Who would have thought – a bank holiday weekend with sunshine! There must be some mistake, surely?!
Sunshine and rising temperatures make everyone feel better; and the prospect of upcoming holidays add to the pleasure. But will you be taking along your four-legged friend? Very many places in the UK and abroad are dog-friendly, and information about these is widely available online. In this month's issue there's a link to our blog with a feature about travelling with your dog, and next month we'll be bringing you info and news about holidaying with your canine pal.
The recent London Book Fair, at which we had a stand, was a busy event, and there was great interest in our newly-established Hubble & Hattie Kids! imprint, under which we will be publishing children's books. We're very excited about this new venture, and have some fabulous books coming in September this year, all of which have the same compassionate and kind ethos as our adult titles. Look out for more info about these in July's issue!

Lastly, we've given you the heads-up about five new and forthcoming books that we think you are going to love ... so I'll stop prattling on and let you get stuck in – enjoy!

Jude Brooks,
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Aggression … compassion … and sausages
Compassion + understanding = gentle giant
Dogs, like many social animals, are complex beings. Forming deep emotional bonds, and diverse social networks amongst themselves, the causes of behaviours such as aggression can also be complex, usually requiring the help of an expert or two …

Canine aggression is the inspirational story of one such complex dog, a Bull Mastiff named Calgacus, and his owner, Tracey McLennan. Calgacus was Tracey’s first dog – a lifelong dream come true for her. That dream became a nightmare when Calgacus attacked and badly injured another dog, however, he showed every sign of doing the same to any other dog he came into contact with. Tracey found help from many amazing people, each of whom enabled her to learn more and more about canines and understand Calgacus and the reasons for his aggressive behaviour. 

TTouch, clicker training, socialising walks with other dogs, trick training – even sausages! – each played its part in allowing Calgacus to come to enjoy the company of his own kind. From a dog-on-dog aggressive Bull Mastiff, Tracey helped Calgacus to relax into a dog who loved to play with other dogs, was gentle with nervous dogs and calmed tense situations, encouraging kindness between other dogs.
Canine aggression is a thought-provoking read, for experienced dog owners and newbies alike, and shows that through understanding the complex causes of behaviours such as canine aggression, and applying compassion, kindness, and clear communication, it's possible to turn a nightmare back into a dream.

Keep your eyes glued to our Facebook page to find more about an exciting forthcoming project that Tracey will be involved with … details soon!


• The story of rehabilitating an aggressive dog using a compassionate approach  
• How Calgacus the Bull Mastiff learned to be playful and kind to other dogs 
• How a first-time dog owner rehabilitated a dog-to-dog aggressive Bull Mastiff
• Learning about dogs opens up a new world of friends and interests for Calgacus’ owner 
• Allowing dogs to direct their own learning makes progress easier 
• Why obedience can be dangerous, and why disobedience can be useful!
• Draws from behavioural science, human psychology, and student-led learning practice
• Tellington TTouch played a crucial role in helping Calgacus 
• Deals with the difficulty and stress of regaining lost trust 

Price £9.99 SKU HH5079 Format Paperback • 22.5x15.2cm • 160 pages
ISBN 978-1-787110-79-3 UPC 6-36847-01079-9

New books at Hubble & Hattie
A sneak-peak at some new books!
If you’ve visited the Hubble & Hattie website recently, you may have noticed some new titles in our shop. We have five brilliant new and forthcoming books, so we thought we’d ‘introduce’ them to you …

Heart-felt dogs – The canines behind the art

First up comes Heart-felt dogs; The canines behind the art, from Stephanie Cowburn, which showcases the very special bond that exists between a dog and his owner, through Stephanie’s fantastic felting work.
Stephanie is a qualified teacher with a serious passion for art and creativity. With a love for traditional crafts and learning, she taught herself the art of felt making, and her keen eye and fastidious attention to detail meant that she developed her skills quickly. Soon, she began making lifelike representations of animals in felt … particularly dogs … and the rest is history!

In Heart-felt dogs, we see the inspiration behind sixty of Stephanie’s commissions, and learn the stories of these dogs who have been immortalised in felt. From plucky Chihuahuas and fun-loving Labs, to a rescue Ridgeback, and a three-legged Terrier,     this book will appeal to creative felt-makers and dog-lovers alike.

