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July 2018
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NEWS - Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland
WRI Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference 2018
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2018 Conference
Remember, this is a farm not a hotel so if you want to stay overnight, there's glamping on the farm (booking required) or visit Rock Farm's website to find out about accomodation nearby.

Credits: 7 CVE credits
Date: 27th October 2018
Venue: Rock Farm, Slane, Co Meath


We look forward to seeing you there!
WRI's Advanced Wildlife Veterinary Treatment Course

You are their last hope 
This Course concentrates on the theory and practice of advanced wildlife treatment. It is open to anyone IN THE VETERINARY PROFESSION - regardless of your wildlife experience.

Credits: 11 CVE credits
Date: 28th October 2018
Venue: Ashbourne, Co Meath
Only a few places left..

Wildlife Photography Talk

Talk by award winning wildlife photographer Andrew Kelly  
WRI has invited one of Ireland’s foremost wildlife photographers to provide a Wildlife Photography Talk for the general public during Heritage Week 2018.
This is a wonderful opportunity for people who are interested in wildlife, and/or photography, to come and learn from an expert. Andrew will be around to answer questions and chat afterwards to people about where to watch wildlife and more about the techniques involved in wildlife photography.
Andrew’s wildlife photographs give close up images that show the true beauty of our native wildlife. [www.akellyphoto.com]
Date: 23rd August 2018
Venue: Ashbourne Library, Ashbourne, Co Meath
Venue: 7pm - 8pm
Free event for Heritage Week - all welcome
NEWS - General
Facilitating Free Movement for Hedgehogs
© Jacksons Fencing

Share 'your' hedgehog with your neighbour  
Hedgehogs used to be able to move much more freely between gardens, finding a variety of locations to feed and make a home. Nowadays we are all a lot keener on fencing in our properties, and sturdy gravel boards at the bottom of fence panels probably have put an abrupt stop to many an established hedgie run.
Here at Jacksons we’ve tried to find a way to help our spiky friends, we’ve created the hedgehog friendly gravel board.
It is the same as a normal gravel board, but it has a hole at one end, large enough to allow them free passage, with a reinforcing strip along the top of the board to ensure it isn’t weakened by the hole.
Cat Bib - Stops Cats Killing Birds
© Pet Bliss  

CatBib - a simple solution to a big problem 
Domestic cats kill millions of birds and small marsupials every year. CatBib can help reduce the carnage. The CatBib is a unique product that prevents your cat from catching and killing wildlife ... simply, safely, effectively, and inexpensively!
The Murdoch University trial scientifically proved that CatBib stopped over 80% of cats killing wild birds and reduced small animal predation by almost half.
Invented in the United States the CatBib gently interferes with your cat's hunting skills, without interfering with any other kitty activities.
It acts as a barrier between your cat and it's prey.
Simply put...it gets in the way just as the cat strikes out. Additionally, it also functions as a colourful visual warning.
RSPB's Wildlife Crime Investigations Newsletter

Wildlife crime cases and prosecutions
In this issue of the RSPB's Investigations Summer Newsletter:
Guy Shorrock talks about Operation Easter and egg collecting, and the recent seizure of 5,000 eggs.

The first-ever annual wildlife crime report for England and Wales is produced: “Wildlife Crime in 2016: A report on the scale of wildlife crime in England and Wales”.

The Legal Eagle newsletter welcome contributions and invites people to 'let us know about wildlife crime initiatives, news, events and prosecutions' Email jenny.shelton@rspb.org.uk

Faeces Wanted!
Free parasitology testing 
Can you get your animals' faeces to UCD? If you can deliver, UCD have offered free parisitology testing as part of their parasitology research project and they need lots of poo! wildlife, dog & cat faeces all invited!
If you're interested, contact Sandra Aungier on sandra.aungier@ucd.ie for more details.
Which Living Thing Should You Study?
© Rosemary Mosco

So many species, so many ways to study them!

The idea for this chart came from my own [Rosemary Mosco] experiences as a naturalist. When I was first learning about nature, I found myself drawn to birds. I voraciously devoured every bird book, and learned to distinguish species in my neighbourhood by their remarkable variety of feather patterns, behaviours and calls.
Then I went to graduate school and studied botany. Suddenly, I found myself obsessed with ferns. I loved their delicate shapes, their varied habitats and their amazing reproductive techniques.
Next, my advisor encouraged me to take a class on something I knew nothing about. It was a great suggestion! I chose to study reptiles and amphibians. Again, I fell in love, and so on and so on.
Seal Rescue Network Training

Many more seals to save, join our team!

Summer 2018 is rolling on hot and clear at Seal Rescue Ireland's Centre located in Courtown, Co Wexford! For SRI, that means common seal pupping season producing an unusually low number of intakes. In fact, at this point last year, SRI had three times the number of patients it has now! After a record shattering year for greys seals this past winter, this slow summer is a welcome reprieve and could be due to the long heat wave and calm seas Ireland has been experiencing. This mild weather enables the newly born pups to stay close to their mums and therefore a strong start to life. By all assessments, the common seals have had a very successful pupping season!
However, that doesn't mean that the work ends for SRI as they prepare for the upcoming grey seal pupping season, as they never know what environmental conditions to expect. They will need plenty of volunteers to help assess and rescue seals from coast to coast and transport them to the Seal Rescue Centre in Courtown for lifesaving care. In August, they will be offering two Rescue Network training events for new volunteers: One will be in Courtown, Co. Wexford at the Taravie Hotel at 9AM on August 4th and the other in Bantry, Co. Cork on August 25th from 2-6PM at the Bantry Bay. For more details please email - volunteer@sealrescueireland.org

Volunteering Opportunities at Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
© KAF Wildlife Unit
© KAF Wildlife Unit
© KAF Wildlife Unit
**Summer Wildlife Carers ***

The Kildare Animal Foundation's Wildlife Unit are delighted to be able to offer wonderful volunteer opportunities for wildlife lovers this Summer.
Their orphan room is filling up fast with lots of new admissions each day. They are currently caring for fox cubs, badger cubs, otter cubs, pine martens, hedgehogs, as well as an assortment of baby birds. Seeing hundreds of mammals and birds admitted over the next few months.

To look after all the orphans, they require a team of committed and reliable wildlife carers to help clean and feed the youngsters on a regular basis, some birds need feeding every 15 minutes!

Being a volunteer is a hugely rewarding experience; seeing orphans come in very young or sick, watching them grow up healthy and strong and then finally seeing them released back to the wild where they belong.
Volunteer carers are asked to commit to at least one shift per week from now until September (with an option of staying on as a volunteer thereafter). Shifts are available for weekdays and weekends with an option of 9.30am – 12.30pm, 1pm – 4pm or a full day.  Training will be provided.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and being part of the dedicated and energetic wildlife carer team - please contact us via email - kafwildlife@gmail.com
And Finally..
© Borut Furlan WaterFrame Getty Images

Did you know

Shrimp have been known to live from 1 year to as long as over 20 years in captivity, and did you know; a shrimp's heart is located in its head!
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