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Race in America


There has been a lot going on lately across the land on race issues from the Zimmerman trial to the Paula Dean melt down.  The Sooner Tea Party believes in liberty and personal responsibility including the right to speak your mind on an issue or not like a person or even a race if that is what floats your boat.  Free speech allows the most illogical and offensive speech to be subjected to the free marketplace of ideas where it is shown for what it is.  Words are just words, none should be set aside to be spoken only by certain people. Even offensive words because the hard fact is that an idea or word is only offensive if there is some truth to it and you own it.   Call a fat slob a skinny bone of a person and you will likely get a warm thank you.   Call a skinny anal retentive person a fat slob and they will just look at you like you are crazy.


First up is the Zimmerman trail in Florida where a young thug assaulted a community watch person as the person was moving closer to get a better idea of the location of a suspect.  The young thug had a chip on his shoulder and a confrontation started.   The victim was on his back with his head being pounded into the sidewalk by the 17 year old assailant straddling his chest.  When the assailant allegedly reached for the side arm that was legally carried by the victim the victim pulled the weapon and fired one round.


The police investigated and decided not to file charges.  The victim of the assault was speaking to police dispatchers right before the confrontation and asking for assistance.  There were eye witnesses that backed up the victim’s story.  There was even a 911 call with screams recorded.  The local prosecutor even ruled that there wasn’t enough evidence for even a manslaughter charge so the D.A.’s office declined to prosecute as well.


Until the media and black racists got wound up.  The police chief was fired or ordered to quit, even after the detectives did an interview stating why there should be no charges filed.  Bowing to outside pressure the prosecutors office file second degree murder charges against a man that shot an assailant while laying on his back and being beaten.


Dr. Manny put out an excellent talk about the Zimmerman trail and why Zimmerman should go free.    


Dr. Manning is one of our favorite pastors and black social activists, a man that truly understands why American has a race problem and who is behind the curtain pulling the levers.


Manning also did a story on Paula Dean that explains why she isn’t a racist.  


OCPAC’s Charlie Meadows jumped into the fray as well with this blog on Paul Dean and the use of the word “nigger”. 


You have to give Charlie credit for bravery after posting that spirited defense of the state of racial affairs.  He is far more right than wrong in his view of the problems facing America on race issues.


Now Paula Dean herself is of the age where she grew up in a non politically correct era where the word nigger was thrown about all the time.  Indeed up until the 70’s the word was quite socially acceptable in the South and many other areas of the country.  As was the word Polak and a thousand other racial epilates.  But back then society wasn’t so cowed and sensitive to offending others.


But the idea of a single word being so off limits is quite silly, especially when that word is used within a racial community!   The reality is that our very reluctance to say the word nigger, hiding behind the “N word” is just an example of how our society is vastly less tolerant than it used to be.


I’ve met just one real racist in my time.  A very good looking brunette woman around fifteen years ago and despite being built like the proverbial brick outhouse to hear her talk was just disgusting.  By far the usual racist you meet will be black or liberal and using racism threats to further their agenda.


But Paula Dean is toast now, the liberals got her which is amusing since she is one of their own.  The Zimmerman trail will continue and the six women jurors are likely to convict the man not on the evidence or lack of same, but on the basis of public pressure to prevent the blacks from rioting around the country as so many have threatened to do.


I would tell those jurors to rule on the case as the law requires.  If people riot then allow the local police to deal with the violence.  You can bet that the rioters won’t go after the Hispanics even though Zimmerman is Hispanic, not white.  They will vent their “outrage” on other minority shop owners in their neighborhoods, the Pakis and the Koreans that dared to set up a store or business in inner city neighborhoods.  Really it will be just an excuse to go window shopping for the rioters


But the city and the local police force are bracing for violence should the jury acquit Zimmerman, even sending police officials door to door in the black community in an attempt to avoid violence.



Career Politicians

By the Watchman


Has the day of the citizen politician past?  Have we seen the last of the citizen serving in a political office for the good of the people and not to fatten their own personal wallets? Is the day of the career in politics now the norm? It would, unfortunately, appear so. This is the tenth article on Oklahoma Senators that we have written, and the second one that we can recall that has been a career politician from the day he graduated from college, to the present day. That’s an appalling twenty percent (20%). This is the sixth article on the class of 2010 and an even more appalling thirty three percent (33%) of that group, so far, have been career politicians.


