference Committee is as important as those that became law. It was HB 1225 Initiative & Referendum Requiring Statement & Funding Source on Certain Measures, a bill that would have required the legislature to identify the funding source of certain new projects. It would have made them justify the expense, and balance the budget.  Given Ownbey’s access and ties to House leadership, one has to believe that this bill was filed for political reasons not because Ownbey was going to fight for the bill.
Let’s take a look at some of his other votes. These are the ones that the Speaker paid for by getting the previous bills through the floor of the House. These are the ones that go against the people of the State of Oklahoma. These are the ones favored by the State Chamber of Commerce.
HB 1397 Transvestite Birth Certificate Bill, voted Yea twice, liberal
HB 2130 Obamacare, voted Yea, 4 times, liberal
HR 1004 Open rules under certain circumstances, refuses to sign, liberal stance
HR 2171 Obama highway bill, voted yea 5 times, liberal
HB 1953 Governor’s Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, voted yea 12 times, liberal
HB 1593 Municipal Employees Collective Bargaining Act, voted yea 3 times, liberal
HJR 1002 Ad Valorum tax increase, voted yea 1 time, liberal
HB 1446 Illegal Immigration Bill, voted Nay twice before voting Yea, liberal stance
HB 2131 Soft on Crime, voted Yea twice, liberal
HB 1647 Concealed Carry for Military personnel. Voted Nay 3 times, yea once and excused once, a liberal stance.
This is just a small example of his voting record. As you can tell he has sold his vote to the Speaker and the State Chamber of Commerce in order to get his bills through. I would not call that representative government. I would call that government by bribery.
Go to for Ownbey and you will find that Ownbey took the liberal stance by not answering the political courage questions in the survey.
I then went to the Oklahoma State Ethics Commission web site and looked at the C1-R Schedule E expenditures made for the calendar year of 2010. Keep in mind that Mr. Ownbey ran un-opposed for re-election that year. Here is some of what I found.
Jan. 15, 2010   Kathy Ownbey             Kathy Ownbey             $478.61           $7,675.05
You really should go into more detail than just “Travel, Lodging, and Telephone.” Your district covers just one county. Carter County. How can you rack up that much in 15 short days?
         Feb. 19, 2010  Membership Dues Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association $100.00   
May 13, 2010  Membership Dues Ardmore Chamber of Commerce $286.00    
Nov. 3, 2010 Dues Ardmore Kiwanis Club                                               $91.00                   
Dec. 29, 2010  Dues American Legislative Exchange Council           $100.00           
These are the hardest ones to explain. How, with maybe the exception of the American Legislative Exchange Council, can you justify paying your membership dues to these organizations out of campaign funds?
Now there is one group that rates individual legislators on their conservatism. Mr. Ownbey received a measly 30 from this group. That just goes to show that this man is a liberal and has no business running as a Republican.
Ownebey, you should sign HB 1004 and let the voices of your fellow conservative Representatives be heard. It’s the only Christian thing to do for your fellow Oklahomans.
A Deal With the Devil
Senator Coburn Endorsed Glen Mulready?
We try not to get too involved in National politics as we know that the best way to influence our U.S. Congressmen and U.S. Senators is to clean up local politics.  The big boys know where their power base is and watch everything that goes on like a hawk.  But this week Senator Tom Coburn really crossed over the line with his endorsement of Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchange bill author Representative Glen Mulready.
Mulready has been thoroughly exposed in this newsletter starting with his support for State Chamber of Commerce issues like the Health Insurance Exchanges, his days as a lobbyist for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and his new found wealth that allowed him to almost triple the value of his home last year.   Most insurance agents have a slow, tough climb to find clients and to become profitable but not Representative Mulready.  Only a few years since he “quit” lobbying for Blue Cross/Blue Shield and he makes enough to triple what he is spending on his home, run for the Representative slot, and all while his wife’s real estate business is hampered by the slow economy.  This makes one wonder, did he really ever “quit” lobbying for Blue Cross/Blue Shield?  Or does he now just work in a different “office”?
But what really should concern people is Coburn’s endorsement of a Representative that tried to ram Obama Care/Fallin Care down our throats after the November 6th election.   He voted for the issue three times in 2011, then had the audacity to head a series of public meetings designed to convince people to support the issue.  Mulready even ran the bill again this year only to see it smacked down from lack of support.
