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House Seat 85 Election

A Flock of Buzzards Circling a Carcass

Pick your Buzzard with Care



One of the first things I learned as a boy living on a farm was to watch for the buzzards if a dog or farm animal was missing.   First it would be one buzzard circling but eventually five or six would show up and join the lazy circle coasting overhead the sick or dying animal.   Ugly creatures, naked head and neck usually, but that is so they can reach into the bloated carass without covering head and neck feathers in gore.   Reminded me a lot of the upcoming elecetion for HD 85.
The primary is July 14th, general election is September 8th, a special election after the death of Rep.  David Dank a few weeks back.  Here are the candidates boys and girls and my what a putrid lot we have to choose from.    Certainly befitting the buzzard moniker... how sad, earning a nickname before they even get elected to office.


CHIP CARTER, 45, 11549 Twisted Oak Rd., Oklahoma City, OK 73120.   RINO establishment tool, claims to have had a big role in the passage of the 2001 Right to Work law in Oklahoma but the folks that I know that actually worked for the national Right to Work say otherwise.   Carter appears to have managed a Chamber of Commerce group that had a peripheral role but got the majority of the press probably due to the influence of the State Chamber advertisers.   Carter is a tool for the Chamber of Commerce, no doubt on that.

MATT JACKSON, 40, 3001 Willow Brook Rd., Oklahoma City, OK 73120.   Oh dear….definitely not.  Jackson doesn’t have an independent thought in his head but is a complete political toady kind of guy.    I won’t say he is unprincipled, I’ll say his principles shift to what is advantageous at the moment.    Did his part in trying to ensure that former Senator Brogdon was defeated in the GOP Chairman election by disenfranchising as many conservative Republicans as he could at precinct meetings and before the County convention.


AMY PALUMBO, 37, 10716 Admiral Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73162.   Ran for judge in 2014 and lost, former assistant prosecutor for the corrupt David Prater at the Oklahoma County District Attorney Office and as a public defender.    A peroxide blond lawyer who chatters a lot about the Constitution but did work for David Prater so who knows what her values truly are.   In a video filmed at the High Noon Club  Palumbo weaseled out of answering questions about her position on abortion and other issues, then Rep. Mike Reynolds called her on her B.S.  but she continued to outright refuse to discuss any real issues.  So she talks about the Constitution but has no problem taking cover under Bar Association rules to avoid answering tough questions.   Our Freedom of Speech appears to be less important than kowtowing to unconstitutional rules that offer her protection from voters asking questions.



RALPH CRAWFORD, 63, 10416 Blue Spruce Rd., Oklahoma City, OK    Another big talker when it comes to calling himself a constitutional conservative but the guy is a retired fireman, his teacher is a teacher…. Can you say union supporter boys and girls?   Ralph came recommended as a possible alternative to the RINOs lining up for the Dank seat so we called him.    He was fine when he stuck to his spiel but when asked questions about his stance on issues he became quite evasive and stumbled for words.  We might have caught him on a bad day but he came across as defensive, arrogant, and seems to have honed his political message toward the gullible and less informed voters.  Usually a constitutional conservative will be eager to discuss his passion for the issues but Ralph seemed very careful in choosing words and wanted to steer the questioning away from exposing his true thoughts on the issues.


Looking at the donors we find some troubling information, or lack of same at the state Ethics Commission.    Neither has Chip Carter, or Matt Jackson.  The only one with any presence at all on the data base was Amy Palumbo who had some reports from where she ran for judge in 2014.  Nearly half of her money came from her own pocket so she had little in the way of grass roots support and the balance was State Chamber types or attorneys.  Usually a candidate would have filed organizational papers with the Ethics Commission months in advance and would have began raising money and spending money long in advance.  Perhaps the seat becoming open suddenly upon Dank’s death made all of the candidates jump in to take advantage of the opening.


Ralph Crawford hasn’t appeared to have even filed as a candidate so he either hasn’t raised or spent more than $500 or he is ignorant of the law.  None of the others have either so maybe the details just haven't show up but usually a candidate will file their organizational statement way in advance. 


Sad to say there doesn’t appear to be a good choice for the voters of District 85.    Pick one of the two RINOs or one of the two that appear to be constitutional conservative imposters.  Lord knows what we will get when the election is over.









By the Watchman




Educators are supposed to educate. It would appear that this retired educator has forgotten that fact. It would also appear that this is nothing but a poor retired educator who thought he’d make a name for himself in this great State, since he was never able to rise above being a principal.  One would think that as an educator he would have at least had time to learn the Oklahoma Constitution before he became a legislator, but apparently he, like most of his cohorts in crime at the capital, never bothered to read it.


The man we are talking about is Representative Earl Sears of Dist. 11. We started our research by going to his web site at You can see it here Representative Sears, Earl - Oklahoma House of Representatives. Other than his history with the Bartlesville School District and his assignment as Chair of the Appropriations and Budget Committee there really isn’t a lot of information available there.  And when Earl first learned that he was to head the A & B Committee he was said to have asked “What does the A and B stand for?”.


The next item of interest we found was this Earl Sears -- Oklahoma House District 11 -- There are actually two different articles on him here. The first article is a letter from him to his constituents and the second is a notice that he’s been tapped for a top budget position. There’s also a third mention of him on this page where it says he ran unopposed. We can’t help but ask, why?


