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December 2011 Newsletter
New Year’s Eve – The “Most Giving” Day of the Year
'Tis the Season
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New Year’s Eve – The “Most Giving” Day of the Year
So your year-end appeal has been in the mail for over a month and you have had a successful Fall fundraising event.  Are you comfortable about your fundraising results this year?  If not, you are in the same position as many other nonprofits.  All indications are that the fundraising results this year will be mixed.  Polls and studies indicate that most people who gave last year will give this year but it is more likely to be the same amount rather than an increase.  We are into the second week in December.  Is it too late to do anything about it?  Absolutely not!  In fact we are just entering the most critical time of the year.  Put on your sprinting shoes and gear up.
Here are some facts:  40% of all individual donations are made in December.   Network for Good reports that 22% of online giving is done in the last two days of the year and that the biggest day of the year for online giving is New Year’s Eve.  It seems that before people get ready to go out and party, they make their final charitable gifts and get the tax credit this year.
Your direct mail appeal that you are so proud that you got out early this year probably will not be what is on their minds.  To capture this segment of the market, you will need to connect with your donors in the next few weeks – including the week after Christmas. 
If you have been avoiding marketing and building relationships online, building an email list, not just starting but actively posting at a facebook page and haven’t updated your website you are not in an optimal place to take advantage of this year- end dash.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t jump in and get your feet wet.  Let this year be a learning experience.  Fidelity Charitable Fund does not have a vested interest in online giving.  In their telephone survey in mid-October, 40% of the respondents said they planned to use some form of technology to make donations this year.  If you don’t have an action plan, you are leaving money on the table.
It’s about a lot more than having an online giving option on your website.   I wrote more about this subject last year and this Fall.  Here are some links with information and ideas to make coming in the homestretch successful.

'Tis the Season
I wish you, your family, employees, volunteers and people you serve a most joyous holiday season.  Here are some blog posts “of the season” I’d like to share with you:
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