Dr. Coburn, I would ask that you go listen to that audio tape we linked to last week, where Mulready said that he knew best for his constituents and that he would be voting for Obama Care/Fallin Care despite the wishes of his constituents.  You should decide if you wish to become known for supporting Obama Care by association with Mulready, if not, I would urge you to retract this statement of support.
Fear and Unrest, What Will You Do?
By Ms PM
They came for the Communists, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a Communist;
They came for the Socialists, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a Socialist;
They came for the labor leaders, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a labor leader;
They came for the Jews, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a Jew;
Then they came for me - And there was no one left to object.

Martin Niemoller, German Protestant Pastor, 1892-1984
A few years ago I wasn't concerned about America. I was busy living my life. You might say I began to see things that made me go Hmmm. It became apparent that I was going to pay for my lack of concern, not only monetarily but with the freedom I had apathetically grown accustomed to having. I relate to the two political parties as the Porcupines and the Skunks. I will definitely be in a world of hurt if I run into a Democrat porcupine elected as President and only stink to high heaven when I encounter a Republican skunk elected as President. Does either Party have what it takes considering what they both have been up to over the years? Do you ever think that all this country has left are its people?
I have many questions to answer and even more to ask. Has this scenario been the plan all along? What happens when the family unit completely breaks down? What will people really do when they can no longer find a job, have food to eat or shelter. Will the government fulfill that job they so desperately want of taking care of you? Will they then take your neighbor's money and redistribute their wealth until they run out? Will citizens fall through that proverbial crack or only be taken care of as government deems appropriate, when they have, as many believe, created a situation that will be the death of our way of life?
I talk to people and feel their uneasiness. Some of these folks, normally at peace within themselves and their surroundings, tell me  how hard it is for them to sleep. It's like they can't shut the movie off and they are heartbroken knowing their children are growing up in this mess. Others say they are just angry, they don't know what to do and don't think they can do anything about any of it anyway. Some cannot believe things are as bad as others make it out to be. Where do you fit into this scenario?
Have you ever wondered about those who have nothing to lose? Would they be scared to take what ever they can from those who still have something to lose?
What about trust? Do you have people in your life you can trust? Do you trust the government? Who has your best interest at heart? In good times there are many friends. Have you ever thought of what these friends would be like if they had no place to live, were hungry, mad and scared? Do you ever think you are nuts wondering what it is going to be like if times get bad?
Have you wondered about the thought process and why some bills get passed at the state and federal level? Have you read our Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Do you care? Do you know what freedoms have been given up in the guise of protecting us from ourselves? When is the last time you called or visited the Capitol? Do you know your Representatives? Do you sit at your computer and think you are making a difference because you circulate all the emails you get? Do you get so fed up you just go watch the box? Do you consider yourself part of the solution?
One of the latest liberties attacking tactics that has come forth by way of the news media is the incident regarding the Secret Service wanting to talk to Ted Nugent. During a meeting at the National Rifle Association, with his plea for support of Romney he stated, "We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November." Nugent will also have to explain to the Secret Service his remarks about what he called Barack Obama's "evil, America-hating administration." Some critics say this is a threat to the President. This issue has been resolved and the Secret Service doesn't anticipate any further issues. Imagine that.
Are those in charge going after people for merely saying what they believe? Was there a threat? Is it considered a threat when you use an analogy to get the point across simply because you believe a President is taking the entire country down a path of no return? Is this attack merely to prove their point as being, if you say something we don't like you will be silenced? How many times has some whack-a-do crossed your path and you said you would like to "punch their lights out?" Are you able to say these things because that person wasn't in high places? Does it make you wonder what you can say? And to whom? Are you fearful your life could be ruined?" Does this type of anguish ever cross your mind?
Another example of freedom we have given up happens when walking onto a plane. When it comes to "getting to second base" with a TSA agent, that isn't my idea of a good time. I haven't had a single date with them and they want to do what to me? Or my child? Or my mother, father, sister or brother? Talk about punching some lights out, I don't think I would be able to contain myself, I would be arrested, and for what? Because some government entity tells me they can touch my woo-woo? Not in this lifetime and that's a fact. I won't be subjected to that cheap thrill machine either. Have you ever thought about what would happen if all the people that didn't need to fly somewhere never got on a plane? I wonder how long it would take the airlines to go belly up and start belly-aching. Would that change the law?
