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Michael will be performing in
After two incidents at his public school which culminated in two suspensions, Nya, a public-school teacher, takes her son, Omari, out of the inner-city public school and enrolls him at Fernbrook, a private school far from home. When a third behavioral event happens there, expulsion and possible criminal charges might be next, Nya must confront the decisions and sacrifices she’s made to ensure Omari’s success.
Written by MacArthur Fellowship recipient (The Genius Award) Dominique Morisseau, herself a former Detroit schoolteacher, Pipeline puts a magnifying glass on the complexities and nuances of Black parenting in the inner-city to the forefront. 
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Which will be simultaneous to the World Premiere of
Sign My Name To Freedom
The Unheard Songs of Betty Reid Soskin

Music and lyrics by Betty Reid Soskin
Script by Michael Gene Sullivan

How do you chronicle 102 years of life?
Flood survivor, racial integrator, World War II defense worker, business owner, activist, revolutionary, songwriter, and… park ranger? Bay Area icon Betty Reid Soskin has survived it all.
In this World Premiere musical based on her life, acclaimed playwright Michael Gene Sullivan weaves Soskin’s original music in and out of dialogue between The Four Bettys - Little Betty, Married Betty, Revolutionary Betty, and Ranger Betty as they take us through a century of the Negro, Colored, Black, and African-American experiences of this amazing woman.
Conceived by Jamie Zimmer, the production boasts choreography direction by laura elaine ellis, aerial choreography by Joanna Haigood, and direction by Elizabeth Carter.
Okay, so... 
Two years ago I was approached about writing a biographical play based on the life of Betty Reid Soskin, the 102 year-old Medal of Freedom recipient who had until recently been the oldest living national park ranger. I'd seen news reports about Ms. Soskin, but beyond those I really didn't know much about her.
Then one night, after seeing my play “The Great Khan" at SF Playhouse Jamie Zimmer (who I was also performing with in "Twelfth Night at the time) told me they wanted to create a play using the music of Betty Reid.

I had no idea Betty had been a singer/songwriter.

Jamie had already created a performance piece based on a few of the songs, but thought there should be much more. Jaime then asked me if I might be interested in writing an entire play based on Betty’s life. Rodney Jackson of SFBATCO was already onboard for at least some sort of production, so we set up a meeting with Betty to see if she and I were a good match. The meeting was amazing,, and I signed on to write the script.
I researched, I interviewed, I watched documentaries, and then I hit on the idea of how to tell this particular life story…

That became this musical.
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GoFundMe update!

The house has been cleared of mold and asbestos,
and the rebuilding is under way.

With the promise of the GoFundMe money raised so far Velina has been meeting with the contractors, starting the process of returning her family home to liveability.

So far 109 people have in total donated just under $16,000!
Additionally a local artist will be holding an auction of one of her peices to benefit the house fund, and there may be a concert at
the Mime Troupe Studio.
It's going to be a long process, as Velina is working with limited funds,
but we will keep you up to date,
and thank you to everyone who has given so far!

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