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for Spectra Precision, Ashtech, Magellan Professional, Thales Navigation
17 April 2014
In This Issue:
MobileMapper 20 Released!!!
PM700 Firmware 4.82
FAST Survey Version 4
Survey Pro Version 5.4.1
Carlson 3.03
X90-OPUS In-Stock (!!!)
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MobileMapper 20 Released

The MobileMapper 10 has been upgraded to the 'MobileMapper 20' receiver. Basically, everything is doubled:
  • Name: MM10 (was MM20)
  • Screen: Now Full VGA (was 1/4 VGA)
  • Memory: Now 256 MB SRAM + 512 MB Flash (was 128 + 256)
  • Camera: Now 5 MP (was 3 MP)
  • OS: Now Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 (was 6.5 Professional)
  • CPU: Arm 9 600 MHz (was the same)
  • GSM: Now 3.5G (was GSM/GPRS)
  • SD Card Support: Up to 32 GB (was 8 GB)
Except for the price, which remains exactly the same! If you are wondering about upgrading a MobileMapper 10 to a MobileMapper 20, so am I. Drop me a note with the software options you have on your 10 and I will figure out what a trade-up will be.

Of course you can usually strike it rich on EBay when selling used GPS equipment. My thoughts on the crazy high prices for GPS on EBay are here [ Used GPS Equipment. How much is it worth?  ].

Software Update

There is a updated version of MobileMapper Field (Version 3.6) and a matching MobileMapper Office (Version 4.6). (Available today from the Spectra Precision website, under MobileMapper 20: Support)

Ordering Details

The MobileMapper 20 is available in the same configurations as the MM10:

93794-10 MobileMapper 20 3G 1900/850 $1,195.00 
93794-51 KIT MM20 3G 1900/850 WITH MobileMapper Field SW $1,495.00 
97146 Arcpad $700.00 
680547-01 Post processing option $495.00 
990650 Post processing option for ArcPad 10/20 $495.00

However there are two options for the base receiver's GSM cell phone: one part for USA (1900/850 MHZ) and another part for Europe (2100/900 MHZ). Make sure your dealer gets you the correct device!
New Firmware Releases
SP80: The current released version is 1.2.

ProMark 700: Version 4.82 is available from the Spectra Precision website. (Not available on FTP site.) I personally would not update to 4.82 unless I needed SBAS--if your PM700 is working great, not worth the update.

ProMark 120,220; MobileMapper 120: GNSS Service Layer W213Hw26, GNSS Toolbox 3.5

Based on recent support requests: 

ProMark 3, please make sure you have updated the GPS Firmware to P011!

GNSS Solutions: the current version is 3.80.8. Previous versions won't work well on your new computer. 
New FAST Survey 4.0
There is a new version of FAST Survey Version 4.0. It is very, very, very close to Carlson SurvCE V 3.x. (FAST V4 or Survey Pro version 5.4.1 are required for SP80 use.)

FAST Survey 4.0 is a $250 upgrade from previous versions of FAST Survey, unless you purchased FAST after December 15th 2013. So if you purchased FAST Survey after December 15th 2013, contact your dealer right away (free upgrades end July 1 2014.)

97647-01 FAST Survey Internal GNSS only upgrade from 3.1 to 4.0;
   FAST Survey 3.1 code starting with 40968-

97647-02 FAST Survey All (Internal+External) GNSS upgrade from 3.1 to 4.0;
   FAST Survey 3.1 code starting with 40964-

97647-04 FAST Survey Complete upgrade from 3.1 to 4.0;
   FAST Survey 3.1 code starting with 40983-

One big surprise is FAST Survey 4.0 now supports the FOCUS 30 robot. 

New Survey Pro 5.4.1
This latest version of Survey Pro allows you to use a ProMark 700 as a base with an external radio.

WARNING: If you are using Survey Pro with any of these GNSS devices:
Sokkia Radian IS
Novatel OEM4
Topcon Regency
Topcon Odyssey
Topcon Odyssey E
Topcon Legacy
Topcon Legacy H
Topcon Legacy E
Ashtech Z-Surveyor
Ashtech Z-Xtreme
Please be aware that the next major Survey Pro version will drop support for these receivers.
SurvCE 3.03

The latest version of Carlson SurvCE is 3.03. (SurvCE does not support the SP80 or the FOCUS 30.)
Among the many enhancements in SurvCE 3 (Full details here...) there is a single file installer that works for most Windows Mobile devices. 

Existing ProMark 3 and ProMark 120 users can greatly benefit from using a L1/L2 (Dual Frequency) base for static and stop-n-go surveys. The ability to submit base observations to OPUS/AUSPOS and other PPP services results in much better accuracy than you can obtain with single frequency receivers processed in GNSS Solutions.

I have been running a $1,620 sale on the X90-OPUS for the past 60-days. [ Click here for information... ] The response to this sale was totally unexpected, however the sale price is listed in current print advertisements so I can't end the sale early. (Whoops! lesson learned...) 

If you have followed our deliveries on X90's you probably realize that we cannot keep up with demand. I believe that on April 28th we will be in a position to fill all booked orders and maintain reasonable inventory for a short period of time.
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