On December 31, 2011 President Barack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2012 into law. This legislation contains provisions that empower the Armed Forces to engage in civilian law enforcement and to selectively suspend "due process and habeas corpus." Our other rights, the 5th and 6th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution are thrown into the garbage can as well. For the first time since the Internal Security Act of 1950 and the age of the McCarthy era, our great leaders in government have the power of "indefinite detention" as law. Does this make you rest easy? Are you fearful that all it would take is for someone to accuse you of being a terrorist and you could be locked up? Can you imagine what would happen to your family and your home? Does this make you live in fear of what you say to anyone? Is this a tactic to put folks into a seclusion mode and not talk to people? How easy is it to pick people up if they are by themselves?
It took a long time for us to get where we are today and it will take a long time to fix. If you want to help fix things then here is a good place to start.
There are three hairballs that need attention and you can be the "liquid plumber" that would dissolve the blockage as if they were a clog in your drain. We're talking about HB 1552. The first hairball is Dan Newberry, the Republican Skunk from Tulsa.
He endorsed the use of foreign law here in Oklahoma by voting "no" on the ALAC bill. The word that describes this man is pond scum and it's time he were scooped up and thrown away in one of those fancy RFDI chipped garbage cans Tulsa is so proud of and taxpayers are paying for. He can be tracked all the way to the dump site.
The next two Skunks are Clark Jolley and Mike Mazzei. These "wads" didn't show up to vote. I have noticed the fronts of their pants are quite flat therefore my only conclusion is neither have any. Because of their "duck and waddle" routine their place in politics may be better served by giving them a new home on a large pond infested with enormous snapping turtles.
What can you do to help out?   Ask us for a list of donor addresses, hand address some #10 envelopes, stick a stamp on them, and send us the envelopes.  Then come down to one of our mail parties were we will print and stuff the letter to each politician’s political donors.
Here is what this will cost you if you want to educate 50 political donors and help choke off the political donations to these traitors.
50 Envelopes from Walmart   $5.27, 50 stamps will cost you $22.00, Total cost is $27.27
Contact us by emailing to for more information.
Time to Make a Difference in the Senate
The District 11 Senate seat is wide open.  The seat is currently held by Judy Eason McIntyre, the same Senator McIntyre that we wrote about a few weeks ago.   She made the news several months ago for using an obscenity on a sign at a pro choice rally that was protesting a right to life rally.   With McIntyre not running this summer that leaves a wide open raceRepresentative Jabar Shumate has filed for the seat along with another Democrat named Joe Williams, an Independent named Curtis Mullins, and Republican Dave Bell.

Since Shumate is the most likely challenge to Mr. Bell in the November election let’s look at what Rep. Shumate has been spending his time and taxpayer dollars on. 
HB 2675 Schools; adding the Charter School Sponsoring Commission as a charter school sponsor; modifying definition; creating the commission; codification; effective date; emergency.  This bill creates an incentive fund to match dollars from No Child Left Behind, a President George Bush program.  I’m not complaining but what an odd Democrat!

HB 2671  Public health and safety; services for adults with sickle cell disease; effective date.    Hey, what is this?  A representative actually offering a bill that might just benefit his constituents in North Tulsa?  Someone stop this madman!
HB 2672 Motor vehicles; creating the Historic Greenwood District License Plate; effective date.   (Oh, this is an important one…)
HB 2673  Public health and safety; preventing individuals from receiving liver transplant if tobacco products are used during certain time; effective date.  What, Shumate has a problem with Micky Mantle?   That was years ago dude, let him rest in peace.
HB 2674  Motor vehicles; creating the Booker T. Washington High School License Plate; effective date.   (What will the House of Representatives do when this guy leaves?) 
HB 2676   Schools; establishing the Oklahoma Bridge to Literacy Program; effective date; emergency. 
Oh, boy, again it is Rep. Shumate to the rescue.  The changes amounted to this:  “education of exceptional and handicapped children with disabilities.”  Changing “exception and handicapped” and replacing it with “disabilities”.  Great job there Jabar.)
HB 2677 Schools; prohibiting state educational institutions from denying a religious student group from any benefit available to any other student group; effective date.
