For a happier Rivera Family holidays

Rivera Family holidaysKimberly Rivera currently awaits court martial at Fort Carson, Colorado, for seeking refuge in Canada while objecting to the Iraq War. Her husband and four children live in Texas. We need to make sure the kids have Christmas presents, and a roof over their heads this winter!

Please consider a tax-deductible year-end contribution to the Rivera Family Support Fund here.

By Mario Rivera, husband of war resister Kimberly Rivera. Interviewed by Bob Meola, Courage to Resist. November 21, 2012

The donations from the fund established by Courage to Resist let me and the four children visit Kimberly last month. We were able to stay at a motel on Fort Carson. It allowed the kids to visit their mother--even if it was just for a short week.

Any new donations would allow us to keep up with the basics--food and shelter and the water bill and gas and electric. They would allow us also, hopefully, to get some Christmas presents for the kids.

The military is not paying Kimberly now. She is living on base with no money. The money, from the donations, that I sent her helped her buy groceries because she can't afford transportation to get to the Army's meals, on base, in the snow. The meals they serve her, on base, are far away from her barracks.

The donations allowed us to live day to day. Afford groceries, food--the basic necessities of life and some clothing for the kids. The public school makes them buy and wear uniforms. The money has helped us have a place to stay--the roof over our heads. My mom is on disability. My dad has been having problems finding roofing work. The donations allowed me to help with my parents' mortgage house payment in the form of the rent I contribute every month.

I want to thank everybody for the help they have given us. On behalf of Kim, the kids, and myself, I thank everybody for their love and support.

Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to the Rivera Family Support Fund:

We also want to note that Mario needs help to buy a glucose meter and test strips to monitor his diabetes and pay for his own diabetes care. Since October, supporters have donated nearly $6,000 towards the family via the Rivera Family Support Fund.