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Lots going on!

Topics in this newsletter:
- Plans for 2018
- Join the FiberCall
- Going on Alpaca vacation at the end of the week
- We're Making Room - BIG SALE this week only!
- Alpacadorables return - at discount!
- Get a FREE pair of the NEW American Traveler socks!
- Get promoted on the MAP
- Seriously ramping up Choice sock production in 2018
- Planning for 2018 and your thoughts

Thank you for a successful 2017
Our best year ever!

We're excited to work with you promoting alpaca!

2017 was an excellent year for alpaca product sales
2018 promises to be even better!

Join us in 2018 as we offer new alpaca products for your store!
We've listened and are working on new exciting products:
Quilted Alpaca Vests, Jackets and "Compressible "Stuff" blankets
made from YOUR contributed alpaca fiber!
Other products also being designed for 2018!
What else should we make!?
All made possible from the FiberCall  

What is the FiberCall?
The FiberCall program pays you quickly for contributed alpaca fiber with wholesale credits for popular alpaca products for your store.
Your USA grown fiber will be pooled with others and turned into socks, insoles, rugs, dryer balls, yarn, blankets, throws, vests, jackets and more.

The list contines to grow!

Get your alpaca fiber out of the attic, spare room, barn, container,
etc. and put your quality alpaca fiber to work promoting alpaca NOW!
Check out the Choice Alpaca FiberCall program
We're going on Vacation January 19th - February 5th

Get your January orders in now and save!
We're going on another exotic alpaca vacation.

Our last one was in 2013 to Ecuador where we met pretty much EVERYONE involved in alpaca in that interesting country and brought back a number of unique alpaca products for your store. 

We highly recommend Ecuador for an alpaca adventure! Flights are actually CHEAP, the U.S. Dollar is STRONG and you'll have the time of your life!
This year its THAILAND!
Thailand has almost NO alpaca presence but we found ONE farm and will also visit a small village that makes our Whimsical line of hand made alpaca ornaments (exclusively made for us by a USA company)

The store will be on Vacation for two weeks,
from Friday, January 19th until Monday, February 5th
Orders placed after Noon Friday (Pacific Time) will be filled when we return.
Exploring Thailand by Touring Motorcycle with Friends

BIG Sale going on this week before we go.
Clearing out some items
Many other items on sale
See items on sale this week only!
Ends Friday
(sorry! does not apply to orders already placed)
Alpacadorables return - at discount!
The most requested item on 2017,
back in stock!
What a thing... we introduced these figurine/ornaments last summer and IMMEDIATELY sold out. Then had a heck of a time getting more even having to pay a lot more just to get the ones we did. 

After a bit of negotation we now have a volume agreement with the artisans and will be getting these all year in high volume, and at a new discount price! 

Get a FREE Pair of the new American Traveler socks!

We love these socks!
Made from USA grown alpaca,
these USA made 80% alpaca socks feel wonderful!

Brian tried these on to thoroughly test them two months ago and hasn't worn any other socks since! (he does wash them occasionally!)

Our exclusive design, features:
-Higher over the calf boot length fit
- Super comfortable full terry interior
-Medium weight for hiking, walking and daily wear
- Tight ribbing for strong yet very comfortable feel
-Gentle leg support
-Extra reinforced heal and toes
-High warmth and breathability in a medium weight sock
-Designed for long wear
-Excellent wicking and odor control
-Naturally hypo-allergenic
A uniquely American grown and made alpaca product!
You really need to try these!!
Be sure to tell us what you think.
How to get a FREE Pair!

Place an order of $750 or more and use either of two coupon discount codes at checkout:
FreeAmTravelerMed - for a women's size medium pair
FreeAmTravelerLg - for a men's size large pair
We will send a free pair with your order.
** Offer good this week only **

Are You On the MAP!?

The Preferred Retailers MAP encourages
folk to visit your farm and buy your products.

"Google" your farm name and your Preferred Retailer listing might be the top response! Many have reported visits coming from the MAP.
Becoming a Preferred Retailer is easy.
Place one order of $750 or more and you
will automatically be added at the next
update cycle.
Then, as it has for many, watch your web hits,
farm visits and sales increase!
SERIOUSLY Ramping up Choice Socks Production in 2018
Sorry for running out!

Our three original and "flagship" products were more popular than ever in 2017.

* Superwarm Alpaca Socks
* OutdoorAdventure Alpaca Socks
* SlipperBootie Alpaca Socks

These top selling products which we've offered for over 10 years are a significant improvement over the old AFCNA Extreme Socks!

The Superwarm is the heaviest, warmest alpaca sock available.
The OutdoorAdventure has become our most popular product.
The SlipperBooties is a fun, warm and comfortable slipper style sock.

We started production earlier in 2017 but still ran short!
One mill is not enough so this year we have two mills making these super popular products. BOTH mills have yarn now, are filling in our stocks and will continue production throughout the year. 
We will be very well stocked in 2018!
If you are a "MEGA" buyer, with single purchases above $2500, please contact us to plan 2018. With your significant order we could ship directly to you from our mills and offer at additional volume discounts. 

Are you looking to ramp things up this year?
We're looking to grow with you!
We make it easy to expand your store! 
"Finance" your big order with us for just $30
  1. $750+ orders qualify and ship FREE!
  2. "Financing" is simply 6 automatic credit card installments
  3. We promote you on the Retailers MAP as a Preferred Retailer.
  4. Your never "stuck" with product! Return anything up until NEXT april.
  5. Don't be left without! Many tell us their only mistake is they didn't order more!

                    ** Thank you for your continued support! **
    ** Best wishes for a happy and successful Alpaca New Year **

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