Again Rep. Shumate strode forth into the fight and stuck out the offending word “such” along with adding the word “Oklahoma” to the statute no doubt to avoid Oklahoma educational professionals from  confusing us and Kansas.  No doubt that there is an epidemic of Oklahoman educators applying for funding to the State System of Higher Education and sending their applications to Kansas or Texas.  Good work there guy…. 
HB 2678  Schools; providing safety goggles to certain personnel; clarifying language; effective date.  (Again this hard charging legislator performed his duty and took on the tough special interests by changing this part of an existing law:
“Section <24-117>.  The school board of each school district in Oklahoma shall provide safety goggles as approved by the National Safety Council for all personnel using materials and machines that may damage the vision of such the personnel because of flying particles, intense light, severe heat or other harmful effects. “
The word “such” was stricken out and replaced by “the”.   Despite the fierce opposition by those benefitting by blinding school personnel, Rep. Shumate lead the fight.  No doubt the optometrists and ophthalmologists lobbyists are up in arms along with manufactures of white canes and seeing eye dog harnesses.
HB 1855  Schools; deleting restriction on a charter school levying taxes and issuing bonds; effective date; emergency.   I dunno about this one, allowing a Charter School to levy taxes on the citizens?   And I suppose if they sell bonds that the local citizens have to retire the bonds?  Aren’t we paying for schools already with around half of the taxes raised in Oklahoma?
HB 1856 Schools; adding the Charter School Sponsoring Commission as a charter school sponsor; modifying definition; creating the commission; codification; effective date; emergency.  Allows the State Superintendent of Schools to apply for funding for a charter school.  Nothing going on here folks, move along….
Seriously, Rep Shumate carries a lot of water for the education interests at the Capitol.   On the plus side, he does little harm on his own.  On the negative side, he is a liberal and out of touch with the majority of Oklahomans.
So it looks like this senate seat will be a three person race in November, either Shumate or Williams facing Republican Dave Bell and Independent Mullins.   We have written about Dave Bell before when he ran for the Tulsa City Council race and narrowly lost to the Democrat.   Dave is a retired State Trooper, super conservative, supports Open Carry, and is not afraid to fight for his principles.  Many a legislator has gotten a much needed dressing down from Dave and he isn’t one to mince words.   In short, Dave Bell is exactly what the Senate needs, the right kind of Republican that is a patriot, not a politician, and you can bet that the State Chamber will pump money into his opponent’s races rather than have Dave Bell exposing corruption from within.
Dave Bell  is on Facebook and you can email him at    Get to know the man and support him in this race to replace a raging liberal with a solid constitutionalist Republican.
Armes Control Redux
Everyone likely remembers Representative Don Armes, the Lawton area legislator that we worked over in 2011 for his refusal to sign HR 1004 (all bills get a hearing in committee), for his screaming at two women activists inside the House lobby in the closing day of the 2011 legislative session, for the subsequent threats he made followed by the burglary of the Sooner Tea Party offices in late May of 2011, and for his “yes” vote on the Transvestite Birth Certificate bill of 2011. 
 The Sooner Tea Party went on payback missions into his district many times during the summer of 2011, plastered signs on the highways from the Texas border to Lawton, from Grandfield to Fredrick, while distributing fliers and postcards on around 80% of the homes in his district’s small towns.  We made Don Armes and transvestites a common subject in Southwestern Oklahoma. 
Representative Armes learned his lesson well enough, going from “Bring it on!” blustering to keeping his eyes on the floor when our people were at the Capitol.   He even supported Representative TW Shannon in the Speaker Designate race in October of 2011, leading to a complete defeat of Speaker Kris Steele’s hand picked successor, Representative Jeff Hickman.   Yeah, Representative Armes was definitely doing a lot better after a little attitude adjustment but all the while we were searching for a candidate that would challenge him in the 2012 Republican primary, so we were glad to hear that B.L Cozad of Indiahoma Oklahoma had the courage to run against Armes.
B.L. Cozad popped up around one year ago, first coming to our attention from his efforts to organize the game fowl industry and to tell you the truth we had figured him to be a one issue guy.  But B.L. proved us wrong as he pushed for a lot more than stopping out of control animal rights activists.  It didn’t take him long to link the Agenda 21 issue and the threat of the State Chamber of Commerce, realizing that everything was connected to the destruction of the industry that he was trying to resurrect.  Over the last year B.L. has added a lot of credibility and has worked tirelessly to wake up Oklahoma’s rural citizens to the collective threat that we all face.   He is retired military, isn’t shy about confronting public officials, and is a hard core constitutionalist patriot.
