Native Plant Conservation Campaign News: The Botanical Sciences and Native Plant Materials Research, Restoration, and Promotion Act (aka “Botany Bill”) has been introduced in the House of Representatives 
February 21, 2017
On February 14, 2017 Rep. Mike Quigley (D - IL) and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) introduced House Resolution (H.R.) 1054 – “To promote botanical research and botanical sciences capacity, and for other purposes.”
H.R. 1054 would
The bill does not address the protection of plants under the Federal Endangered Species Act.
The bill was developed by the Plant Conservation Alliance Non-Federal Cooperators Committee, the NPCC, the Botanical Society of America, the Garden Club of America and others. Many NPCC Affiliate organizations have endorsed this bill.
Read the full text of H.R. 1054 online
Read a summary of the bill on the NPCC Speak Out for Plants page
To endorse H.R. 1054 or for more information, please contact Andrea Kramer at the Chicago Botanic Garden
Ask your Representative to co-sponsor this bill! You can find their contact information using links on the NPCC Speak Out for Plants Page
We will keep you posted as the legislation progresses. 
!Remember! You can Register to Vote on the new NPCC Democracy Page