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Oklahoma-Guardian Nears Deployment
More Fear and Unrest
Soft on Crime Bill Passes Legislature
Gun Bills Cause Controversy
 Educators Make Liberal Politicians
Republican On Paper Only
Rattled Legislators Review the Revised Conservative Index

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A Rare Correction, or Is It?
We run corrections on occasion along with the occasional email that either makes a point, a correction, or provides entertainment.    Last week we received two emails complaining that touched on all three reasons so here they are:
Please make a correction.  Paul Maus is another opponent to HD20/ Bobby Cleveland and should not be left out.  His contact information is:    Phone 405-650-1581.
Thank you,
Tammy Maus
you left off a Cleveland challenger.  Paul Maus.  ROPE is supporting Paul.
Jenni White
Restore Oklahoma Public Education
Actually, no we weren’t unaware of Paul Maus’s candidacy and it wasn’t a mistake that caused him to be left off.  We generally don’t take gratuitous whacks at candidates unless there is a purpose for doing so.  Mr. Maus is indeed a candidate for HD 20 but he hasn’t much of a chance of winning nor is he the type of politician that we would want to see elected.  What amazes me though is the gumption of Mrs. Maus for bringing this up knowing the problem in January that occurred with both  her and her husband.
I was serving as the campaign director when we started getting complaints about the Vice Chair of McClain County, Mrs. Tammy Maus.   Reports stated that Mrs. Maus was screening callers on their political views before she would give out the precinct meeting information.   One email laid out enough details to cause me to give them a call while posing as a local Republican looking to attend the precinct meeting.   Mrs. Maus was quoted as giving a reason for all the questions they were asking, saying to one caller “We have to keep those Ron Paul people out.”
When I called and left a message one night, Mr. Maus himself called back and true to the reports that brought them to our attention, he started asking questions.   I allowed him to dig the hole deeper then asked him why I needed to answer all these questions just to find out when and where the precinct meetings were being held.  Mr. Maus stammered a bit and finally started to give me the precinct meeting info.   I told him who I was and politely reamed his Kris Steele out and told him that the incidents would be reported to the GOP.
One would think that they would be smart enough to let the sleeping dog lie but no, Tammy Maus just had to call me back to defend their actions.    Think about it, someone that I don’t know wants to call back and tell me that a person that I do know and trust is a liar after me personally experiencing the caller screening?  That is poor judgment.
But like the one and only Billy Mays used to say, “But wait!  There’s more!”.   Mr. Maus called a few days later wanting to know the names of the people that “complained” about the caller screening…  Ey yia yai, what was he thinking?
Luckily for McClain County Republicans they had a good and decent man as County GOP Chair.   Leon Lacy put an end to the screening and mitigated the problem by putting one of the screened Ron Paul supporters on the County Credentials Committee for the precinct meeting/County Convention and we had no more reports of interrogations of callers.
So I was amazed when Tammy Maus emailed me asking to mention Paul Maus’s candidacy in the newsletter.  The ROPE woman likely hadn’t known but again there is that judgment thing;   If you endorse a candidate you should do some due diligence before signing on with their campaign.  But I replied to both emails saying I would mention Mr. Maus if they “insisted”.  Good lord, read between the lines ladies...
The lesson learned should be this; If you don’t see it there is probably a reason it wasn’t published.  But if you insist like Tammy Maus and Jenny White did, ask us and we will print what we know.   This is a lot like the bimbo eruptions coming from West of OKC the last few months, yes we know about them but the politician is for the most part behaving at the capitol.  Wouldn’t make sense to burn him at the stake unless he had started going off the reservation and most likely the word is all over the county already about his misbehaviour.
And an Actual Correction!
Last week we wrote an article on Todd Thompson’s opponent, Donald Cole Gallup.  But we left off Mr. Gallup’s first name as he goes by “Cole”.  Here is his facebook page again.
Today some of our people are printing signs for Mr. Gallup and another well known political person is going to help train them while they work.  Cheap signs is one way we can help good candidates so get in touch if you are willing to help out on projects like this or donate money to our Political Action Committee to pay the material costs.
Gallup is a good candidate and Thompson is a liberal that needs ran out of the Capitol.   Thompson had the  gall to tell the Ada Tea Party that he couldn’t vote for the Personhood bill because it would hurt his political future at the Capitol.  I’ve spoken at the Ada Tea Party meetings several times and once counted 16 ministers in the crowd.  Not a good move on Mr. Thompson’s part to alienate those that are prolife.
