December 4, 2013
Thank You
The Coalition 
You have added your voice to the only organization whose sole purpose is to maintain the viability of the McKay Scholarship Program.
Annual Membership
Jan 1 - Dec 31
 Legislative Meetings
Rep. Castor-Dental &
Board Member, Jacky Egli
Jacky Egli took the FLVS dilemna to her legisla-
tor.  Rep. Castor-Dental is on the Education Ap-
propriations Subcommit-
tee and promised to work to "fix" the problem.
Other legislators who have been called or visited:
We know many more have been called. If you have contacted a legis-
lator, let us know who.
“WHO” is The Coalition of McKay Scholarship Schools
Our title may not sound like good grammar, but The Coalition of McKay Scholarship Schools is truly a “Who” not a “What”.
   When we speak of The Coalition of McKay Scholarship Schools, we are not just speaking of the 9 volunteer  board members who give of their time, expertise and, often, funding to ensure  that the McKay Scholarship remains a viable program for our students, parents, and schools.
   We are speaking of those of YOU who have joined The Coalition to raise your voice with ours to keep this program strong.
Case In Point – The FLVS Deductions
The Board of The Coalition:
  •  brought this to your school’s attention;
  • sent you information on how to contact legislators and talking points;
  • has contacted legislators and FLDOE staff to resolve the issue.
YOU, our Coalition Members:
  • broadcast this information to your parents;
  • were able to start planning concerning this possible budget shortfall; and
  • became VOICES as you contacted legislators and asked for changes. 
Tallahassee has taken notice and we have been told changes will be made to the legislation.
Together WE can make a difference! 
Don't quit calling.  If you haven't spoken to your legislator, call before Christmas. 
Florida Virtual School Issue Update
   To date FLDOE has informed us that students on McKay Scholarships who have taken or are taking FLVS courses will have the cost of the course(s) deducted from their February and/or April payments. 
   Thanks to a charge led by The Coalition of McKay Scholarship Schools the legislators are working on making changes in the legislation so that parents of students on McKay Scholarship will not be penalized this way in the future. 
Two questions that have been asked repeatedly:
Q:   We have a student who was enrolled with us last year and re-enrolled this year.  The student took a FLVS course this summer when he was not in school.  Will a deduction be made from the student’s scholarship?
A:  Yes, even though the student was not officially enrolled in the summer, his scholarship will still          receive the deduction.
Q:  If a student withdraws from the FLVS course, will the deduction be made?
A:  The deductions are made from only students who complete the FLVS course.  If a student has withdrawn from a course, it is important that they withdraw officially through FLVS.  FLVS is supposed to notify FLDOE of any withdrawals so that deductions are not made. 
The Coalition of McKay Scholarship Schools
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