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November 2015
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    by Jeff Martin
  • Southern California 2015 Solms, AZP, HZP
    by Guido Dei 
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Message from the
Western Regional Director
by Frank O’Leary

Western Regional Members,

First of all I need to thank everyone who made the VGP/Solms/AZP in Walla Walla happen.  I was informed in September that I would need major surgery on October 5th.  I called Jeff Martin and informed him of the circumstances and asked him to take over as the Test Coordinator/Director.  Jeff graciously accepted the duties.  There was enough time to allow me to organize the venues and prepare all the paper work.  I would be delegated to doing the paper work from the office and not able to go to the field.  Additionally, Phil Kress, Jim Dwyer, and Wayne Touve all stepped forward and took care of all the field duties.  A special thanks to Marianne who hosted the Judges, organized the dinner, and ran any of the errands that needed to be done.
As if the aforementioned wasn’t enough Herman-Josef Schomakers missed his flight from German and another round of challenges presented itself.  Lee Root from Omak agreed to judge the VGP and we had that problem solved.  But what about the Solms/AZP?  Neither Jeff Martin or Scott Sorenson could judge that test because of conflicts and Lee was only available for the VGP.  Anyway after many phone calls and help from Scott Sorenson and Roger Green we filled the Judging group for the Solms/AZP.
Again, thank you to everyone who made the test successful. 
Reminder, the By-law amendment ballots will be coming out shortly and it is important that each of you review the documents and cast your vote.   
2016 WR Testing Schedule
The WR Board of Directors will begin developing the 2016 WR Testing Schedule by the first of December.  If you have dogs to test or are interested in hosting a test please notify a WR Board member prior to November 15th.  Once the Test Schedule is finalized we will not make changes, so please participate in the process.
Thank You

Walla Walla Tests October 2015
by Jeff Martin
The NADKC western region conducted a Solms, AZP and VGP in Walla Walla, Washington over the 16-18th October.
This turned out to be the test that was “ never meant to happen “ !!!
A month prior to the weekend Frank O’Leary had to step down from running this test due to last minute health issues.  Then, the very day before the test, our senior judge Herman Schomaker , missed his flight from Germany  due to an accident delaying traffic on the autobahn . The next available flight was one and a half days later!!!
Thanks to our friends in the Drathhaar group we were able to get last minute replacements with Lee Root from Omak for the VGP, as well as Roger Green with visiting German judge Volker Randschau for the Solms/AZP .  A big thankyou to these guys for doing what you did and on a moment’s notice.  Additionally, thanks to Phil Kress (Dr. Phil), Jim Dwyer, and Wayne Touve who took care of the birds and any other assignments the Judges requested.
Conditions for the tests were excellent with highs around the 50’s and an ever present cool moist breeze to help with scenting conditions .The ducks and chukars were in excellent shape as well.    Continue Reading . . .
Southern California 2015 Solms, AZP, HZP
by Guido Dei
It has been challenging to get the Californian DK owners to have them testing their dogs in NADKC tests.  This was the fourth test that I have organized in Southern California in the last five years.  My kennel has produced 20 DK puppies within the same range of years.  Out of 20 puppies 7 have been tested in the Derby and 5 in Solms/AZP of which 3 of them were mine. 
This year we have got three dogs from North California and one from Utah.

I’ve been trying my best to get the Californian DK owners to get their dogs tested in NADKC tests with so-so results.  I’m looking forward to have another Derby in the 2016 spring. 
A few days before our October 10th test we lost our Senior Judge due to a death in his family.  We were planning to have an emergency judge, but fortunately we found another local DD judge to be added to the judging team.  

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