B.L. sent us a candidate survey that he had filled out for a rural interest group that did a good job setting out exactly what he stands for and how he will vote.  Take a look at his stands on these rural issues, many of which also affect those that live and work in the cities, and if you like what you see then get in touch with him and help him with his campaign.
You can contact B.L. on Facebook  or send contributions to  B.L Cozad Jr, PO Box 136, Indiahoma, OK 73552.   Remember that if your contribution is over $50 you will need to fill out a campaign donation form but B.L. can send you a form if you need one.  His phone number is
I know that the Sooner Tea Party will be going back down into Representative Armes’s district this summer to refresh the minds of his constituents on just what kind of a politician he has become.   But it isn’t enough to deal the bad politicians political pain, we also need to support good men and women that stand against tyranny and the loss of our standards and values.
Representative Todd Thompsons
Not Going to Disney World this Summer
Cole Gallup and family
Representative Todd Thompsen is remembered for his defense of Representative Sue Tibbs in 2010 after it had become apparent that she had lied to one of the gun rights groups in the state.    Representative Thompsen was a fast learner though, a single person called him prior to the meeting between Thompsen and the Tea Party, and that was all it took to keep him on the straight and narrow for the rest of the 2010 legislative session.
In 2011 Thomsen went back to his old tricks, generally supporting House leadership, although he did support the Tea Party choice for Speaker Designate.   The OCA had been broken up thanks to the efforts of the John Birch Society and Thompsen thought he was safe from being held accountable for his voting.
These newsletters do a whole lot more than educate legislators and shine a light on what occurs at the Capitol.    As news of the poor voting records gets out, local citizens begin understanding just how precarious of a hold most politicians have on their district.   Our exposure of the dirty and corrupt underbelly of Oklahoma politicians encourages people to stand up and run against those that we weaken and expose.
Donald “Cole” Gallup is one of those patriots that heard the call for action.   He filed against Representative Thompsen for the House District 25 seat.  Cole is married and has a two year old son and his family has lived in Oklahoma for generations.   He is a Navy veteran that served his country in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Southern Watch,  and Operation Iraqi Freedom, and is working on his PhD in Psychology while serving on the Vestry board of the Ada Episcopal church, is active with the American Legion and is Vice President of Ada Lodge chapter #119.
Cole plans on working on reducing both state and federal government debt, reducing the expanding government role in our daily lives, and is a hard core constitutionalist patriot that will represent Oklahoma values at the Capitol.   Here is a bio page on his sculpture website so you can learn more about this candidate and hopefully support him in his fight to send Representative Thompsen back to making an honest living.
You can contact Cole Gallup at (580)279-9069.  
You can mail campaign donations to Cole Gallup, 15867 CR 3619 Loop, Ada 74820 


La Raza Comes to the Republican Party

By R. H.
When Ronald Reagan was President, a deal was made to grant amnesty for the illegal aliens currently in the United States on the condition that the Democrats, who controlled the House and Senate, would provide the funds to secure the southern border. President Reagan, being the honorable individual he was, lived up to his promise. Today, the democrats consider a secure border as being kiosk placed at border crossing and trusting individuals to use them. In other words, the border is not secure. And they wonder why Republicans object to any amnesty program.
Their new plan is to run democrats as Republicans, and get amnesty through that way. That is what has happened in House District 52. I’m talking about Representative Charles Ortega. Now, admittedly he has a little help from the Social Justice distributer in chief, Speaker Steele, but he has done more damage to the image and efforts of the Republican Party and the rule of law than any Representative currently in the House. His efforts to set up a safe haven for illegal aliens in his district have set up a virtual safe haven for Mexican Drug Cartels in his district. According to friends that live in Ortega’s district, common citizens are afraid to go out at night because of the violence in the district that is drug related.
