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July 3rd newsletter
The True Face of the Muslim Society
It is difficult enough when something happens to a small child, worse when it happens to a small girl child, and almost unimaginable when it happens to a small handicapped girl.  Ours is a civilized society for the most part but  there are those among us that are willing to pump hundreds of thousands of new “immigrants” into our society for political reasons, to expand their base of voters, or for cheap labor for their restaurants, motels, construction sites, or factories.  Of course the labor isn’t cheap once you figure in the vast increases needed for welfare and schools.
   But it is the other costs of pumping tens of thousands of barely civilized “people” into a civilized and orderly society that costs us the most.  Last week we saw the story of the five year old handicapped girl in Twin Falls Idaho, sexually assaulted, urinated on, and filmed by the 14 year old instigator of the attack.  Initially the local authorities and immigrant advocates covered up the fact that all three of the young boys were immigrants and Muslims from Sudan and Iraq. The boys, 7, 10, and 14 years old were from about 300 “refugee” families settled in the area by the U.S. government.
Initially the two older boys were arrested and detained at the Snake River Juvenile Detention Center but they have since been released back into the community.  They were charged with sexual assault at the Fawnbrook Apartments and immediately they received the support of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, urging the community to “stay calm, stop spreading falsehoods, and let the court officials do their job.”  The court case has been sealed, adding fuel to the fire in the local communities.
Local prosecutors and police officials are blaming anti refugee groups for using the incident to further their agenda.  They are also warning locals that spreading “false information or inflammatory or threatening statements about the perpetrators or the crime itself reduces public safety and may violate federal law.”  Local authorities are claiming that the spreading of false information is making the investigation harder to conduct, claiming that the witnesses might find it more difficult to recall the facts and make the witnesses “less credible”.  More like the local authorities are setting things up to disregard eye witness testimonies.
.Amazingly the U.S. Attorney for Idaho weighed in on the case, warning of federal penalties for “threatening” or “inaccurate” information spread about the case.   Thankfully the management company of the apartment complex is taking steps to remove the families involved in the sexual attack.
The case came to light after Jolene Payne, a 89 year old retired nurse noticed a Muslim boy acting suspicious outside of a laundry room, using his camera phone to take pictures through the barely cracked door.  She walked over, threw open the door, and saw the 7 and 10 year old boys standing there over the tiny five year old white girl whom they had stripped naked.  The girl was covered in urine as was her clothing on the floor.  The two younger boys blamed the older 14 year old boy, saying that “he told us to do it” and the retired nurse stated that the older boy was giving instructions to the younger boys when she first noticed the situation.  They little girl was said to be scared to death and crying for help.
 Twin Falls has been saddled with 308 Muslim Iraqis’ and 161 Muslim Sudanese since 2009 and this isn’t the first attack as in 2009 an eight year old girl was gang raped by four Liberian Muslim boys that ranged in age between 9 and 14.  Many of the Muslim families are employed at the local Chobani Yogurt plant.
Few people are against immigration but a country belongs to the citizens and ANYONE let into the country to stay ought to bring major benefits to the country.  Advanced degrees, much needed talent, wealth to invest in factories, no one ought to be let in simply because things are bad in their own country.  If things are bad they will get worse if you allow the better people to leave instead of fighting to clean up the problems in their own home towns.  Injecting barely civilized people into a civilized society is a recipe for disaster.  Their culture is vastly different; this tiny mentally handicapped child was no more than a animal put there by Mohammad for their sexual gratification.  Women are second class citizens of Muslim society; non Muslim women have no ranking and are there to be abused as they are considered infidels.
But the yogurt plant got some cheap labor, to fill the plant that was probably built using tax credits and incentives passed by the Idaho legislature.  Some businessmen got a little richer and some politicians got some campaign contributions, who the hell cares about a tiny, mentally handicapped, five year old girl in that crowd? As for the Muslims, they considered the girl fair game as their Prophet Mohammad had set down the rules to live as a perfect Muslim man and that included pedophilia and the right to abuse women and children.
Soft on Crime, Does it Work?
Here in Oklahoma we have seen former Speaker Kris Steele and Oklahoma County D.A. David Prater fall on their faces with the JRI program back in 2013 but like the committed liberals they are they simply renamed the campaign and set to work implementing the same programs under an different name.  It doesn’t help that the Justice Department is pressuring local and state public safety systems to do the same, claiming the disparate impact on minority communities.  Attorney General Loretta Lynch warned municipal and state judges earlier this year that they would face the loss of federal funding if they don’t ease up on fines and arrest warrants against poor and indigent minorities.  Lynch urged community service or “amnesty days” that allowed outstanding warrants to be cleared for nominal fees.
