AshGPS: Firmware, Software Update Notification
for Ashtech, Magellan Professional, Thales Navigation
Friday 29 June 2012
New firmware for PF500, PF800, MB800
New Operating System for MobileMapper 10
New Firmware for PF500, PF800, MB800 (Leap Second related)
New firmware has been released for the PF500, PF800 and MB800 receivers:
ProFlex 800 & 500 Firmware Update Release. These maintenance versions (S763Kx24 for ProFlex 800, S763Gx24 for ProFlex 500) provide a correction to the processing of leap seconds in the Embedded RINEX Converter. Additionally, it enhances the operation of the NTRIP Caster.
A leap second will be introduced in the UTC time at 12:00 am in the night of June 30 to July 1. It is therefore of the utmost importance that users should install this firmware update before the leap second is added, or it would otherwise badly affect all the RINEX files generated by their ProFlex 500 and ProFlex 800 receivers.  
Updated Operating System for MobileMapper 10
An updated OS has been posted for the MobileMapper 10:
Note: this update is available in English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German and French.
Notes: The update tool is advertised as working only with Win7 32-bit. At this time I don't have any additional information about this update.
If you have a MobileMapper 10 and have no good reason to upgrade, I strongly recomend that you DO NOT upgrade until more is known.
If you choose to upgrade, make sure you have all of the activation keys (for ArcPad/MobileMapperField/Post Processing) BEFORE you upgrade (if you purchased your MM10 from us, these numbers will be on the white label in the battery compartment. You may need to reload all of the device software after the OS upgrade.
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