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Beannachtam na Feile Padraig!

(Happy St. Patrick's Day)

In this issue...

  • St. Paddy's Day Festivities
  • A Lenten Menu Arrives

St. Paddy's Day 

It's but a couple weeks away and on a Monday this year, so quit the procrastinatin' and if you do only one thing today, arrange for yourself to be off work and enjoyin' the holiday of holidays - St. Paddy's Day.
For this year's festivities, we have expanded party space with the location next door.  So in addition to our regular space at 151 n' Nall, we'll be fillin' up the patio and the spot next door with imbibin', debauchin', and revelin'.  The ole Leprechaun, as you may have heard, began the work to make it a somewhat suitable party locale.  Word has it he's jumped wholeheartedly into the drinkin' part of his job, so who knows how it'll turn out.
DJ BSavvy will be creatin' the sounds to be keepin' the party goin'.  The bagpipers will be here in the afternoon to provide a traditional Irish serenade to the day.  And of course, the imbibin' will include Green Beer, Irish Jell-O shots, and the soon-to-be-famous BiteMe! shots.  The partyin' gets started early and runs late, so pace yourself and enjoy some of our fine fare throughout!
9am Breakfast - Per our usual Paddy's tradition, we'll be kickin' off the day with the Shamrockin' Breakfast featurin' green eggs n' ham, biscuits with gravy, breakfast taters, sausage, mixed fruit, and even French toast sticks for the wee 'lil ones.
The All Day n' All Night Menu gets goin' around 11am with our Corned Beef n' Cabbage dinner as the headliner, along with fine selections from our regular menu such as the Royal Reuben and other fare.
So arrange the day off and plan to join us - we've more indoor space than ever so the party will go on, regardless of the weather!
By the way, if'n you cannot get the day off, you can still stop by on Saturday the 15th for BiteMe! shots, live music from Joel McNulty, and a lot of all the other fun we'll be repeatin' a couple o' days later.
The Lenten Menu 
Ash Wednesday is March 5th and many of us and our friends and family take to swearin' off the meat dishes on that day and the Fridays that follow.  Fear not, you Godly sorts, you can still have great fare while clingin' to your abstainin' obligations.
Blackened Shrimp Entree comes hot n' delicious out of the kitchen with ten jumbo peeled shrimp on skewers with the perfect seasonin' and grillin' to make 'em great.  Placed along a bed of our seasoned, curried rice and green beans, it's a meal you won't want to miss.
Our new Shrimp O'Boy might be remindin' some of a po' boy, but ours has a bit more flair.  The hoagie bun is stuffed with piles of fried shrimp and a healthy portion of our homemade slaw.  Addin' to the flavor is a generous spread of chipotle aioli on the bun.  Add your own choice of side and dig right in.
Finally, an old Paddy's fave is back for a short time.  The Belly Buster Sammich is our take on a fish sandwich with two fillets covered in cheese with tomatoes, lettuce and a bit o' tartar sauce.  Served with a side of your choosin'.
'Tis a big month ahead what with St. Paddy's, Mardi Gras and Lent, the Big 12 tournament, and March Madness.  After the big holiday, come back for basketball tournament action - we'll have games on all the TVs at once, so you can have a great seat for all the Cinderella stories as they unfold.  More info on all these fine events is available on our new website: click here.

~~~~~  Final Words for All of You, Our Beloved Family n' Friends ~~~~~
May your pockets be heavy
May your heart be light
May good luck pursue you
Every day and every night

Slainte' and God Bless

Paddy O'Quigley's