After being appointed to a panel to study illegal immigration in the state of Oklahoma, Representative Ortega did everything he could to prevent additional steps from being taken to enforce current laws on the books. As reported in the Lawton Constitution on October 2, 2011, Senator Ralph Shortey said that allowing Ortega to lead the panel “is like having Osama bin Laden as Chairman of the Homeland Security committee”. Mr. Ortega’s response was “My desire is to find a resolution to the problems that Oklahoma faces and not just to politicize an issue for the sake of self-gratification. I’m not really concerned with what they have to say.” That attitude resulted in no action being taken on immigration problems in this great state.
There is really only one solution to illegal immigration. Enforce the law. Cut off all state funding to cities and counties that are sanctuary cities and counties. That includes school funding. Require all employees to use e-verify. Require the courts to verify citizenship on all individuals coming before them on criminal matters.
Representative Ortega was part of the dissension in the House GOP ranks that surfaced last year. He called for a reprimand on Representative Terrill for remarks made against the Speaker in Representative Sullivan’s office, something that had never been done before as the previous standard was that offensive remarks had to be made in public to be considered offensive. This amounted to a breach of House rules on the part of the Speaker and Representative Ortega. Representative Terrell was reprimanded on a vote of 34 to 30, the other 37 decided not to vote on Constitutional privilege after having raised objection to the reprimand, and the eventual outcome was Speaker Steele’s ill fated attempt to form a star chamber “ethics” committee charged with persecuting conservative House members.
To give you an idea as to how liberal Representative Orgeta is, this owner of a tire shop voted on the following bills like this:
HB 2359 $74,000,000.00 tax increase, voted yes
HB 1939 raised taxes/fees on tires, $550,000.00 cost per month to Oklahomans, voted yes
HR 1008 Charles Key amendment to House rules, voted No
HB 2430 Space Industry Development Authority Budget, voted yes
Those are all State Chamber of Commerce votes designed to hang on to the power he was given by Speaker Steele. Representative Ortega has a grand design to grant amnesty to all the illegal aliens in his district. There is one small problem they have, it’s called the conservative wing of the Republican Party.
I did go to Representative Ortega’s page and looked around. As a typical liberal politician there was nothing there except his campaign finances that were obtained from .  
I also went to the Oklahoma State Ethics Commission site and looked at his campaign expenditures for the calendar years of 2010 and 2011. As he ran unopposed in 2010, there were few expenses claimed. There were a few I had questions about. They are listed below:
Date                Item                                                     Beneficiary                              Cost
Jan 25, 2011    Postage,Travel,Laundry                      Charles Ortega                       $2,561.42
Aug 25, 2010   Hispanic Association                           Public                                      $100.00
May 20, 2010 Habitat for Humanity                          Local Community                    $100.00
Now I’m not opposed to Habitat for Humanity, but I am opposed to using campaign funds to make a donation. Mr. Ortega if you really want to do something, make the donation out of your own pocket. I also fail to see how the public benefits from your contribution to the Hispanic Association. The only way would be if you were in the tank with La Raza.  Now I can see reimbursement for postage and travel during a campaign season, but your laundry is unacceptable. Why in the world should your campaign donors be paying your laundry bill. Don’t you make enough on your own. You’ve already got the tax payers picking up your health insurance cost. Isn’t that enough?
I even went to the Oklahoma Constitution Conservative Rating and dug up their ratings for each legislator for last year. Of the 70 Republican legislators, Mr. Ortega ranked 43rd with a conservative score of 66-67. In my books, that’s a RINO. There was even 1 House Democrat that scored as well as he did. That’s sad.   And remember that that Conservative Rating was deeply flawed last year, at least twenty points should be subtracted on many of these RINOs and as many points added for the good guys.
Mr. Ortega, I remind you that you are one of the individuals that are silencing the voices of millions of your fellow Oklahomans. Do the right thing here. Sign HB 1004. Let the voices of your fellow Representatives be heard. Let the voices of your fellow Oklahomans be heard. RINO or not you were sent there to represent the people of Oklahoma, not just the people Speaker Steele deems worthy of being heard. Do the right thing.
Representative Emily Virgin Responds to Criticism
This story got shuffled back a few weeks due to more important stories but we always try to allow legislators to respond to the charges that we level against them here in the newsletter.  And I’d like to say we felt special after Representative Virgin responded but the fact is her response is the same one that she sent to IRON, Immigration Reform for Oklahoma Now.  Here is Representative Virgin’s response:
“You have grossly misrepresented the effect of SB 1624. This bill DID NOT allow in-state tuition for illegal aliens. The bill itself deals with Oklahomans who graduated from an Oklahoma high school and then moved out of state for undergraduate studies or some other reason. Those citizens (who ARE NOT illegal aliens) will then be allowed to come back to Oklahoma and receive in-state tuition.
