FAST Survey

Ashtech has released a new version of FAST Survey, Version (5 July, 2010).

The FAQ describing changes and enhancements may be found at this link [ FAST FAQ ]
The folder holding supported devices (Allegro CX, MX; MMCE, MMCX, MM6, PM3) is here [ folder ]

There are rumors of issues with this latest version of FAST, so it might be best to wait a week before updating (unless you have good reason to debug this new version for the rest of us Wink!) If you have any issues you would like to share, drop them my way and I will compile them for a subsequent notice.

As always, the complete list of latest firmware can be found here: [ latest firmware & software ] at the web site.

My HTTP mirror should be up to date for users who can't get to the official Ashtech FTP site ( The root of the mirror is currently [ HTTP_Mirror ] ).


There are some new manuals available for the PF500:

Reference Manual
Web Server Getting Started Guide
CORS Getting Started Guide

I have had a PF500 CORS station running on my home's chimney since 18 April 2010 (I suspect it was the second Beta in the United States.) It is without question the best product that I have ever been privileged to evaluate for Thales/Magellan/Ashtech since it's first PFCORS software release.

If you are in to TEQC, then you will be impressed by the MP1 and MP2 for RINEX files generated on the PF500. I am currently using the Aero Antenna 1675-7MW (MAG111406) with the optional choke ring base. I hope to provide some more details on this at a later time.

The PF500 really shines when you compare the out of the box functionality with competing devices (the only option is GLONASS, RTK, BASE, Streaming Outputs are all standard.) Like most Ashtech products, lots better functionality, better technology for 1/3 the price.

ESRI Conference [Gossip Spoiler]

The 2010 ESRI conference is in San Diego next week. Most of the BIG survey and GIS equipment companies make major product announcements at this conference.
It has become the venue for new products, services and update announcements and I am quite sure that 2010 will not disappoint. (OK, I am sitting on several huge bombshell announcements that I am sworn to total secrecy over so I am positive that 2010 will not disappoint...)
Next Monday evening or Tuesday morning I will drop a note with my picks for the biggest survey and GIS related news (I suppose everything there is GIS?)


If you have used the RPLS / Ashtech BBS system maintained by the POB magazine folks in the past, it is currently in a state of transition. A new, "real" BBS can be found at:  [ LINK ]

with a dedicated Ashtech board at this address [ Ashtech BBS ].

There is a sign-up and moderated approval sequence required to get in, and I have personally found the new system to be complicated and slow. Or perhaps just new and different. But I can see that it is much better for a lot of activities, like adding bold type, a picture or just a link to another posting.

Hopefully you will join me in making the new discussion as valuable as the old board was.

This Mailing List
This mailing list has grown to include nearly 500 Ashtech, Magellan Professional, Thales and old-Ashtech users. The world-wide location of users is impressive and I suppose it has become important for me to do an even better job of sending out updates notices. So if you find any new firmware or software releases that I miss, have any gossip or need to make a public announcement to a lot of Ashtech users in a hurry, send them to me and I will work them in.
Hopefully you will continue to find this a valuable resource, however if this message has found you in error, you can use the link at the bottom of the message to get off the list (really, it does work.)
There is a complete list of all of the past notifications [ here ].
If you know of anyone with Ashtech equipment who might benefit from an update notification, you can add them to this list using the form [ add or delete a user ].
Good Luck, good constellations and accurate vectors to all of you!

Mark Silver