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American Indian Cultural Center v. Bridge Badly Needed
An Introduction To the Games Played On The Foolish Public
By Ms PM
Lolly pop, lolly pop, oh lolly lolly pop, Lolly pop. Remember that goofy song? Well…you should because the idiots at the round house are holding hands, skipping around and licking the fuzz off of their Jolly pops because they have figured a way to fund the American Indian Cultural Center.
They want to use their sticky little fingers and raid the Oklahoma Unclaimed Property Fund. Boy, this is right up there with what the big boys do in D.C. They raided the Social Security Fund and spent it. Anybody else picking up on this when they want to spend money they don’t have? No time wasted on cramming in SB 1651. Oh…but wait. Senator Jolly and Dank are the authors of this bill and doesn’t Jolly have his claws out to grab Oklahoma’s 5th district U.S. house seatth district U.S. house seat?    And he says, “Congress and Washington are broken, too much government. Too much spending. Too many taxes.” Ain’t this a fine howdy-do? Another Oklahoma wing-nut going on to play bigger and better tricks on American taxpayers!
Their idea is to steel $40 million from the fund, swear to another $40 million in matched funds from private donations and swear the $80 million will be enough to finish this boondoggle. Not to forget the state has already spent $91 million of your tax dollars on this fine specimen of a building that is rotting.
The next part of their scam is to lie, because it will be after the $40 million is spent, and swear they didn’t know the cost would go over the $40 million they already sucked out of everyone. Oh…but no new bonds to pay for it. Those pesky bonds that leave all the state chamber  bobble heads going back and forth! Yippi…we’re on a roll now!
We go to this article about the bridge in Lexington that has been falling down for decades.
You remember, the one that Governor Fallin declared a state of emergency. Well it just so happens that “ODOT says it will take $40 million dollars to build a new bridge, but that plan is years away.”
We ask all morons voting yea on Jolly’s folly to re-think the priorities of the people in Oklahoma verses the tourists that will be coming through the state. All yes votes on this bill will prove again that Oklahoma government continues the path of corruption. Just remember folks, they’re lookin’ out for YOU!
Clark Jolley
Syphilitic Bastard to the Core
Proposes Stealing Taxpayer’s own Money
Rarely do we run two stories in the same issue about the same legislation but we are going to make exception for the Mamma’s boy.   We all remember last year when Senator Clark Jolley killed a veteran’s bill that covered PTSD injuries without using state tax dollars and this year he is holding up the same bill due to a three million dollar price tag.   So the funding was removed again and Senator Jolley still hasn’t decided if he will hear the bill.
But Senator Jolley has no problem promoting the 40 million dollar theft of citizen’s money for the American Indian Cultural Center.   Senator Jolley took a shell bill that was filed to increase competitive bidding on public projects and turned it into a bill to literally steal from Oklahoma residents by taking money from the Unclaimed Property Fund.
Here is the relevant portion of the new bill:
SECTION 4.     NEW LAW     A new section of law not to be codified in the Oklahoma Statutes reads as follows:
TRANSFER     Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Director of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services shall transfer the sum of Forty Million Dollars ($40,000,000.00) from the Unclaimed Property Fund established pursuant to Section 668 of Title 60 of the Oklahoma Statutes to the Native American Cultural Center Trust Fund created in Section 3 of this act.
The Oklahoma Constitution gives the legislature the right to appropriate money but not transfer money from one fund to the next.   This is a possible logrolling bill that will suck up large amounts of taxpayer money in court if Senator Jolley gets away with his underhanded deed.  State statutes say that the Oklahoma Treasurer holds unclaimed money in trust and is supposed to find the legal owner of the money or the heirs, not to use it as a slush fund for corporate welfare to repay campaign donors.
And what does Oklahoma law say about the unclaimed property fund?  Below is the state statute so you can see for yourself:

 Oklahoma Statutes Citationized
  Title 60. Property
 Chapter 13 - Uniform Unclaimed Property Act
        Section 668 - Unclaimed Property Fund - Deposits
A. There is hereby created in the State Treasury the "Unclaimed Property Fund", the principal of which shall constitute a trust fund for persons claiming any interest in any property delivered to the state under the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act and may be invested as hereinafter provided and shall not be expended except as provided in the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act. All funds received under the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act, including the proceeds from the sale of abandoned property under Section 667 of this title, shall forthwith be deposited by the State Treasurer in the Unclaimed Property Fund, herein created, except that the State Treasurer may before making any deposit to the fund deduct:
1. All costs in connection with the sale of abandoned property;
2. All costs of mailing and publication in connection with any abandoned property including the cost of custody services for unclaimed securities;
3. Reasonable service charges not to exceed four percent (4%) of the monies accruing to the state under the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act, which may be used to defray the administrative costs, including costs necessary to retain legal counsel to ensure compliance with the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act, or to acquire computer hardware and software to be used exclusively to help administer the unclaimed property program; and
4. An amount equal to fifteen percent (15%) of the funds accruing to the state pursuant to a contract with the State Treasurer providing information leading to the delivery of unclaimed property held by a holder to the State Treasurer to be deposited in the Unclaimed Property Clearinghouse Fund.
