Issue 07                                                                                             MAY 2018
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S02 E13 Discretionary Cut - Sueno, Architect extraordinaire, the man behind temples and more, not saying anything incriminating, not one bit no how.

  • Who knows? I wanna get this Thirdsletter out to you while it's still May. So, in June, expect something you don't expect, and we'll both be on the same page.
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S03 E10 Discretionary Cut - Suldrew and the Bioluminati have one hell of a Burning Man experience. And you get to hear all of it, including all the burps and knocking-things-over that we usually cut out of the episode.

  • Some stuff, probably awesome stuff. Hang tight.
Playa Polling Place
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THis month, we're asking you what we should be asking that we're not already asking.
Rex's Revelation
Your Podcast Friends got robbed y’all! True damn story!

We here at Accuracy Third like to shop local when we can. So, when it was time to send out the fine swag that you, our lovely Patrons, helped us make, we headed down to the local market for cards, and shiny markers, and whatnot. Turns out this was a mistake.

As I was going through our expenses to update our financials spreadsheet - something I’ve been slacking on, because I’m a busyish fella, and depression is a harsh mistress, and other excuses - I noticed a few transactions in San Jose. Most of them said PayPal in the description, so I assumed the location just had something to do with where PayPal’s servers are. I checked our PayPal, and there was nothing like these transactions anywhere.

The transactions were debits on D-Day’s card, and I knew for a fact that D-day’s card was in his pocket in San Francisco on the days of the transactions. Now I knew what had happened: we’d been skimmed. When we’d shopped at our local market, someone had installed a device to steal our card info and pin number.

It’s a weird bit of petty crime in the grand scheme of things. There were only a handful of transactions over the span of six weeks, amounting to just a bit more than $100. I’ve disputed the transactions with the bank, and had our cards cancelled and replaced, so the bleeding ought to stop. Our takeaway here is, if we’re going to shop local, hit a trusted ATM first and pay cash.

I know you all are used to rambling meditations in this space, but I figured since what was stolen was your gift, you’d want to know, and it’s a novel thing for me personally to have this flavor of crime happen to me (or to D-day if you’re gonna split hairs.) Next time it’s my turn to write y’all a thing, I promise to pontificate pedantically.

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