Failure to comply will trigger discrimination investigations according to Lynch in her “guidance” letter to local court systems.   Enforcing outstanding warrants for failure to pay fines and court fees will have a “disparate impact” on African-Americans according to Lynch, because they are arrested or fined at an “disproportionate” rate compared to whites.
Lynch fails to mention that blacks also break felony and misdemeanor laws at a vastly disproportionate rate so even if the law is color blind those who commit more crimes will of course be in the court system.  Lynch also has warned local school systems about suspending violent or unruly black students and to get cops to stop stopping, frisking, and arresting minority offenders.  Title VI is Lynch’s excuse but the Supreme Court has long ago ruled that only intentional discrimination is covered by Title VI.
Coddling criminals and ignoring low level crimes such as the failure to pay court ordered fees/fines simply exacerbates the problem of a subset of our population that simply acts on impulse or emotion rather than think out the consequences of their acts.  Or perhaps they understand that they can simply use violence at will and know the chances of landing in jail, paying a bail bondsman, having to pay out of pocket for a defense attorney, or even having to pay fines or fees are pretty darned remote.  And low level crimes lead to bigger crimes.  New York City backed off their enforcement of low level crime and saw both minor and violent crime explode.  Arrests for public urination, public drunkenness and other misdemeanor crimes are not being prosecuted and outstanding warrants for other small crimes are being ignored. Judges award indigent status to defendants without investigation, putting the cost of defense attorneys upon the back of the local tax payers, releasing violent criminals without a bail bondsman watching over them, then ignoring the fact that the lawbreakers walk out of court and refuse to pay a dime toward the expenses of running the court or providing restitution for their crimes.  Anyone eligible for public benefits is awarded indigent status even if they aren’t receiving food stamps or section eight housing.  You take a drug dealer or thief that doesn’t have a legal income and give them a free ride through the court system?  Insane….
 There is no doubt that state and local government look at the citizens as sheep to be shorn by the court system.   Lynch claims that the police and courts conspire to exploit poor blacks in some kind of shakedown but if the data proves that blacks fail to pay their fines and vastly greater rates than whites then why wouldn’t the courts be focusing on the “paying customers” and shaking down the whites?  Of course if you look at the Justice Department itself, it is notorious for handing out enormous fines and penalties, millions of dollars in fines for cattle ranchers thought to be overgrazing, the businessman that spills some sawdust or river bed sand from a silo, and few of those victims ever have the chance of paying that kind of money and clearing their cases.
Liberal and big business advocates have also increased the cost of the court system by mandating drug counseling and ankle monitors and have pushed courts to assess more fines instead of prison time.  It comes back to the usual, follow the money and find the cause of the problems.  The upcoming SQ 780 and 781 are no different, a vast raid on the prison system budget with the cash being funneled into “nonprofit” groups like Kris Steele’s TEAM organization to justify the six figure salaries handed out to retired legislators.  In the mean time the citizens suffer from increased crime as the criminal knows that they personally will not have to pay a dime for a bondsman, a lawyer, or pay fines or fees resulting from their bad behaviors.
Insurance Cameras
Last session we saw the insurance traffic camera make its way through the process  as a way to project some dollars to pseudo balance the budget but do these systems work and will the income actually be generated and liability insurance rates increase?
The camera systems belong to a private third party company that gets the lion’s share of the profits from the tickets.  The cameras will scan license plates of passing cars and try to match them up to the state database of insurance policies.  They private company has no background of successful systems implemented so far and of course the percentage of uninsured drivers was vastly inflated in order to generate support for the scheme.  Generally around 12 to 14% of the drivers will have lapsed insurance, usually because they cancel the policy after getting their car tags.
Louisiana tried to implement a similar system in 2011 and again in 2013 but the Governor vetoed the legislation citing privacy concerns.  The pushers of the legislation put the issue back before the legislator this year and no doubt will continue trying until they succeed.
The goal of course is for this private company to gain access to the state data bases, valuable information that can be resold as well as used to implement the camera scheme.  The problem of course is that around 5% of state car insurance policies are not reported to the state data base plus the fact that policies are constantly changing.  Once the camera system “catches” what it thinks is an uninsured car an employee with the local D.A. office sends out demands for hundreds of dollars in fines, threatening court action and arrest warrants if not paid.  The problem is that the citizen has not been found guilty of a crime and has not seen a judge.  The money extorted from the car owners is shared by the local D.A., Sheriff Department, and Court system and the expected take is estimated to be millions of dollars per year according to the backers of the legislation.
What is a more likely outcome is criminals stealing license tags or watching out for the cameras.  People don’t drive without insurance because they can’t afford it, they drive because they are socio paths that refuse to be responsible and hold insurance to cover any potential damage they might cause.  California tried this five years ago, along with giving illegal aliens drivers licenses but the insurance rates didn’t budget an inch.