Today we’re talking about Senator David Holt. As is our custom, we went to his brag sheet at to see what information was available there.   He claims to fight for greater tax payer control over local government expenditures, while doing nothing about the thirty seven percent (37%) of our tax dollars that are wasted annually in paybacks to the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce.


He indicates his past public service was with House Speaker Dennis Hassert, spent two years in the Bush White House, returned home to work the re-elect Bush campaign in 2004. Then he worked for Senator Inhofe. Then he went to work for Lt. Gov. Mary Fallin before becoming Chief of Staff to Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett in 2006. Those last two should show a severe lack of judgment.


The only article we found that was newsworthy was the final passage of the “Black Friday” bill. We do agree this is a good bill for the citizens and merchants of Oklahoma, but he mentioned it in news releases four different times.


We were curious as to whether or not other information about his career in politics was out there, so we went to to see what we could find. We were shocked at what we did find. You can see it here. We also fail to understand why it became necessary for the students of Putnam City Schools to be made to read a book by an alumnus, just because he became a state Senator. What makes him so special?


We next went to to see what information was available there.   The one thing we found troubling though was with the number of organizations he volunteered for, how did he find time to do any work?  Sounds like he was just punching his ticket and moving on.


We next took a look at the ratings page. Since he’d been in office such a short time, we didn’t expect much. Here is what we found.


2012 Oklahoma National Federation of Independent Business                                 100%


2011 Research Institute for Economic Development                                                   93%


These ratings show that he is very pro-business and anti-consumer. Sure he wants you to hang on to more of your tax dollars, so you can spend more on the higher prices him and his friends at the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce are planning on springing on you.


2012 Oklahoma Sierra Club                  67%


He’s an environmentalist. This is one of the highest ratings in the Senate.


2010 NRA Victory Fund                         A


Did he deserve this? We’ll explore this later on.


We next went to to look at his campaign finances. There was a lot of information there, but we knew that there had to be more, so we decided to go elsewhere. We did discover that there were many members of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce that donated to his campaign.


We next went to to look at his campaign records.


There were so many individual donations that we decided not to list them, on the number and the amount for the year 2009, from out of state. He received a total of 58 out of state donations. This pattern continues to today. The amount is staggering. It totals twenty-three thousand three hundred and twenty five dollars. ($23,325.00). That was for 2009 alone. He started campaigning before anyone else even thought about running for this open seat.


We next took a look at his corporate, union and Political Action Committee donations. These started off slow in 2009, but have been consistent ever since. Here is some of what we found.


Jan. 29, 2009   Oklahoma Bankers PAC            $   500.00

 Aug. 10, 2009  J.P. Morgan/Chase & Co. PAC            $   500.00

 Sep. 30, 2009  Spirit Bank PAC                  $   500.00


Now we find that accepting campaign funding from these two banks is in exceptionally bad taste. Both banks had just taken bailouts from tax payers, us, and had yet to pay it back. In fact Spirit Bank is still in the hole on their pay back. Why are us tax payers paying for his campaign?


Jan. 26, 2010   Oklahoma Cardiovascular Assoc. PAC                           $   500.00


Jun. 09, 2010   Oklahoma Society of Anesthesiologist PAC                 $2,500.00


Jun. 29, 2010   Working Oklahomans Alliance PAC                              $1,000.00


Jul. 08, 2010    Greater OKC Chamber of Commerce PAC                   $2,500.00


We could go on, but it gets redundant. You can see where the medical associations are helping him get elected. You go through the files and see where it continues. The Working Oklahomans Alliance is the group that renamed itself once ACORN was banned by Congress. The Greater OKC Chamber is the money arm of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce for direct donations. They are fooling no one but themselves.


We next took a look at the Senators voting record. These are his records on bills that mattered to Oklahomans. Here is what we found.


HB 1397 Transvestite Birth Certificate Bill, Voted Yea-Liberal

 HB 1953 Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, Voted Yea-Liberal

 HB 2131 Soft on Crime Voted Yea-Liberal

 SB 154 21st Century Quality Jobs Act Voted Yea Liberal


Well what a shock, he is the most conservative of the group, so far, although he still is a RINO. He managed a score of 57% on the RINO Index. He still has a lot of work to do before he can call himself a Conservative.