If you read the rest of the bill, you will find that NOWHERE in the language does the bill deal with illegal immigration. Currently, Oklahoma law allows illegal aliens to receive in-state tuition if they meet certain requirements, and one of those requirements is taking steps toward citizenship.
Once again, SB 1624 DOES NOT deal with illegal immigration in any way. Sen. Sykes added the amendment (which conflicts with current law) in the Senate. In order to avoid conflicts with existing law and preserve the original intent of the bill, I removed this amendment that dealt with illegal immigration. If you or any other group would like to deal with this issue, I suggest you find a legislator to introduce their own bill stating that illegal immigrants cannot receive in-state tuition. My bill, however, only deals with legal citizens.
Thank you for your time, and please let me know if you have any questions.
Emily Virgin
Representative Emily Virgin
District 44 – Norman
Office: (405) 557-7323
Cell: (405) 306-4294
Well, Representative Virgin, we think that lady doth protest too much.   Making law is a collaborative process and there is nothing wrong with other legislators adding amendments to correct problems with legislation as it winds through the process.  In this case no one has ever said that the original SB 1624 contained changes that affected illegal immigrants, what we said was that you stripped a good amendment from the bill because you wanted to continue the practice of giving illegal aliens in state tuition.
And to claim that Senator Syke’s amendment would conflict with current law is disingenuous as his amendment would have closed the loophole that allows illegal aliens to benefit.
Now you may suggest that we find our own legislator to plug this loophole but I will remind you that plenty of your constituents read this newsletter.   I think that you will find that we prefer to deal with you by exposing your support of illegal immigration and your disrespect of all those hardworking and struggling Oklahoma citizens that find their wages reduced thanks to competition from illegal aliens.   I think that a good start would be letting your political donors know about your stance on enabling illegal immigration.    We will add you to the list.
Congressional District Four Election
Swept by Ron Paul Grassroots Activists
Once again there were some long faces after a GOP district convention as the establishment GOP officials watched their grasp on power slip away.  This weekend at Pauls Valley the GOP insiders absorbed the loss of all three delegate elections, all three alternate delegate elections, and both the elector and the alternate elector positions to members of the Ron Paul movement.
Former Chairman Gary Jones was on hand and argued against one of the candidates, whose papers had been misplaced, trying to salvage a single elected slot only to have the delegates override the decision.    Jones, the current State Auditor,  notorious for his poor treatment of the Ron Paul activists in the 2008 election so it was a bitter pill to swallow as he watched helplessly as ballot after ballot went to unknown new Republicans.   Only two of the eight ballots needed a runoff vote so this wasn’t merely a close contest, the RINOs were soundly defeated.
5th District was lost by a sixty percent or more margin, as was the 3rd District.   2nd District was retained by the GOP establishment by two votes and the 1st District remained in GOP establishment hands after a contentious convention with charges of corruption being laid at the feet of the District GOP officials.   
Next up is the state convention where anything is possible.    The GOP itself is circling the wagons and preparing for a hostile takeover and that preparation is going to be needed if the Ron Paul activists stay involved in the process through 2013.    Removing incumbent GOP officials is difficult unless they misbehave badly enough to break the GOP rules so the Ron Paul activists will have to bide their time till next February and go through the precinct meeting/county convention/state convention process again in order to wrest control.
But don’t count out the GOP establishment as they control this year’s and next year’s Rules Committee.    They will most likely use a mix of deceit, onerous rules, and co opt enough of the Ron Paul leaders to remain in power but if they don’t the days of the RINO in Oklahoma will be at an end.  Without the silence of the GOP officials the corrupt elected officials couldn’t survive, as evidenced this week by Speaker Steele’s refusal to hear the personhood bill.  As the GOP party platform is squarely on the pro life side of the abortion battle the GOP officials have nothing to offer as a defense of their refusal to pressure Speaker Steele or the other Republican House members.
Did Anyone CAIR?
