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September 2010
Happy First Birthday to Organised Chaos
Thank you to all who joined us for our Live Theatre & Jazz Night to celebrate our first birthday at Matt & Phreds - it was a great success and a fantastic way to celebrate our first year and to look forward to the new year.
Those of you who attended got to see snippets from our upcoming shows Joy With Child (debuting at the end of the month at Taurus Bar), The Benefit of Time (which goes to London in October) and Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell (which debuts in November). See below for more information.
For those of you who were unable to join us check out the video of the event here there are also photos available on our facebook group here
 Below are some comments from the people we have worked with during our first year:
"I learnt how the collaboration of writer, actors, director and everyone else involved came together to make a play a reality."
"I thought the production side was excellent. I found working with Organised Chaos in all these areas to be highly professional, respectful and fully committed."
"I think you have all done a fabulous job. Well done!"
"The team, management, actors and playwrights, have been a pleasure to work with"
"Good judgement on script choice and the flyers and promotional material were superb"
"You were all so friendly from the first meeting at the audition"
"I am very inspired by the commitment and care of the actors, director and production team".
"The directors have done an excellent job in launching new talent in the North West"
"I haven't toured before so it was good to experience the organisation of it."
Joy With Child
The final show from our 2009 script call, Joy With Child, will debut at Taurus Bar (Canal Street, Manchester):
Following the death of ‘60’s bad boy of art, Kenny, his widow Corrinna has moved herself into the basement, alienating her children and ignoring the outside world.
She keeps seeing a man. He appears in her basement and says his name is David. He seems very familiar but her grasp on time and reality is slipping.
David is searching. He knows Corrinna’s basement holds the clue to his life, but he doesn’t know how or where.
As her down trodden son in law Stephen struggles to cope with keeping the family together, each of them tries to hold onto their own sense of self, of sanity, they come together and try to find what they have felt is missing from their lives
30th September 7.30pm (opening/press night)
1st October 2:30pm (mattinee)
1st October 7.30pm (after show question/answer)
2nd October 7.30pm (final night)
Tickets are on sale now at £7.50 (£5.50 concession) to book Click here
For more information on the show Click here
The Benefit Of Time
One of the first scripts from our 2009 Script Call, The Benefit of Time, will be performed at the New Wimbledon Studio Theatre, London.
21st October 7:45pm 
22nd October 7:45pm
23rd October 7:45pm
Written by Terri-Ann Brumby: Debbie Green is dull. Debbie Green is plain. Debbie Green works in Human Resources. Donald Cruickshank her hypnotist is desperate for celebrity. Can Debbie's colourful "previous life" reshape her mundane existence? "You are currently in a dormant life. Which means you are a very old soul that has had many traumatic or extraordinary existences. That's why you're boring." A triumph over adversity story, with past life regression, royalty, personnel procedure, cunning, crime, birth, death and filth! Don't be a loser be a Tudor.

"A real gem. Entertaining, unpredictable and funny it is immediately engaging thanks to the sure yet quirky writing, the originality of the piece and two skilled actors" Manchester Confidential

“.... well you really should go and see the play to find out.”
Mike Monaghan, Buxton Fringe Festival

Tickets are on sale now at £12 (£10 conc) to book Click here
For more information on the show Click here
Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell
The show will receive it's initial production at Studio Salford 17-20 November.
Jeff Bernard (played by award winning actor Phil Dennison) awakes early one morning locked in his favourite haunt, The Coach and Horses pub in Soho. Unable to leave, and with only alcohol for company, he makes the best of the situation and reminisces about his world of women, drinking and cat-racing.
Tickets are now on sale at £7 (£5 concession) to book Click here
The cast are now confirmed:
Jeffrey Bernard - Phil Dennison
Elizabeth Smart - Kirsty Fox
Various Characters - Edward Barry
Various Characters - Simon Griffiths
Various Characters - Zoe Matthews
Various Characters - Samantha Vaughan
For more information Click here
Script Call Closes
We had an excellent number of scripts submitted following our 2010 script call which closed on 1st September.
Thank you to everyone who submitted their script.
The successful scripts will be announced next month.
Calls will then go out for cast and crew.
Save The Arts petition
Following David Cameron's announcement that "any petition that collects 100,000 signatures will be eligible to be formally debated in the House of Commons," you can click here to read about one to Save The Arts from the threatened cuts of 24-30%. You could add your name to the more than 39,500 who have already signed.
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