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1)  Which self-published author earned a strong cult-like following and which resulted in his books being published by Simon & Schuster?

2) Which book started as a popular blog, and when it was revealed to be a fake, landed its author a book contract?

3) Which author sold his third book for a rumored $1 million to HarperCollins after a bidding war?

4) Which author's real identity is unknown, even though she is one of Italy's most acclaimed contemporary writers?

Answer for the last newsletter:

Do you know which author lived under a series of borrowed identities in Paris and then South America and then ended up in prison until pardoned by the president of his country? (If this is his real life, imagine his fiction!) Click here Answer

Or, which author won the Whitbread Award for a first novel beating out Salmon Rushdie and other favorites? Hint: it is the same author of whom Stephen King called her previous book "the best mystery of the decade." Click here Answer

Finally, which talented author won the 2006 North Pole Marathon? (No slight feat!) This same author has had novels shortlisted for the Booker Award and holds a day job as a programmer at Microsoft. Click here Answer

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