House Votes to Dissolve Pet Breeders Board
Some progress occured this week in the fight against the encroaching theft of liberty in Oklahoma.  A few years ago the legislature passed a bill that set up a Pet Breeders Board to control animal breeding operations.   A lot of these so called “puppy mills” were mom and pop operations in rural areas of the state, needed methods of making a living to those that invested in their operations.   Yes, the animals were raised en masse and for a profit but exactly how else are people to provide pets for the pet industry?
Well, therein lies the problem, the liberals don’t want more animals as pets.   If you have a pet in your home they clamor to make sure they are neutered so they can’t reproduce, leaving one way to enable the supply of pets for the market, animal breeders.
The Pet Breeder Board had imposed stricter guidelines than the USDA had imposed, no doubt the board was loaded with PETA types with their warped sense of priorities, using the power of the State of Oklahoma to push their agenda against the rest of Oklahoma.   All in the name of “protecting” animals they would drive many species into extinction if given free rein.  Funny how if they found a new species, let’s call it  the lesser Bohunky Toad that existed only in the southern half of a vacant lot on the south side of Goetbo, it would be cause to spend millions of Federal dollars and interrupt progress on infrastructure in the name of biodiversity but a domesticated animal is fair game to wipe from the face of the earth.
People that want to place animal rights over the rights of humans twist their minds into pretzels while feeling good about protecting something without realizing that most life on this planet serves a purpose of some kind, either prey or predator, and other species could care less as most species, indeed most individuals act from self purpose not noble goals.   Capitalism works because it flows from self interest, ensuring that people have something to gain and the free market ensures that a level playing field eventually takes hold.   No species are absolutely necessary, only those that adapt tend to survive.  The best way to protect an endangered species would be to have a market for them so that a monetary gain was tied with the creature.  Spotted Owl sandwiches... Mmmmmm.
But animal rights activists tell us that their twisted “feelings” or more likely, their guilt, allows them to be the moral decision maker for us all.  I’ll say this, given the choice to live as a pampered pet or not being born at all,  most things would prefer to exist.   A game chicken might prefer to live in relative luxury for a year and face a 50% possibility of dying in a cockfight over living in a broiler house for six weeks before getting its throat cut and turned into your lunch.  Same thing for a deer in the wilds, better to live and produce young under the protection of the game laws of the state than to be wiped out through the loss of habitat.  Life is cruel, most animals are intended to provide food for predators and leave this world with a gruesome death.  Not defending cruelty, no one should, but one shouldn’t allow the twisted minds of animal activists to control what animals live and what animals die.
But the legislature did well this time.  Common sense returned to a small segment of our civilization.
And You Wonder Why it is So Hard to
Get People to Stand Together?
I like the hate mail that we get on occasion.  It is a window into what is wrong with our system of government and the society that molds our thinking.   Here is a great example of the confused thinking of a citizen.
To whom it may concern:
I have always been a Conservative Republican who has at times leaned towards the Libertarian side on some issues, called myself a Tea Party Republican, have disliked what I call Rockefeller Republicans ever since I was able to register to vote at age 21 in 1978.
Being seated in the front row at the GOP State Convention and after reading your article on the State GOP Convention not only do I now believe more then ever that Ron Paul does not have a clue, I now believe the Sooner Tea Party does not have a clue either. I do agree with you on one issue, I am happy the Richard Engle was not elected even though I had thought I was going to support him until I watched the anarchist tactics that went on at the Convention! 
Ron Paul and organizations as yours are fringed. I have now since the Convention decided to dedicate myself to not only fighting leftist liberals, but I will now also fight fringed libertarians as you and your organization! If this Country falls to anarchy it will be do (sic) to the actions of organizations as your and people such as Ron Paul! 
I had a friend here in Ottawa County by the name of Miki Booth. When the Tea Party first started her and I worked side by side, then all of a sudden with the birther issue Miki could not see the forest through the trees. Miki had people here who followed her and respected her and now most of these same people believe she is a nut. What a shame, she could have done so much more if she wouldn’t have gotten lost in a issue we couldn’t win and won’t until Obama is out of office.