We next did a Google search on the Senator to see what information we could find there. Now you may ask how we know that the Senator has been bought and paid for by the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. It’s their little brag sheet on their victories that we found here. 


We also found his campaign web site. What we found interesting about the site was that it’s a mixture of his 2010 campaign and his 2014 campaign. It lists some of his legislative achievements, and none of his failures. You can see the site here, Vote David Holt for Oklahoma State Senate


We also came across this article. We couldn’t help but notice the article was written in January of 2011, almost a full six months after the election had been decided. We ask Why? Was it a slow news week? What effort was made to interview the participants prior to the election? Was any honest effort made, or had you already decided?


From what we can see of this career politician, he will use his political connections that he established while he worked in D.C. to help fund his political campaign. He doesn’t trust his own constituents to finance his campaign, so he relies on out of state donations. He claims to be a conservative, but votes more liberal than conservative. He uses all the tricks of the D.C. politician to hide his intentions from those he needs to fool. Let’s help him out, and give him what he deserves. Let’s vote this Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce flunky out of office.



A Case of I’m Not A Pervert Anymore
By Ms PM

In an ever evolving world it is probable that lawmakers and citizens need to pay closer attention when laws are passed and they cover the punishment for child molestation. There is no doubt that those who target a child are truly the most dangerous. They cannot stop and are only concerned about their sick personal gratification.


In this article it is clear that the Oklahoma Supreme Court did its job. What we all failed to do was protect the innocent lives of every child here in Oklahoma. In 2007 the new state law requires the Department of Corrections to assign a risk level to all convicted sex offenders. There is a 15 year, 25 year or life attached to the registry. Those convicted before the law change had to register for a 10 year period.


There lies the problem when state lawmakers and citizens do not take the time necessary to create good laws thereby refusing to protect the ones who have no voice. It ends up in court and the molester is granted a Constitutional right to protect their freedoms and the victims are left to deal with the aftermath of a brutal attack that will affect them the rest of their life.


The molester, James Starkey Sr., pled no contest on a charge of sexual assault on a 15 year old child in a 1998 Texas case. He then moved to Oklahoma and fell into the 10 year registration law. He no longer has to register. He would have been one of those to register for life.


Too many times the Court is plagued with cases because at the time laws are written they do not do the full intent to protect. There is no doubt there are those who are wrongly accused. All too often those caught with no doubt of what they did are the ones our society turn out to do it again…and they will…over and over until locked up for life.


When the laws do not protect there are some convinced to take the law into their own hands. The man, whose daughter was molested, acted before the police arrested the pervert. He shot the guy dead, was convicted and served his time in jail. When later asked if he would do things differently, his only reply was that he would have hid the body better. This man was a regular person, had a small business, paid his taxes and did all the right things, including taking a child molester off the streets as seen through his eyes. Were his actions right? According to his answer, his maker will be the judge of it all but the situation is something he can live with.



A Consummate Politician or a Conservative?

By the Watchman


We are still looking into the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce class of 2010. The next on the list is Senator Eddie Fields representing Senate District 10. This clown is the former State Representative of District 36, where he spent two (2) years. He has drawn a challenge already and his challenger has received endorsements from some conservative groups.


We started our investigation by going to and looked at his brag sheet. This is proving to be a useless exercise as Oklahoma Senators seem to be prone to giving as much useless information as possible. They seem to feel that they should be a secretive body. You can see his brag sheet here


We did find one public statement that he made regarding Oklahoma State University’s Multispectral Laboratory based in Ponca City. The lab received an award from the Department of Defense for its support of the National Guard and Reserve. Now as the Lab was located within his district, a statement like this is to be expected. You can read the statement here.


We get a little riled up when a financial organization advertises its victories. At the same time, it makes it a lot easier for us to identify those legislators that are enslaved to do the will of their slave masters, the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. What put us on the track of Senator Fields was this list. 


We next did a Google search of Senator Fields and found some interesting items like this, Eddie Fields - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. His allies have gotten good at hiding the truth from people. If you’ll notice, there is nothing there about his election results or his time in the House. He must have a bunch of friends coming and editing the pages for him.