CAIR Loses a Decision on a Major Fraud Case

CAIR recently lost an appeal from the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, reversing a trial court’s dismissal of a fraud case brought against the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The ruling allows the fraud case to go to a jury trial.   Last year Judge Paul Friedman, a federal judge overseeing the five year old lawsuit, dismissed a fraud case where hundreds of Muslim and non Muslim clients were defrauded by CAIR and an alleged attorney hired by CAIR.
The case revolves around CAIR hiring a fake attorney who failed to provide proper legal service in hundreds of cases, the fake attorney’s main purpose of course was to threaten litigation against anyone that stood in CAIR’s way or was trying to expose the group. CAIR of course is a Muslim Brotherhood front group as found by the Holy Land Foundation (HLF)trial, leading the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office to refuse to cooperate with them.  HLF was found to have raised money for terrorists groups and several top level CAIR executives were convicted of terror related crimes.
Two lawsuits had been consolidated by Judge Friedman and dismissed, including the RICO counts against CAIR.  The judge concluded that CAIR’s actions were fraudulent but not a technical violation of the RICO statutes.  The other lawsuit was that one Morris Days, Resident Attorney and Manager for Civil Rights at the now defunct CAIR Maryland/Virginia chapter was actually not an attorney and had failed to provide legal services for hundreds of clients who came to CAIR for help.  Once CAIR was confronted with the fact that Days was not an attorney they tried to cover up the situation by lying to the clients, law enforcement, the Virginia and D.C. bar associations, and the media.  Eventually CAIR claimed that Days didn’t work for them, concealing the fact that Days had been fired by CAIR earlier after the truth came out.
But Judge Friedman decided that CAIR was not responsible despite the plain evidence to the contrary and he dismissed both cases a few years ago.  The appeals court found that the very same facts and evidence submitted to Friedman in fact showed a direct relationship between the  CAIR National  organization and Days.
Election Results
…were interesting to say the least.   Democratic Rep. Donnie Conduit barely survived with a half point victory over his challenger.  Bridenstine thumped his two opponents by almost 81%  despite some serious RINO cash spent on trying to take Bridenstine down.  Steve Russell survived an attempt by Frank Volpe by a huge margin; then again Volpe was a bit of an odd character and didn’t exactly inspire confidence.  The rest of the congressional races went as expected when you have a wealthy and entrenched incumbent being challenged by a poorly funded opponent.
Senator Rob Standridge survived handily despite a RINO attempt at taking him down but Senator Ron Sharp, one of the worst of the RINO liberal senators barely squeaked out a win, less than 4% margin.  Senator Bryce Marlatt survived, a hell of a thing that a drunk can survive a primary election.  Senator Nathan Dahm survived a RINO attempt, winning by around two thirds.   Paul Blair and Adam Pugh head into a runoff election in August with both candidates bringing in over 45% in the primary election.    RINO senator Corey Brooks was defeated by just over 1% of the vote.  Senator Kyle Loveless won a 5% victory despite a heavily financed attempt to oust him due to his conservative voting record.
RINO state rep Charles Ortega barely survived by less than one percent and Ken Walker was defeated by around 1.6%.
On the libertarian ticket only one race showed up and ultra liberal Dax Ewbank was defeated by his challenger.  Ewbank is a huge supporter of Muslims and has caused a lot of controversy since the libertarian party was created.  Of course the libertarians are little more than a joke, only a few thousand votes were cast in that statewide Senate race.

We are going to bring up a subject that is close to every parent and grandparent in the state these days. That’s educating of our children and grandchildren.  We bring this up because the citizens of Oklahoma are facing an assault on our wallets on two fronts this year. Both will be decided in the November election. The first is the penny sales tax increase for education that will be a state question on the ballot. It is being challenged at the Supreme Court however if it passes it will make Oklahoma the highest taxed state in the nation. That tax will eliminate the potential for job growth in Oklahoma.
The second is the attempt to form an education caucus in the legislature by electing current or former teachers who feel they are being short changed by the education dollars in the state. Sadly to a point we must agree with them. Over the last two decades the growth of the administrative staff of most school districts in the state has grown at the rate of four times the rate of the number of students while the growth of the teachers has remained steady or in some districts actually declined.
What brought our attention to this story was this article Oklahoma teachers fight education cuts by winning elections - The Washington Post. This article concentrates on one candidate for office, Mickey Dollens. Right off the bat we noticed several errors in this report. It indicated that we ranked 48th in teachers’ pay and 49th in spending per student. These are numbers cranked out by the propaganda machine known as the lame stream media and the National Education Association. They are in it for the money. Our own study which included every state that shared a common border with the State of Oklahoma indicated that we were only a little better. It indicated that for the seven state areas we were 4th in teachers’ pay and 4th in per student spending. We still believe that the legislature is out of touch with the citizens and has their priorities wrong.