I am now sorry that I voted for any Ron Paul delegates at the District 2 Convention. At that Convention I believed a little diversity in the Republican Party would be good. How wrong I was! 
In closing I wanted your organization to know that you have turned people such as myself away from supporting any people or organization in the future such as you and yours! Not that any anarchists would even care about a different point of view, but just the same I feel better in telling you my intentions. 
Jay Calan
Ottawa County Republican Chairman
All righty then… because of some corruption by the GOP establishment Jaye formed the conclusion that Ron Paul doesn’t have a clue and neither do the Sooner Tea Party supporters.  Also he judges Mr. Engle not on his atrocious character but by the tactics of those who supported him, which by that I take it that standing up and fighting for the right to be heard and for rule of law trumps what the actual candidate stands for?
And now that Ron Paul and the other organizations have “tinged” themselves, Jay is going to fight them along with the “Rockefeller Republicans”?   Stand all by yourself and flail at everyone else till your arms tire out?  Even Jay’s “friends” let him down, evidenced by Miki Booth and the birther issue.  And not only that, but if you don’t agree with Jay you must be an anarchist.
Mr. Jay, anarchists believe that there should be no law and order and would destroy what there is without replacing it with anything other than chaos, a far cry from those that were screaming for justice as GOP Chairman Matt Pinnell  gutted Roberts Rules of Order and the Oklahoma GOP Party rules in order to maintain his grip on power.  The Tea Party has fought to force politicians to keep their campaign promises, to control spending, and to follow the rule of law set down by the U.S. and Oklahoma Constitutions.  That is following the rule of law no anarchy.
So now Jay has announced his intent to destroy everyone that disagrees with him, even if they differ on one issue like the birther issue, refusing to find common cause and set aside differences on the 20% that he doesn’t support and fighting with allies on the 80% that he does support.
Joseph Stalin is said to have coined the term “useful idiots” to describe individuals that support a cause while not understanding the goals of the cause, individuals who inevitably wind up being used by the leaders of the cause they support.   The term wasn’t used by the opponents of communism; it was used by the communist leaders themselves.  But I am a fan of finding the root origins of a word to divine if it truly fits current usage so I looked idiot up in the dictionary only to find that the word comes to us from a Greek word for private person, as in a layman with no professional knowledge, thought to derive from the word “stratiōtēs” which is thought to refer to the difference between a professional soldier and a citizen militiaman.
Mr. Jay, we await our destruction by your hands. 
But in the mean time we will continue to find individuals that want to slow the destruction of our society and start reversing the destruction. 
And if the use of the term useful idiot further turns you from our cause then please accept our apologies and pick another term from this list
Useful fool
Useful  half-wit
Useful imbecile
Useful dolt
Useful dunce
Useful numskull
Pigs at the Trough
 By Ms PM
Corruption runs deep and has no statute of limitations. Some of you may not know who George Kaiser is. Being a staunch Democrat and an Obama Bundler should give you incite as to what he stands for. More troubling though, he has given thousands of dollars to so called conservative legislators and of course they accepted. When I read articles such as this one , I can't help getting a clear image of "scattering roaches when the light is turned on." This picture is all too familiar when it comes to lying Republicans, in the game for their own rewards.  
Every once in a while you come across a politician that wants to represent the people for whom they were elected. All too often once they are elected, through their false promises in their campaigns, we end up with the "roach syndrome", chasing them into their clever hiding places as they sit and gorge themselves on taxpayer money once they have sold their soul to the devil.
Here is a breakdown of roaches from our "Shameless Politicians" list. They took money personally from Kaiser. This is but one reason they are on our list.
Lisa Billy
Doug Cox
Lee Denney
Jeff Hickman
Skye Mcniel
Glen Mulready
Jason Nelson
Charles Ortega
Ron Peters
Todd Russ
Kris Steele
Dan Sullivan
According to the article there are these two things Kaiser is pushing for. He wants Governor Fallin to accept Obama's "Race to the Top" grant money and "Obama Care Health Exchanges."
On page 1 of  this article on "Race to the Top." Fallin said she was waiting for the rules of the competition to be released so she could assess whether it was good for the state. After assessing the rules, which were released this month, Fallin said she decided to move forward."

On page 2 of the same article it says that Janet Barresi will lead the grant writing team to apply for the grant.
Going back to the list of Republicans taking money from Kaiser, wouldn't you know these two are on it.
