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Only a few days left until the opening of the International Forum Corrosion Prevention Balkans, June 28-29, Bulgaria, Plovdiv, Hotel Imperial. At the Conference you will learn more about new technologies and methods, which will help you reduce the cost of repairing and maintaining machinery, equipment and structures.


In this E-newsletter we would like introduce mag. Eng. Ernesto Stefanov (General Manager of Paradise Electric Consult Ltd.), who will present at the Conference the development of Cathodic protection in Bulgaria and the most important problems and measures to be taken.

Eng. Stefanov, in what core sectors of industry is it most necessary to apply cathodic protection systems?
Cathodic protection systems (electrochemical protection (EHZ)) are applied in the most important sectors of the economy: Water Supply (Water), Ship Repair, Construction, Petroleum and Gas, Industry and others. In order to understand the cathodic protection, the mechanism of corrosion must first be understood. In this sense, in order for corrosion to occur, three conditions must be met:
  1. Two different metals.
  2. An electrolyte (salt water or water with any dissolved salts in it).
  3. An electrically conductive connection between different metals.
Cathodic protection guards against corrosion by converting all anode locations (active) from the metal surface to cathodic (passive) locations by feeding an electrical current (or free electrons) from an external power source (cathodic station) or sacrificial anodes.
What would happen if corrosion prevention wasn’t used applied?
Over time, corrosion has led to structural problems and damage, causing cracks and holes in the steel, environmental pollution, huge losses due to the repair and replacement of corroded metal structures and facilities. In the chemical industry, the degree of corrosion can be very rapid, at intervals of months or several years, as it is working in a very aggressive environment. Each industry sector must identify corrosion risk locations effectively to assess the level of safety, production and environmental losses, and to control the conditions of the risk areas. Bulgaria can save millions of leva every year if it uses modern methods of corrosion protection. Considering all this, the government and government institutions should pay more attention to this very important topic.

Please share briefly the main problems in cathodic protection development in Bulgaria.
At the Parallel Exhibition Kammarton Bulgaria will present:

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