B. Before making a deposit to the Unclaimed Property Fund, the State Treasurer shall record the name and last-known address of each person appearing from the holders’ reports to be entitled to the abandoned property and of the name and last-known address of each insured person or annuitant, and with respect to each policy or contract listed in the report of a life insurance corporation, its number, the name of the corporation, and the amount due. The record shall be available for public inspection at all reasonable business hours.
  Title 60. Property
 Chapter 13 - Uniform Unclaimed Property Act
        Section 668.1 - Unclaimed Property Clearinghouse Fund - Authority to Expend Monies and Purchase Services
A. There is hereby created in the State Treasury a revolving fund for the State Treasurer to be designated the "Unclaimed Property Clearinghouse Fund". The fund shall be a continuing fund, not subject to fiscal year limitations, and shall consist of monies deposited to the fund pursuant to Section 668 of this title. All monies accruing to the credit of the fund are appropriated to the State Treasurer. The State Treasurer may budget and expend monies from the fund for the purpose of making payment for the mailing, publication and sale costs associated with abandoned property, and to persons, firms, or corporations who are regularly engaged in the business of notifying states about property which may be subject to the provisions of unclaimed property statutes of those states. The State Treasurer may enter into contracts with these persons, firms or corporations performing these services, which services may include the examination of any party subject to examination under the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act. The State Treasurer may delegate all necessary authority to act in the State Treasurer’s behalf to such persons, firms or corporations to enforce the provisions of the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act.
B. The State Treasurer shall be authorized to expend monies from the Unclaimed Property Clearinghouse Fund in payment of a reasonable fee not to exceed fifteen percent (15%) of the delivered funds to a person, firm, or corporation contracting with the State Treasurer providing information leading to the delivery of unclaimed property held by a holder to the State Treasurer. Such payment shall not be made until the funds have been deposited with the State Treasurer.
C. The State Treasurer is authorized to purchase services, including legal services, in order to locate and effect the delivery of property and related owner information to assist the State Treasurer in the Treasurer’s duties related to the administration of the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act. The purchase of such services shall be chosen by a solicitation of proposals on a competitive basis, but shall be exempt from the provisions of The Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act.
So far the new Speaker Jeff Hickman is sticking to conservative values and has spoken out against funding the boondoggle.   This will certainly be a litmus test to see if he will honor his agreements with the conservatives that helped elect him.  You can be certain that Senate Bill 1651 will be on the 2014 Oklahoma RINO Index
4th Tuesday of the Month
Time for the Konawa Tea Party
Their monthly meeting will be held on  February 25, 2014 between 7:00  and 9:00 PM at the Kennedy Library- The Dougan Room, at the Konawa School 701 W. South St.  Guest Speakers this month are
• Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Mark Costello
• Oklahoma State Rep. Justin Wood, Dist. 26
This is one of my favorite groups, unabashedly Christina yet inclusive to all.  They manage to invite the politicians without ever being roped in too tightly with their agenda, an excellent result that other groups could learn from.  Take the time to attend their event if you are near the area.
Charlie Meadows, the Gift that Keeps on Giving
And Charlie wonders why his interference helped sink the Rep. Mike Jackson ticket in the Speaker’s election a week or so back?  Too many of the politicians have figured out that Charlie is completely out of touch with reality and that he will fold like a hooker trying to meet the eyes of a fundamentalist preacher at the local grocery store.  They know that Charlie lives and dies by their opinion of him and their willingness to appear at his meetings so they also know that Charlie will flip flop and apologize if he dares  to speak out against one of them.
A perfect example is two weeks ago when Charlie cooked off on Senator Greg Treat by criticizing him and throwing out dirty laundry from years ago.  Here is what Charlie wrote in the OCPAC newsletter:
“….. We must find and help elect those Senate candidates that will govern according to the principles of good government and not just be the pawns of the State Chamber of Commerce. 
Let me give an example, in 2006, termed out State Representative Fred Morgan ran for Congress. His close campaign worker, perhaps manager (?) was Greg Treat. Morgan lost big time, but at some point in time Treat becomes a field representative for U.S. Senator Tom Coburn. ……
With the election of Todd Lamb to Lt. Governor in 2010, that necessitated a special election to fill Todd’s vacated senate seat. I believe there were 6 candidates that filed for the office and OCPAC interviewed almost all of them if not all. During the interview process, it was clear that Carol Hefner presented herself as the most conservative of all the candidates. I had known Greg for some time and liked him but he didn’t do that well in the interview and in the back of my mind I was very concerned about his past relationship with Fred Morgan. According to polling, Greg was way down, until Senator Coburn endorsed him. At that point in time, Greg began a rapid rise in popularity and ended up winning the race. 
