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Nick ZwartYou receive this newsletter because we might have met in OpenSim or Second Life, or you sent me an email for information, or maybe we worked together on a project...
There are many interesting projects in virtual worlds right now, and people sometimes ask me what kind of worlds and virtual gadgets I create behind my computer. So I thought it is about time to send this newsletter with some of the projects that I work for, and other information on education in virtual worlds.

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Nick Zwart - 3DLES 

EVA Park logoEVA Park project
From july 2016, I started working for the City University in London, where I work on technical improvements of the EVA Park project, which runs on OpenSimulator. EVA Park is a multi-user virtual world that gives people with aphasia unique opportunities to practise their speech and establish social connections. See: evapark.co.uk
EVA Park
3DLES virtual office at EduNation III in SL
This summer we moved our virtual office in Second Life to a much better location, on the EduNation III island. The EduNation islands are focused on the potential for Virtual Worlds to enhance the language learning process and is maintained by a community of educators who contribute towards paying for the rent of the islands. Feel free to drop by and have a look on the island and our virtual office in Second Life.
3DLES virtual office in SL
TeCoLa logoTeCoLa project started
3DLES teamed up as a project partner in a new Erasmus+ project which is a follow-up of the TILA project. In this new project, 3DLES will be working on telecollaboration and gamification for language learning in virtual worlds and in Moodle. 
See: tecola.eu
TeCoLa grid
SLanguages Symposium
On 3 and 4 december 2016 the annual SLanguages symposium will be held in Second Life. But on friday 2 december there will be a pre-conference held in OpenSim on our own 3DLES edugrid. We do not have all info yet, so check our website for more information about this symposium.
OpenSimulator Community Conference
The OpenSimulator Community Conference 2016 will be held online on 10-11 december 2016. OpenSimlator logoIt is an annual conference that focuses on the developer and user community creating the OpenSimulator software.  The conference features two days of presentations, panels, keynote sessions, and social events across diverse sectors of the OpenSimulator user base. See: conference.opensimulator.org/2016

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