Hello Cat Lover,

I just discovered some earth-shattering news!
Well, earth may not come apart, but many cats'
worlds have been destroyed because this information
has been withheld from the public.

Historically, cats have suffered throughout time
because of myths and lies.

The two articles I just found were published in 2001.
Why hasn't this information been spread around? Or,
have I just been reading the wrong magazines?

The articles are titled, "Exposure to cats may prevent
asthma," and, "Keeping pets prevents allergies."

If you would like to read the complete articles, here
are a couple of links:



If you have any trouble bringing those up, let me know.
I copied the stories onto my computer and could email them to
you... just in case those sites get taken down.

The first thing that caught my attention is that,
although these were published in the U.K., the
research was done in the U.S.!

I hate to say it, but that's typical. Information is
not disseminated as freely here as our government would
have everyone believe. Now, thanks to the Internet, more
people are learning more and more about... well...
more and more!


Talking about asthma reminds me of this tip:

Your Cat Needs Clean Air, just as you do.

Don't let smoke, canned sprays or dust invade their tiny,
delicate lungs. Some cat litter products are horribly dusty and
can harm their lungs... as well as yours.

They can develop respiratory problems if exposed to
too much, or too often. Kittens especially are prone to
developing asthma if their lungs become inflamed from
such irritants.

To keep this problem down, vacuum often, try using a dust-free
litter, and perhaps a HEPA filter on the vacuum. Open windows
to let outside, clean! air in, if you live in a clean air

I have one of those ionic air filtering machines at the shelter,
too. Those things really work, by the way.

If kitty does develop a wheeze or a cough, please make a
visit to your vet.


I just started a new web site! That's because I finally
finished my ebook on Moving With Pets, and I need a place
to display it... and hopefully sell a lot of them to people
who need one as they prepare to move. For now, it's only a
$5 ebook, and the proceeds are going to my cat shelter.

Thanks to everyone who helped me with evaluating the content,
editing the text, and making some great suggestions.

Here is the URL:


Feel free to refer others to the site... Thanks!

My favorite Cat Haiku:

You must scratch me there!
Yes, above my tail! Behold,
elevator butt.

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