Mary Fallin
Janet Barresi
On to the Health Exchange; It was exposed and rejected by Oklahomans and ultimately Oklahoma legislators. Fallin returned the $53 million in federal funds. Does anyone wonder about how pleased Kaiser was with that move?
There is much opinion on these so called conservative representatives of the people. It takes the worst of humanity to pull off the stunts they continually repeat in the name of power and money. They have no character or morals. They prance around the Capitol with their noses in the air or placed so far up the rear ends of those they deem will give them the glory they seem to think they deserve. For any of these people thinking they are on the right path, you all are hopeless and pitiful as long as you continue the destruction of this country.
Whatcha Hiding Todd?
By R. H.
Glenn Beck has a name for George Soros. It’s “Spooky Dude.” That’s because it’s so hard to nail down information on the man. The same can be said about Representative Todd Thomson. I was amazed as to how little information is available on him on the internet. Unfortunately for Mr. Thomson, we did find enough information to indicate that he is a RINO Republican of the worse kind.
I was unable to verify any information prior to his college days. I was able to verify that he did attend the University of Oklahoma in the mid to late 80’s. He was also a member of the University’s Football Team that included a National Championship. For that I say well done.
He is currently running for his 4th term as the Representative for the 25th District. He does have a challenger to face in a primary. We hope to have a story about the challenger out shortly. The 25th District needs someone to replace this embarrassment to the House of Representatives.
In 2009 introduced bills in the House to prevent an atheist from presenting a onetime lecture on evolution at the University of Oklahoma. He may not have liked the lecturer, or the message, but he did not have the right to stifle free speech.  I’m a Christian but everyone has a right to free speech.
So what does his more recent legislative record look like? Well for a member of the leadership team, it’s not so good. In 2011 he submitted 8 bills and 2 House Concurrent Resolutions for consideration to the House. Of those 6 died in House committees, 1 died on the House floor and 1 became law. The 2 House Concurrent Resolutions passed. They are listed below.
HB 1586 Uniformed Athlete Agents Act-Liberal
HCR 1009 Congratulating Elizabeth Smith as Teacher of the Year
HCR 1014 Congratulating and Commending Jet and Cord McCoy-Runner-up in the Amazing Race
Don’t we have more important business to take care of other than the Amazing Race? It’s no wonder people laugh at this states legislature.
In 2012 he submitted 8 bills and 3 House Joint Resolutions for consideration to the House. With 2 weeks to go, I’m afraid some of these are dead already. To date 4 are in House committees, 2 are on the House floor and 2 have become law. Of the House joint Resolutions, 1 is in a House committee, 1 is in a Senate committee and 1 has passed. They are listed below.
HB 2967 Uniformed Athletes Agents Act-Liberal
HB 2970 Oklahoma School Testing Program Act-Liberal
HJR 1100 Permanent Rules State Board of Examiners of Physcologist-Liberal
As you can see, what he is getting passed is liberal in nature. They also fit with the Speakers social justice agenda.
So how did he vote on other bills that mattered to Oklahomans? We took a look at some key questions and here is what we found.
HB 2130 Obama Care, voted Yea 4 times-Liberal
HR 1004 Open Rules in Certain Circumstances, refused to sign-Liberal Stance
HB 2171 Highway Bond Bill Voted Yea 3 times, Excused 2 times-Liberal
HB 1953 Governor’s Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, voted Yea 10 times-Liberal
HJR 1002 Ad Valorum Tax Increase, voted Yea 1 time-Liberal
HB 1446 Illegal Immigration Bill, voted Nay 2 times-Liberal
HB 2131 Soft on Crime, voted Yea 3 times-Liberal
HB 1647 Concealed Carry for Military Personnel, voted Nay 3 times-Liberal
HB 2169 Obama Care Funding, voted Yea 2 times-Liberal
SB 154 21st Century Quality Jobs Act, voted Yea 3 times-Liberal
There you have it. He never met a liberal bill he didn’t like. Of course he will tell you it was the price he had to pay to get his bills passed. Indeed that is the excuse he used at the Ada Tea Party to explain his no vote on the personhood issue, standing up for prolife would endanger his political future at the Capitol.   It is too high a price in a Representative Democracy. This price would not have been needed if he and his fellow Representative would have signed HR 1004. Their lust for power, however fleeting, would not allow them to properly represent their constituents.