We also found this article during our google search. As with the Lost Ogle Report, we here at the Sooner Tea Party must ask, How serious is a candidate that ask the question if not enough toilet paper is a problem in Senate District 10. This is not the sign of a candidate whose elevators go all the way to the top.


There we also found out that there was a challenger to Senator Fields for the 2014 Senatorial seat in District 10. We haven’t initiated any research on this individual, but we did find this. This gentleman has already received an endorsement from a Conservative organization.


We next went to to see what information was available there. There we found a lot more information than on his official brag sheet. Although he claims to be a native Oklahoman, he was born in Monterey, Ca. Even though his dad was in the Guard and on assignment there at the time, that does not qualify him as a Native Oklahoman. His birth certificate reads State of California.


We know that he’s a rancher and businessman when he’s not working for the Senate. We also know that he has extensive connections to all the major Cattlemen Associations.


We next took a look at the interest group ratings. Because he had been in the House for two years prior to entering the Senate, we were able to find a little more information. Here are a few examples of what we found.


2012 Oklahoma National Federation of Independent Business                                 100%


2011 Research Institute for Economic Development-Position on Pro Business        100%


2009 OKWatchdog-Positions on Consumer and Patient Advocacy                              57%


What this tells us is that the Senator is extremely pro-business and could care less about the consumers. Hang on to your wallets folks. Senator Fields and the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce will be scheming to get every dime they can out of your pockets.


2012 Oklahoma Sierra Club                   83%

 2010 Oklahoma Sierra Club                   50%

 2009 Oklahoma Sierra Club                   75%


What this pattern tells us is that Senator Fields pays attention to the polls. The senator, as a rancher, is a raving environmentalist held back by his political ambition. This pattern indicates that during election years he deliberately does things to hide his environmentalism in order to make himself look more appealing to the general public. Guess what Senator, you’ve been caught. You might as well let it all hang out now.


We next went to to look at his financial records. The records they had available there were incomplete and were from the 2010 election cycle. They did tell us enough to know that he was bought and paid for by the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. Listed were numerous organizations that were the financial backbone of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. One we decided to highlight was this one.


American Electric Power Company              $1,500.00


This is an Ohio based company that owns the power grid where the Senator lives, so the donation is not that unexpected. They are looking to expand in Oklahoma, and this makes seven (7) Senators and the Governor they have donated to. Here is a map of the territory that they control in Oklahoma.


In our search for more campaign fund raising information we went to and went to the campaign fund web page for the Senator. We also noticed that his Statement of Organization for his 2014 Campaign was dated October 1, 2011, but not filed until January 12, 2012. Why the delay in filing the report. Why was he allowed to collect funds for his campaign with this discrepancy? These are questions the Ethics Commission needs to answer. We have discovered a total of two thousand three hundred dollars ($2,300.00) that was collected during this time frame that should be returned to the donors due to inappropriate campaign donation reporting. You can find this information here.


His donation for his 2014 campaign have been relatively slow so far. What has been reported is that the personal donations have all been from within the state and surprisingly, most have been within his own Senate district. Corporate Donations are another matter. Here is an example of what we found.


Jan.03, 2012 OKCRNA PAC                  $1,500.00

 Jan. 03, 2012 Oklahoma Osteopathic PAC           $   250.00

 Jan. 05, 2012 Reynolds-American PAC, Winston-Salem, N.C.                        $   500.00


Now we are not real sure what OKCRNA stands for, but the closest we could find anywhere was the Oklahoma City Registered Nurses Anestigeologist PAC. Now throughout his 2010 and the beginning of his 2014 campaign we have found numerous donations from medical PACs. This would account for his continued support for bills trying to implement Obama care in one form or another in Oklahoma despite the will of the people being against it.


We next took a look at his voting record. We concentrated on bills that mattered to Oklahomans. He voted yea three times this year on three different schemes to implement Obama care in Oklahoma from the Senate this year alone. Those are three liberal votes. In addition there are these votes.