The next article of interest we found was this Could Oklahoma be on the verge of a teacher takeover? | Oklahoma City - OKC - This is a legitimate question. It is painfully obvious that the demonstration and protest conducted by teachers and students alike have fallen on deaf ears. The legislators are more interested in maintaining their sources of political contributions than they are about the education of our children.
The next article of interest we found was this Primary Election Whittles Down ‘Teacher Caucus’ | Oklahoma Watch. There were at least forty individuals running for office that had a background in education. The primary election cut that number down to twenty. Five of those candidates must win a runoff election to continue on to the general election in November. Still a fifteen member education caucus would be formidable.
The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma: Teachers Fight Back! 40 Run for Office! | Diane Ravitch's blog. This is a blog post by the ultra-liberal National Public Radio group. This would indicate that there are outside forces at work behind the election of some of these teachers. We are still investigating that aspect.
The next article we found was this Oklahoma City teacher running for office laid off by school district | We understand that the last to hire is the first to be fired when there is a financial hard times, we truly hope that the Oklahoma City Public Schools didn’t use Mr. Dollens running for office as an excuse to fire him. At the same time it was totally inappropriate for Mr. Dollens to use his personal problems as a teaching aide in the classroom. This was his first year there. He should have familiarized himself with all the rules not just the ones he liked.
We next went to this site to obtain the election results State Election Results, Statewide Primary Election, June 28, 2016. He won the nomination for the Democratic Party handily. This is where the questions arise.
We next went to the Oklahoma Ethics Commission to see what they had available on his campaign finance reports. We found that he filed his original Statement of Organization on June 3, 2015. We have no problem with that. He did modify it on three different occasions.
We next looked at his first campaign finance report which covered the period of second quarter of 2015. Here we found donations made to his campaign made in April of 2015. This was prior to his filing a Statement of Organization and are therefore illegal contributions. This is a question for the Oklahoma State Ethics Commission to investigate and take appropriate action on.
In closing we can say that the teachers and parents have a legitimate point. They also fail to hold their legislators feet to the fire by not asking the serious questions that need to be asked. Our citizens don’t even bother to research the candidates to see where they get their money from. They see a name on a ballot that they recognize and vote for them. That is just plain idiotic. Most of our current legislators receive a bulk of their campaign finances from the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce and those that support the Chamber. That is why they raise your taxes instead of cutting the tax handouts that they aren’t even allowed to give anyway. Wake up people and open your eyes. Learn about the people that are running for office in your District.

As we prepare to celebrate the Independence of our Nation, we find that most people give very little thought as to what it took to keep our Nation free. Throughout the country you will find National Cemeteries dedicated to the brave men and women who have given their all so that you may enjoy your back yard cook out with your friends, family and neighbors this weekend and that extra day off. We are going to tell you the story of a young Oklahoman born abroad to missionary parents who dedicated his life to protecting this Nation and your freedom.
The man we are talking about survived his wounds and went on to serve his country through the Second World War He eventually retired with the rank of Lt. General. The first information we found about this hero was here RootsWeb: HAYS-L [HAYS] HAYS, GEORGE PRICE;Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient WW I. We would urge you to open this link and read about the courage and the dedication this young 1st Lt. displayed at the second battle of the Marne during WW1. It will clearly show that it was his individual courage and fortitude that made that campaign a success. It will also show that it was a miracle that he even survived.
We were also able to find this information on this American Hero George Price Hays - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We once again ask that you open this link and read the impressive history of this man. His service after WWI included commanding the 10th Mountain Division in Italy during WWII. The landings at Normandy and the spring offensive of 1945 in Northern Italy. The man had a very impressive military career. You’ll also find his citation for his Medal of Honor here. It reads:
At the very outset of the unprecedented artillery bombardment by the enemy, his line of communication was destroyed beyond repair. Despite the hazard attached to the mission of runner, he immediately set out to establish contact with the neighboring post of command and further establish liaison with 2 French batteries, visiting their positions so frequently that he was mainly responsible for the accurate fire therefrom. While thus engaged, 7 horses were shot under him and he was severely wounded. His activity under most severe fire was an important factor in checking the advance of the enemy,
This is a prime example of the courageous men and women who have given their all to keep this country free.
We found this article during our research 3rd Honor Recipient Reported | News OK. We must admit it came as a surprise as it identified two more Medal of Honor recipients that we had not been aware of. We look forward to being able to tell their stories as well.
We wish you all a Happy 4th of July. We hope that you remember those that fought and sacrificed for you that have allowed you to do so. All gave some, some gave all. Remember to thank a Veteran.