I did a Google search on Mr. Thomson. After reviewing hundreds of files, most of which were false leads, I came across There I found a list of Oklahoma Republicans who accepted campaign contributions from Obama Campaign Donation Bundler and Solyndra Bogus Investment Cheat George Kaiser. I’m sure you all remember Solyndra. The “Green Energy” company that received over $500,000.00 of your tax dollars from President Obama’s Department of Energy only to go bankrupt. That was after the DOE placed the tax payers to be paid back after other investors like George Kaiser. Well, Representative Thomson received a $1,000.00 campaign contribution from him.
We are just getting warmed up. We next went to the Oklahoma State Ethics Commission web site and looked at his campaign finances for the calendar year of 2010. Here is some of what we found.
Date                Item                             Name                          Explanation                 Amount
Apr. 08, 2010  Banquet Tickets          Ada CofCommerce     Chamber Banquet       $50.00
Apr. 20, 2010  Easter Basket              AT&T                           Gift                              $25.00
Apr. 21, 2010  Lunch                           Ohoyahoma Club        Gift                              $15.00
Apr. 27, 2010  Donation                     Latta High School        Donation                     $100.00
May 07, 2010  Donation                     Oklahoma Youth Expo            Donation                    $100.00
I could go on, but it gets redundant. There are many more “donation” to athletic programs and the like. Hey I get it. Former college football hero wants to promote athletics and physical fitness, a  very noble and worthy cause. It would mean more coming out of your own pocket and not George Kaiser’s.
Mr. Thomson, it’s evident that your attendance at the most liberal college in the State of Oklahoma has affected your judgment. You make claim to be a Republican, but your conservative ranking of 40 shows that you are nothing more than a RINO. People like you are the reason this state is in the shape it is in. By rights sir the honorable thing for you to do is withdraw from this race. Failing to do so, your constituents should have you called on the carpet for your voting record. It is time to replace Todd Thomson.
Sign Party for Donald Cole Gallup
We have worked with good candidates for going on three years now and one of our tools is our sign shop for candidate yard signs.  It helps those candidates with limited cash get high quality signs in small quanities and do it quickly.  We have a viynl cutter to make our own screen burn in masks, can burn our own screens, and reuse the screen for another sign.  That takes our costs down to a little over the cost of the coreplast blanks, the cost of the ink, and the cost of a little solvents for cleanup and thinning the ink when needed.
This afternoon the Gallup campaign had over a dozen of their volunteers make the trip up from Ada and we cranked out 200 signs in a few hours costing the candidate $130.00  in materials.   We had a GOP official (one of the good ones) come down and advise the campaign manager and the candidate on tactics and laid out a good strategy for defeating Representative Todd Thompson on June 26th.
The signs get printed one at a time then go through the dryer and onto drying racks to allow them to cool, then back through the screen press for the other side.  We had more help than we needed today but I bet everyone will sleep better tonight knowing that they pitched in to make a difference.
 This is what it is all about folks, getting in there and working to defeat the bad ones and elect fresh citizen legislators.   You can do your part by donating to the Gallup campaign.  Anything over $50 needs to be reported so include your occupation and who you work for if you send him a check.  
Make checks out to Elect Donald Cole Gallup 2012, 17467 CR 1510, Ada OK, 74820 
This isn't just about the Ada area representative, it is about scaring the other 100 representatives straight.   As they see their buddies bite the dust they vote a lot closer to the will of the people.  Help us send a message, help us take down a bad Republican, Representative Todd Thomson.
Here are all the House members in two fifty member blocks of email addresses.  Use Bcc in your email address header and email fifty of them with one email yet they won't know who else got the email.
Here are the State Senate email addresses in one block:
Who is my state representative and my state Senator?   Click here to find out  
Here is the Senate Directory
Here is the House Directory
Remember to strip the unsubscribe link before forwarding this newsletter to prevent someone from taking you off our list!  Use our forward this email link at the top of the newsletter to prevent being accidently  unsubscribed.
Money is always needed for printing costs, postage, sign materials, and robo call costs.  We are tightfisted; we will spend your hard earned money wisely and frugally as we do our very best to clean up Oklahoma politicians so we can begin to clean up our country.
You can donate by sending a check to Sooner Tea party, 358 North Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK, 73127  or visit and use the Paypal donation button.