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What stories grabbed the attention in 2015?
We took a fond look back and listed the

In February, Cameron Diaz recorded a long and moving
interview about her TM practice.

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Our popular diagnostic test for those still in two minds:
Why YOU should meditate!

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A baffling study on telomerase
(and the health and length of your life)

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Elite police in Rio get prepared for the Summer Olympics 2016
by learning a powerful technique

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Stress, pregnancy and giving natural birth:
Top advice from a top doctor

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The multi-talented Norwegian Thomas Reinholdt,
teaching TM in the country of fjords

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Lyric Benson Fergusson won many hearts with this candid
interview (on caves and cabaret, among other things).

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Is it possible to meditate one's way into giving up cigarettes?
We decided to pile up the evidence.

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Inspiring teacher Ram Shrivastava: "In India, a lot
of young people are learning TM."

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The full documentary on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,
now available for watching online.

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The brilliantly positive Mark Bunn from Australia on
iPhones, Jerry Seinfeld, and meditating in the men’s room.

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Curious workings of a developing brain: Latest research finally
lets you wrap your head around a teenager's behavior.

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TM and academic performance:
A must-read for every student and teacher.

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We invited Ken Chawkin, the man behind innumerable
written lines and at least one great movie (see no 10 above)
to step into the limelight.

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Are meditation and sports a perfect match?
Rubén Sanchez, an ex-pro from Spain, has the answer

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Highlights from the stunning DLF Gala 2015.

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Anushka Sharma, the queen of Bollywood who
works hard and meditates twice a day.

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Four good reasons for learning TM:
A neatly designed and widely shared infographic
created by the TM Centre in Brighton, UK.

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What is Transcendental Meditation?
A cute animation starring Mr Jones (and his dog and fish).

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In March, the world’s largest business software provider
announced a long-term collaboration with
the Maharishi Institute
in South Africa.

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ELIcom, the Next Generation: A team of young
TM teachers and practitioners established their presence
on various social platforms in August.

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Enlightenment is Sexy, Valerie Gangas's book about
falling in love with the universe made a big splash this summer.

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The radiant supermodel Miranda Kerr spoke on several
occasions about her daily routine of meditation and yoga.

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In his speech delivered at MUM in June, the former Japan PM
Yukio Hatoyama
explained why TM could be
'the cornerstone for world peace'.

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And to mix inner peace with real (end-of-the-year) fireworks,
take note of these 12 great quotes on creativity.

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