Dogs just wanna have FUN! – Picture this: Dogs at play

A book of beautiful images that’s as fun to look at as it was to produce! Dogs just wanna have FUN! is a new title from award-winning photographer Cheryl Murphy. Cheryl specialises in action shots of her favourite subject … dogs! No stranger to H&H, (you may know Cheryl’s work through Kate Mallatrat’s excellent Home alone and happy!), her new book is an entirely different animal (excuse the pun).

Dogs just wanna have FUN! celebrates the unique and individual character's of dogs, and how they spend their leisure time. Cheryl’s vibrant images capture dogs in candid moments of canine play … unposed and in an open environment, freed from everyday constraints and indulging their natural play instincts.

The result? Pure doggy delight! Whether it’s chasing balls or other dogs, mud-bathing or swimming, or simply rolling for the fun of it, this is joyous celebration of dogs simply enjoying being dogs!

Wonderful walks from dog-friendly campsites throughout the UK
Later this year, we’ll be publishing this brilliant book that’s a godsend to all of us who like to camp out with our pooches. Anna Chelmicka’s superb book contains 45 walks, all from 24 dog-friendly campsites.
There’s nothing better than getting out and about and enjoying the great outdoors with our dogs, and this collection of short and long walks is the perfect way to explore.
Anna is highly experienced in camping with dogs, and is the ideal person to inform and enlighten. The campsites, both big and small, are all close to footpaths and walking routes.
If you love camping and dogs, but don’t know where to go, Wonderful walks will be invaluable in helping find the perfect location for a weekend jaunt … or even a tour of the UK!
Confessions of a veterinary nurse – paws, claws, and puppy dog tails
Next comes Tracey Ison’s latest book: Confessions of a veterinary nurse. Her previous book, For the love of Scout, was all about her adopted, flat-footed, loveable Lurcher, but here Tracey tells the tale of her journey from trainee to fully-qualified veterinary nurse.
Filled with love, fluff, laughter, and the occasional tear, Tracey’s story is a great insight into the hard work and dedication that goes into caring for animals, in sickness and in health. With pigs, pugs, calves, and kittens, from day one Tracey realised her’s was going to be no ordinary job – and that’s not to mention roguish practitioners and head nurses who were ‘fond of a tipple!’
Tracey worked her way up from practice bucket washer to head nurse, assisting in life-saving and tricky operations, nursing sick animals back to health, and shedding more than a tear or two.
This is a humorous and sometimes bittersweet account of the life and times of a veterinary nurse, where no two days are ever the same.
Letting in the dog – Opening hearts and minds to a deeper understanding

Our fifth new book is one that we think is particularly interesting. Letting in the dog, from canine trainer Pat Blocker, deals with the fascinating subject of understanding our dog.

Reading, understanding, and interpreting canine body language is something that has always been at the forefront of modern behavioural and training practices, but even today, many owners and trainers are unaware of how vital this type of communication is, let alone how to interpret its complex and varied nuances. In Letting in the dog Pat explores the intuitive and intellectual aspects of communicating with canines, and how this builds trust and better relationships.

Pat’s approach is passionate, but light-hearted, and each chapter features amusing and thought-provoking anecdotes and illustrations, all showing us how dogs teach us, and how we can learn to better connect with ourselves by connecting with them.

This book is all about having effective two-way canine conversations, and finding the intersection between the academic and the spiritual for better communication with dogs. Investigating intuitive communication, along with the intellectual, you’ll yearn how to talk with your dogs!