His first year in office he scored an 80 on the Oklahoma Constitution’s Conservative Index, his next year he scored a 90 and then last year he scored an 83 for a lifetime average of 84. That is a good score for a member of the senate, and thus I have been pleased with his governance. In fact our members voted to award Greg the Senate Freshman of the year his first year and the Senate Lawmaker of the year in 2012. That was partly due to the fact that Senator Treat carried, what turned out to be a hollow threat (just ask former candidate David Tackett) from Senator Coburn that any lawmaker voting to increase the state’s bonded indebtedness to finish the Indian Cultural Center, would find Coburn campaigning for an opponent.     
The question begs, are things about to change? Will the Senator Treats Conservative Index score begin to decline? Senator Treat’s lovely wife, and she is, has now gone to work as a lobbyist for the State Chamber. Guess who is going to carry legislation to float an excessive amount of bonded indebtedness to repair the State Capitol, a huge priority for the State Chamber? None other than Senator Greg Treat. Are my concerns about his past close relationship with Fred Morgan about to come true, especially with the Senator’s wife now an employee of the Chamber? 
I do not believe there is anything illegal here, but I believe there are grave concerns which could arise regarding just who is Senator Treat going to represent, his constituents or the agenda of the State Chamber? His ability to make independent decisions, with his wife now working for his old friend Fred Morgan is now in question! 
Folks, I hope you understand, these are the kinds of relationships the power brokers in Oklahoma arrange. That is why it is imperative that we raise the kind of funds necessary to help elect people to office that will govern according to conservative principles and not “every whim” of the State Chamber, an organization I believe lusts for power to control the state. I agree with probably 70% of the agenda of the Chamber, it is the other 30% that makes them dangerous.
Now Charlie nails Senator Treat pretty well, confiding that without Coburn he wouldn’t have won his seat while casting aspersions upon Treat and his wife.   But Senator Treat was the top scorer in the 2013 Oklahoma RINO Index, earning the top score of 85, topping even Senator Nathan Dahm, the poster boy for conservative Senators.
But not to worry, Charlie flip flopped this week and spun what he had written the week before after Senator Treat collared our demented Santa Clause at the Capital on Tuesday.   Charlie corrected his assertions that Treat’s wife was a lobbyist for the State Chamber and slobbered all over Senator Treat with copious amounts of left handed apologies.
In last Monday’s e-mail that went out, I painted a picture of concern I have regarding State Senator Greg Treat’s close relationship with the State Chamber’s Executive Director, Fred Morgan. In addition, I also expressed even more concern as a result of Senator Treat’s wife going to work as a lobbyist for the State Chamber. I based what I said upon knowing that Senator Treat’s wife had gone to work for the Chamber and the fact that I had seen her at the Capitol a couple of times during the first few days of the session. 
While at the Capitol on Tuesday, I had a conversation with Senator Treat, where he informed me of some wrong information in my e-mail. While it is true that his wife is an employee of the Chamber, she is NOT a lobbyist. Her job entails being a liaison between the State Chamber and officials with local Chambers rather than being employed as a registered lobbyist. Senator Treat also informed me of several votes he had cast over the past 3 years which went against the agenda of the Chamber and thus declaring his independence. 
Greg IS one of the more conservative Senators based on his past performance. My main concerns expressed in last week’s e-mail were pointing toward the future. I appreciate his correcting me about his wife not being a lobbyist and as such, this correction and a personal apology to Greg for getting that wrong. I know and like Senator Treat and his wife, they have both attended OCPAC meetings in past years. It is always difficult to raise concerns about people you know and like. However, I believe it necessary to raise concerns about lawmakers and others who work and serve in the process regardless of personal relationships. In other words, we must base support upon performance rather than friendships alone. Again, Greg has been a good lawmaker, lets hope he continues in that vein.  “
Dangerous?  Dangerous Charlie?  How about whipsawing conservatives when you don’t have your facts straight and then apologizing the very next week and slobbering all over the victim of your ignorant rants?     Do you not get it that you should support the good guys until they do something wrong and even then try to ascertain the facts in private before slandering them before their peers?      And you wonder why your “help” turned out to be the kiss of death for Mike Jackson’s Speaker race?  You help a man that earned a dismal 1 point out of 100 in the 2013 Oklahoma RINO Index and opposed a man that earned a 23?  Little better for sure but some better, but then you slam a guy that made one bad vote and missed another vote but was the top conservative Senator in the state?
So the lesson learned here for the conservatives  is that not only is Charlie erratic, he will back down if you put your finger in his face.  
Our apologies go out to Senator Treat on his mistreatment by OCPAC’s leaders.    Should the day come that Senator Treat needs correcting we will not shy from doing it but we will wait till he actually screws up before taking him to task and we will fact check before we publish.  That might come soon if Senator Treat’s bill to sell 160 million in bonds passes the House.
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