HB 1397 Transvestite Birth Certificate Bill, Voted Yea-Liberal

 HB2171 Obama Highway Bill, Voted Yea-Liberal

 HB 1953 Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, Voted Yea-Liberal

 HB 2131 Soft on Crime Voted Yea-Liberal

 HB 2169 Obamacare Funding            Voted Yea-Liberal

 SB 154 21st Century Quality Jobs Act Voted Yea Liberal


That’s an awfully liberal record. If you combine that with the three Obama care bills this year alone that gives him a RINO Index rating of 18. To be considered a Conservative on the RINO Index you need to score a 70. We have more Democrats who come closer to that than this clown does. This is another Green Country Liberal Democrat dressed as a Republican because he knew he wouldn’t be elected as a Democrat. The Party needs to do a better job of vetting candidates for office.


This is another legacy candidate of Matt Pinnell’s long association with the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. The policy of win at all cost has proven to be a faulty policy by placing liberal candidates in office over Conservative candidates all for the love of money. It’s now clear that during the reign of Matt Pinnell and the meteoric rise of the Republican Party to power, the heart and soul of the party was sold to the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce for financial support for the candidate of their choice. It’s time for Senator Fields to go and it’s time for the members of the Republican Party to take the Party back.



The Life Cycle of a Politician
Corrupt politicians are like all vermin and have a defined life cycle and like any good pest control expert you should know the life cycle of the vermin so you can interrupt it and eradicate the vermin.
Politicians start off thinking that they are somebody special and after they win election the first time they become convinced they are special.  Then they walk into the Capitol for the first time and most can’t find the bathrooms much less have a clue about what they are supposed to do.   The system puts them through a blender if it can and they emerge as risk averse politicians that will rise to the level of their risk aversion.   The less they piss off the establishment and the special interests the higher up the food chain they can rise.
As they progress in politics they go from “How in the hell did I manage to get here” to “its not the people’s seat, it is my seat”. 
The first step is getting elected.  There the sociopaths have an immense advantage because they can say anything, do anything, to get elected.  Some may have weak ideas of doing good deeds once elected but for most it is just a game played to win.   Once they get elected they are surrounded by people that have an investment in them, time, money, hope, whatever those people paid to help elect the politician.
Then the next step is they believe they are above the people.  They have begun to face political realities and have to make ethical choices.   Self delusion sets in and the politician begins to rationalize his actions forgetting that politics has a set of explicit and implied ethics not the least of which is keeping their campaign promises.
The next step is that they believe they are above the other elected officials.  They get along if they are consummate politicians but their respect for their peers drops each time they deal with their peers.
At that point they consider themselves untouchable and unaccountable to their constituents.  This is also the beginning of the end of their political life.   Their unethical actions begin getting exposed, sometimes there is sex involved, sometimes drugs are involved, and sometimes it is money.   Most often it is shear hypocrisy that brings them down.
Their supporters don’t know what to do next as they have a lot to lose if their politician goes down.   The reactions will range from “He is only human” to “How dare they publicize the private details of this public person’s life” to “We don’t know what to believe”. 
Eventually most of the supporters will fall into disappointment and denounce the politician as the anger and betrayal builds up.
They are at the brink of their downfall and always it involves the lack of honesty.   At the start of their journey they can choose to move toward ethical decisions but the special interests eventually will block the path until the politician chooses between staying in office or upholding his campaign promises.  If they choose to stay in office they gain power quickly as the special interests support their new puppet and the politician learns that being bad keeps them in power.
But the fall is quicker and more sudden than the rise.  Eventually the truth gets out and the politician’s influence and reputation dives.   It is always the truth that does them in, the exposure of their voting record against the common good.
That is why we here at the Sooner Tea Party do what we do.  We investigate the politicians and we expose the worst of them directly to their voters.   That is why they pay attention to what we do; it is why we are attacked viciously.  We understand the vermin that we are trying to eradicate and sooner or later we either take the bad politicians down or we change their voting behavior.   Either is good; a rat hide staked on the barn serves as an excellent reminder to the rest.   They all learn that striking back at us is like fighting the Tar Baby in the Uncle Remus’s story, they just become more tangled and dirty the more they lash out.
The truth is a powerful thing.  The Oklahoma House of Representatives learned their lesson in late 2010 with the defeat of the Kris Steele faction and they became much more supportive of the common good instead of supporting the special interests. But they are just one leg of the three legged stool that supports good government.   Yes, Governor Fallin has been broke to lead well too.  But the senate remains rebellious and un-repentant.  But they are now under our spotlight and will fall all the faster because of their acts.



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