The next item that interested us was this Earl Sears - Oklahoma Legislature - Open States. This gives you a brief summary of his campaign finances and some of the more recent legislation he’s voted on. We find it disturbing that anything outside of disaster relieve should need an emergency declaration. It seems that legislators, not just Representative Sears, are in a hurry to see how fast they can get their names in the books. Folks, this isn’t a competition. You are supposed to be doing a job for the citizens of this state.


We next went to to see what information was available there. We first went to the biography page to see what was available there. Here is what we found Project Vote Smart - The Voter's Self Defense System. This is the first hint we found that he was married and had children.

We looked at the political courage test, but found nothing. It’s our guess he doesn’t want his constituents to know where he really stands on the issues that are important to them.


We next went to the ratings and endorsements page to see what information they had. It’s important to remember here that the higher he scores, the more it’s going to hurt you in the wallet. We will highlight some of what we found, but the entire section can be found here Project Vote Smart - The Voter's Self Defense System.




Fiscally Conservative


We next went to to see what they had on his campaign finances. There was enough there to tell us that he had some individual donors, but a vast majority of his donors were Corporate, Political Action Committees or Unions.


We next went to to see what information they had available on his campaign finances. Here is some of what we found.


Aug. 05, 2013 OG&E Energy Corp. OKC                                    $   500.00

Aug. 23, 2013 Okla. Hospital Assn. PAC                                                $   500.00

Oct. 01, 2013  ConocoPhillips                                                    $2,500.00

Jan., 22, 2014 Phillips66 Pac                                                     $1,000.66


We could go on and on, but it just gets repetitive. Most of his corporate donors are the backbone of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. This man is owned and controlled by the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. He’s not in the city doing the people’s business, he’s up there doing the State Chamber of Commerce’s business which is to keep us citizens broke.



The next item of interest we found was this OCIS Case Summary for CJ-2013-120- Reynolds, Mike v. Oklahoma Youth Exposition Inc (Oklahoma County District Courts). This is a case that was brought in civil court against the representative, along with a bunch of other of our not so illustrious politicians, including the Governor, for wrong doing at the Oklahoma Youth Expo. Representative Sears’s case was dismissed with prejudice. We can’t help but wonder if that could have made a difference in the elections of 2014.

Then we found this OCIS Case Summary for SD - 112246- Reynolds vs Oklahoma Youth Exposition et al (). It seems the previous case was appealed and we haven’t been able to locate the results of the appeal other than to say that final action was taken on April 1, 2015. The list of elected crooks is really amazing.


We next took a look at some of the votes taken last year that mattered to all Oklahoma Citizens. Here is what we found.


HB 2537 Govt. Funded Lobbyist, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote

HB 3198 OETA Sunset, , Liberal Vote

HB2580 Extend Film Subsidy, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote

HJR 1033 Capitol Bonds, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote

HB 2509 Tax Credits, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote

HB 2711 Tax Incentives, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote

HB 2956 Corporate Welfare, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote

HB 2480 New Government Agency, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote

SB 1639 Corporate Welfare, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote


We have a politician that votes liberal, is a former school teacher and principal and accepts donations from all the leading organizations that make up the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. We don’t know why this guy is bucking for more than he has already, but he might fare better in the Democratic Party. Everything here screams that he’s an undocumented democrat.


Representative Sears do the State of Oklahoma a favor and resign. Make room for a real Republican who’s not afraid to live up to party standards and who’s not afraid to shrink government instead of growing it at every opportunity.









POP Goes the Weasels


By Ms PM


This article is full of little ditties for a sing along. Any of these song titles are fitting considering supporters of the Oklahoma Museum of Popular Culture, better known as OKPOP, are attempting to persuade Oklahoma Legislatures for funding…one last time…well maybe it’s the last time…but don’t hold your breath. Bottom feeders like to hang out in the mud and they aren’t shy about popping up and stealing your bait leaving nothing to put on your dinner table.


Supporters might use The Steve Miller Band song “Abracadabra” to pull off their magic trick. If that doesn’t work there is always Mike And The Mechanics tune “All I Need Is A Miracle.” We accused radicals at The Sooner Tea Party show favoritism towards Phil Collins song “Against All Odds” or our most favorite by Queen, “Another One Bites The Dust.”


The Oklahoma Hysterical Society Director Bob Blackburn has confirmed that Senate President Pro Tem Brian Bunghole, Sapulpa’s RHINO, will offer up legislation in a few weeks to authorize construction.


Blackburn says he expects the cost to be $40 million and financed through state revenue bonds issued by the hysterical society which would “essentially replace existing debt as it’s retired.


“The balance of the project would be from private sources, including donation of the property, and from operation of a parking garage the Historical Society plans to build in conjunction with the museum.”


As always supporters tout from the “crystal ball report” saying the museum will be self-supporting. That has an all too familiar ring to it.


Given all the whiz-bang ideas and fancy wording for spending more money, the worn out excuses and lies tied to spending money the state didn’t have is exactly how Oklahoma got into the hole to a tune of $611 million dollars. 


We ask…is it really a good idea to keep spending money that we don’t have?








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