(Part II)
For several months now, we’ve been telling you about CAIR’s Annual Banquet and conference and how they had invited a number of your state legislators to join them. We’ve also been sounding the alarm about CAIR being a Muslim Brotherhood front organization and an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in the history of the U.S. as a reason why your legislators should refuse to have anything to do with CAIR. We also threatened to expose any legislator who went to the CAIR Banquet. Then, last week, we revealed that, to our knowledge, no state legislator went to the CAIR Banquet.
We consider the fact that no state legislator attended the CAIR Banquet and conference to be a major victory of truth. This week, we’d like to shed a little light on what we believe CAIR was trying to do and just why it was so danged important to point out this truth, yes, even to the point of engaging in a little intimidation to get your legislators not to go.
By now, if you’ve been reading our series of articles, you should recognize the term “BY THEIR HANDS” as part of a longer quote from a Muslim Brotherhood document that was introduced into evidence in the Holy Land Foundation trial. At the risk of being repetitious, the entire quote reads:
“The Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their (our) hands and the hands of believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious  over all other religions.“
Tell me, just what do you think that phrase “by their hands” means? It can’t mean the hands of the terrorists who engage in “stealth jihad” because the stealth jihadists would be included in the phrase “and the hands of believers” in the latter part of the sentence. What this phrase means is that members of the Muslim Brotherhood whose particular job it is to engage in stealth jihad are to deceive, co-opt and manipulate government, law enforcement, military, church and business leaders into doing their “dirty work” for them by instituting and enforcing changes in our society that make it difficult or impossible to identify and confront our declared enemies who have infiltrated every level of our society in order to overthrow our government and replace the Constitution with Shariah law. Their group of targets includes your government officials, especially your state legislators. “Pretty tall order,” you say? Take a look at what’s going on with the Muslim Brotherhood in countries all around the world.
            Last week, we told you about former CIA Director James Woolsey and some of the things he had to say about CAIR on this subject when he was in town to speak the same weekend of CAIR’s Annual Banquet. I want to draw your attention to comments Director Woolsey made as quoted in an article in The Oklahoman on March 31st. In the article, Woolsey said that “…the subversion campaign known as ‘civilization jihad’ must not be confused with or tolerated as a constitutionally protected form of religious practice.” Woolsey also went on to say that that the document that contains the “by their hands” quote “is probably a pretty accurate characterization of CAIR.” Don’t forget, friends, CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood front organization. That’s what their own documents say.
            Director Woolsey also made several other vitally important points about CAIR that bear upon whether your legislator should have anything to do with them. Dana Hertneky of Channel 9 News did a television interview with Director Woolsey  in which they discussed some of the evidence from the Holy Land Foundation trial which we have already discussed at length in previous articles. In the interview, however, Woolsey dropped a bombshell that CAIR desperately did not want you to know. Woolsey gave Hertneky a letter from the FBI’s OKC Field Office in which SAC James Finch says that the FBI cannot participate in a planned Muslim Community Outreach Program because of the “planned participation by the Oklahoma Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).” 
            But that’s not all. Director Woolsey also had some additional compelling evidence as to why your state legislators should have nothing to do with CAIR. Woolsey further pointed that Congress recently enacted legislation prohibiting the FBI from doing business with "unindicted co-conspirators in terrorism cases" so, if the FBI no longer does business with CAIR, Oklahoma should cease doing business with them as well. President Obama himself signed this bill into law on November 14, 2011.
What was perhaps most compelling, however, of all the information Director Woolsey presented was the Team B II Report. Woolsey read some quotes from the report, which he co-authored, regarding several subjects but, in speaking out in support of the ALAC bill, he read a number of the elements of Shariah law. There are some absolutely unbelievable things in Shariah that I’ll wager very few people have ever heard of including the requirement for female genital mutilation. After listing each individual item, Woolsey asked this question of those who oppose the ALAC bill, “Tell me, is this want you want when you support Shariah?” Are you listening, legislators? More about the Team B II Report later.
            The more you find out about CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, the more outraged you become. We had the former head of the CIA, the top spy agency in the world, who came to our city to sound the alarm about the threat we are facing. Is anybody listening? CAIR continues to reach out to our legislators and other leaders in order to destroy “Western civilization from within and sabotage its miserable house by their (our) hands.” Why are we allowing this to happen? To paraphrase Director Woolsey, if the FBI can no longer do business with CAIR, why is the state of Oklahoma? If you agree, tell your elected officials what you think.
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