Can you bee-lieve it?
Europe leads the way on bee protection

The decline of bees is something that is often brought up, but there is finally some good news! By the end of the year, a near-total ban on pesticides thought to contribute to the decline in bees will be in place across Europe, the EU decided last month. 
After an assessment by the European Food Safety Authority (Efsa) it was confirmed that the outdoor use of 'neonicotinoid' – a insecticide that resembles nicotine – poses a risk to bees. A ban would mean that it can only be used within greenhouses, so as not to pose a threat to wildlife. 
Having campaigned for the past two years for a ban, obtaining 2.6 million signatures, Avaaz's senior campaigner, Antonia Staats, deemed this a "beacon of hope for bees." The ban is a welcome move to many other environmental activists as well. 
Let's hope that this is the start of a resurgence in the bee population!
Tales from the groomers
Not all coats need pockets …
Is it any wonder that our dogs get all sorts of weird and wonderful things stuck in their coats? A recent survey of groomers by Pets at Home reveals some of the strangest things they have come across when coiffing our pooches. 
What's the weirdest thing that your dog's groomer has even found? We'd love to hear from you – let's see if we can top this list!
Out and about
A 'paws' for refreshment on the way to LBF
Last month saw the London Book Fair – a major event in the publishing and literary calendar – and Hubble & Hattie were present to share the news of our forthcoming books.
Olympia once again hosted this year's 47th London Book Fair, seeing more than 25,000 professionals from across the publishing industry come together to network and share the latest news in the book world.
Every year, there is a focus on a differnet aspect of the publishing industry, whether it's a global market, a genre of book, or a new technology that promises to help publishers and readers alike.
Of course, it's not all meeting and greeting; there is a feature-packed programme of events throughought the Fair, including talks, seminars, awards, and interviews, and there's always something new and exciting to explore. 
Now, while there was many meetings, and many opportunities to meet new and old faces alike, it was the journey to the Fair that caught the attention of Hubble & Hattie publisher Jude …
At one of the service stations en-route, Jude spotted this rather splendid doggy water station. It's great to see that major travel companies, such as Virgin, are starting to cater for our furry travellers' needs: here's to more of the same across the whole country!

Next year the London Book Fair takes place on 12-14 March, and sits firmly in the heart of London Book & Screen Week, the capital's biggest ever celebration of books, films, TV, and the virtual worlds they've inspired.
We can't wait to see what will be on offer … both for us, and our travelling pooches!
Don't forget: Safety fur-st!
The month of May brings us not only one, but two Bank Holidays here in the UK, and this triggers the same thought for many: where to go on holiday! But before you travel with your furry companion, have you given thought to how to transport them safely?
A number of recent surveys have shown that we aren't always making sure that our pets are safely buckled-up for road travel, a leading cause of animals sustaining injuires when involved in a collision.
Before travelling anywhere with your pet in your vehicle – even if it's just to pop to the shops – please make sure they are safely secured.

If you're unsure about how to do this, consult your vet or a local pet supplier who should be able to talk you through some of the options and choices for your particular pet and vehicle. Our book Dogs on wheels also has a lot of great advice about travelling with your canine companion.

And, of course, you could do a lot worse than head over to our blog and read our post all about car safety. Whichever option you take, always remember;
The latest from our blog …
Pick up a penguin!
Who doesn't love penguins? From movies and Chirstmas cards, to the face of a well-known chocolate biscuit, everyone is well accumstomed to seeing penguins in everyday life. However, a threat to penguins is looming that also has other, far-reaching effects ... 
Introducing the Detector Dog Awards!
The sun has finally started to make an appearnce, Spring is well and truly in the air, and what better way to spend your summer days than by training your dog in a new skill?
A ban on shock collars
By now you'll be familiar with our ethos here at Hubble & Hattie: to publish books that are of real benefit to the species they cover, whilst also promoting compassion, understanding and respect between all animals. For us, the wellbeing of animals is paramount, so when animal welfare makes the news, it always piques our interest ...
Life's a beach!
Just down the road from Hubble & Hattie HQ is the quiet seaside town of Bridport and harbour settlement, West Bay. Part of the Jurassic Coast, and now more recognisable after being featured on the ITV series Broadchurch, West Bay and the surrounding areas are extremly popular with tourists, and while the agein golden cliffs may be stunning, they can also be very dangerous.
Lots of love for Laura and Lily!

In case you may have been hibernating since the end of last year, you might not  know that author Laura Hamilton has been super excited about the release of her first book, and has been gracious enough to supply all of us here at H&H HQ with delectable home-made treats, such as biscuits and mince pies. But that's not all Laura has been up to, as she and Lily have been busy self-promoting their book locally and beyond!
Catch-up with all our latest blog news at http://hubbleandhattie.blogspot.co.uk
Ollie and Nina and …
The latest daft doggy doings … 

Watch this space, and also check out the dippy doggies and their daft doings on facebook …


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